Inhale an aural bouquet's flavours

Episode 563

The hot topic of the past week obviously has been some interview by an American host with British folks. I only got this from some late shows, where they picked some funny and scandalous moments of it. Including a count of the "what"s of the host. And, of course, they showed some of the (unbelievable) reactions from other media. It made me wonder, why people are so interested in scandals of other people. On the other hand, this shows how colourful life and people's minds are. Which also shows in musical taste, where you can barely count the number of styles out there, and each of those has a fandom. So, by listening to syndae, you do out yourself for being a fan of ambient and electronic music. Luckily, the music varies in style quite often, so you can get a decent range of aural colours. Like with tonight's edition, which does not stick to one style only with contributions by Blackmore's Night (Nature's Light), maxxess (Reactivate), Survey Channel (Silent Graphs), FM.tronica and Stockmans & Fiesel (Mars Perseverance), niteffect (take your pills), Information Ghetto (Magnetic Position), Mitoma & Weldroid (MXW Magnetic), Ivan Black (Puzzle), Poolz (Cause, if You Could), Stefan Erbe (Serbenity).


Hovering in harmony

Episode 562

Does one have a reason for a serene hour? Well, I don't. And there is none. Except, maybe, that I need more sleep. But ambient music not necessarily means to fall asleep listening. On the contrary, some ambient tracks are such beauties and have so wonderful details that you tend to listen more closely. Even better, if on the second and third listen you spot more details and pieces of wonder in a track. It's like watching a painting where you find those little interesting strokes the longer you look. And that's what makes the tracks of this edition special as well. Simply jump to your favorite spot to relax and listen in to music by Der Waldläufer (Aurora), Nicholas Gunn (Sound Condition), Time Away (Age of Ice), Biome Tides (Essence), jarguna (A Peaceful Granular Day), Parallel Worlds (MOA1202), Daniel Blomqvist (The Comfort of Stars), Volker Lankow (Am Tiefen See), TaboTago (Live at Zionskirche Berlin).


 Pure joy of sweet life

Episode 561

There are no events to go to these days. One of the things, many of us are missing dearly. As a quantum of solace one finds online events from time to time. Which is nice, but no real replacement for meeting up with friends in sound. Oh, I do enjoy such sessions, as they give at least a little hope. And the music always is great, too. What I did not see, yet, is an event like coming up on March 26th to 28th with the SynthFest. A three day online event with artists from all over the world. Well, barely possible as live event at an offline event (okay, "offline" sounds a bit off...) here you will be able to listen to some dozen artists playing live. And it's free as well, as far as I can see. What is stopping you? I hope nothing. Well, if you cannot wait that long, join me for an hour of fantastic music tonight with maxxess (Reactivate), Ivan Black (Puzzle), René van der Wouden (A Night at the Manor), Sylvain Carel (Atlantide), and Steve Roach (Into the Majestic).


Smash and like

Episode 560

No time to chill. This was a beating week work wise, and tonight's edition will simply reflect that. I am still energized, so why stop now? There is a weekend up to chill and rest. Sometimes, I simply need some strong soundwaves beating me up and treat my body like a resonator. Ah, well, doesn't make sense, does it? When do you need some louder and harder music? Let me know in the comments. And while thinking about it, why don't you simply join in for a powerful ride with fantastic tracks by Andy Morello & Duscio (Electricults), Information Ghetto (Magnetic Position), Aleckat (Dusty Remixes), Multi Tul (Digital Family Vol.9), Nattefrost (Secrets of the Universe), Basscadet (Saciar), Cairo Braga & Mildmilk (The Library is Open, Vol. 2), Night Parrot (Midnightradio Compilation 101), Mabu and Felix von Montfort (Midnightradio Compilation 102).


On a mellow ride

Episode 559