Episode 523

Published: Friday, 22 May 2020
Let sound carry you on

Trees are fascinating creatures, none like the other but still the same. A tree takes several years to grow and its blossoms come and go. Some even exist for hundreds, some rare ones several thousand of years. Imagine being a tree that old having seen the world around you change quite a lot. Well, a tree does not see much of the world though, as it does not move. But it would be fascinating anyway. Why am I talking about trees? No particular reason, actually. Ambient music, however, does share some features with trees. For once, an ambient track usually grows over time, it simply takes a while until it unfolds and shows its beauty. Unlike popular music which quickly shows its hooks and lines repeatedly, as if to get over with it. So, this edition does not provide quick and busy stuff but evolutionary aural journeys in form of tracks by Blue is Nine (A Pool Appears), Mark Seelig (The Disciple's Path), Anantakara (Serenity Despite the Storm), Michael Brückner (Servant of the Secret Fire).



Blue is Nine - Drawing Me Near (A Pool Appears)
Mark Seelig - Raga Ayahuasca (The Disciple's Path)
Anantakara - The Wise and the Reflecting Lake (Serenity Despite the Storm)
Michael Brückner - Servant of the Secret Fire (excerpt) (Servant of the Secret Fire)



Episode 522

Published: Friday, 15 May 2020
Sounds spilling all over the plate

There is a saying that some people cannot seen beyond the end of their nose. Well, for music, would the limit be the helix of their ear? However, when I started syndae back in 2008, it was about musical styles from within my comfort zone. Meanwhile, for once I broadened my own taste in sound but also sometimes visit the outer rim of ambient and electronic music that is well known to me and people I know. Tonight, I am up for some sounds and rhythms you do not hear that often on my show. And it's also great as I like a change in style so the show stays interesting and actually my mind visits different places. Well, it's no radical change tonight and definitely very cool music by Weldroid & Room of Wires (The Deep Blue Knight), Amotken (Life's a Glitch), Ombra Obscvra (La Nit Eterna), Ben Cox (Consciousness, and Other Tricks of the Light), Erratic (Acre, Aged 10), Soul Flask (The Cassandra Complex).


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Episode 521

Published: Friday, 08 May 2020
Punk meets tradition

When thinking about tonight's edition, I coincidentally stumbled upon the photo used as teaser. It depicts quite perfectly the association to the music picked for this show. Cyberpunk is a genre that mixes modern technology with an adventurous age. The stories told are most gripping and fascinating, providing a playfield for the most unusual inventions in a not so technological advanced time of history spiced with todays knowledge of the possible and beyond. Kind of the same holds for modern takes on traditional electronic music, as you will get to hear. One can think of it as the artists looking back on the golden ages of the 70s and 80s and having their take on a historic musical view with modern knowledge. The time travellers telling their stories tonight are Remy (The Other Side), Space Art (Entrevues), Lisa Bella Donna (Portals), The Garwin Project, TM Solver (Oxymoron).


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Episode 520

Published: Friday, 01 May 2020
The sky is no limit

Last weekend, we had a fantastic online live show with ATB sending from the Planetarium of Bochum. Quite a number of artists are going "on-air" this way recently to entertain and get in contact with their fans and audience. On the other hand, several live events had to be cancelled for this year. Watching a live stream surely is great, but not the same. Still, I and I think many others enjoyed the show. And there is another one coming up tomorrow (that is May 2nd) with Stefan Erbe doing a premiere stream on his album Nachtlichter. And surely we have several more fresh releases these days to celebrate and listen to, some of which you will get listening to tonight's podcast edition. Chilling times are on with tracks by Yaary & Scholl (Delta Evolution), Juli Morán (LibitVm), IcingWolf (From Inside), Backstage Gurus (Mediterranean Odyssey), Stefan Erbe (Nachtlichter).


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Episode 519

Published: Friday, 24 April 2020
A cup of sunshine

U.F.O.s! No, not really. As there are very few airplanes around recently, those bright shining and fast moving objects to be seen at the night sky a few days ago were very eye-catching. A chain of sattelites crossed our hemisphere and made lots of people wonder. And they really appeared to be very fast, well, meant for high speed internet, that's why. Haha. Ok, seriously. What would it be like to live on such a sattelite or the ISS for a while? I'd guess mostly quiet and peaceful? Or would there be lots of debris pelt against the hull making it sound like hard rain hitting the roof of ones home? Well, I am sure one would find some comfort in listenting to some music of tonight's edition. But no need to rocket into space, you can listen comfy sitting in your favourite chair. Have some ambient moments with tracks by Jarguna (The Morning Star), Mäläskä (First Day of Spring), Bernhard Wöstheinrich (Wishes Follow One), Eisenlager (Anime Comp), Cousin Silas & Glove of Bones (Cousin Silas & Friends Vol. 8 Pt. 1), Whalt Thisney (Quiethism).


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Episode 518

Published: Friday, 17 April 2020
Plug and bob

I recently watched a video tutorial about mixing music. Well, there are gazillion of such videos out there, and I merely watch some for fun. The one I picked this time was making its point on not overdoing it, not throwing in all the EQ, Filter, Limiter etc. one owns, but to carefully find the right balance between all instruments involved. And he recommended one easy test: head bobbing. So when you are listening to your song and your head keeps bobbing to its flow, you got the mix right. Now, it's a bit oversimplifying, but I can live with the "if it feels right, it is right". At least for you it is. And following this advice, I chose to have several tracks tonight to test the head bobbing thesis. So best to pick up your favourite headphones, and start bobbing with Stefan Erbe (Nachtlichter), Youth & Gaudi (Astronaut Alchemists Remixes), Sonic Jay (Digital Family Vol. 8), Javiis (Reality), Nikavo (Yummy Miami), K.I. Companion (Music for Cars).


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Episode 517

Published: Friday, 10 April 2020
Home again

So I had some more comforting music on the show lately, and this week is no different. Especially, as it's easter holidays at my place, best known for chocolate bunnies and hidden eggs. Well, kinda. So, of course, you get music fitting to some days of solace. Finally some time for ourself to stay at home and... err... well. Stay at home, again. Not so different from the days before and after, except no work. Well, if you have to work or are going to, thanks for keeping life running. This edition sees several new names but regulars as well, but I am sure you will have some quality time with tracks by Andreas Baaden (Home), Fiona Joy Hawkins (Bushfire Moon), Paul Speer (Sonoran Odyssey), Shoshana Michel (Impressions), Andy Pickford (Nemesis 2020), Solace Road (Silence Within).


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Episode 516

Published: Friday, 03 April 2020
Lost in movements

What does home office mean to you? It sounds as if you have more freedom, more spare time, more of everything, doesn't it? Well, at least, on saves some time travelling. But otherwise, working at home is as much a load as working in the office. Even more challening, when you have to talk to others on a regular basis. In contrast to simply pass by a colleagues space, I find it quite stressing to have to video chat all the time. So, at the end of (yet another) week of home office I am at least as exhausted as driving to my office every day. And I am quite sure not to move as much. Thankfully, there is some great music to help you chill out and unwind your body, like the tracks you get tonight by Nicholas Gunn (Pacific Blue), Stan Dart (Retrospective), Video Void (Sewer Skaters), Le Cassette (Sewer Skaters), Backstage Gurus (Mediterranean Odyssey), Psychoz (Digital Family Vol. 8), Ivan Black (Echus Chasma).


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Episode 515

Published: Friday, 27 March 2020
Bound to sound

I always thought we live in crazy times, where strange people get to boss countries and where it takes comedians to do proper journalism. But this is all nothing compared to how common people behave recently, hoarding strange combinations of things like toilet tissue and pasta. Wonder what that tastes like with a fine sauce of desinfectant. Seems the world becomes a comedy of panic. Well, the current threat is surely to take serious, but not to overreact. And to help you staying safe and home, I have some really nice treats for you to listen to. Forget about all the sadness for a moment and enjoy listening to Klangzaun, Daniel & Booth (Inverse), Syndromeda (KALT), and Wellenfeld (Electronic Musique Compilation 12).


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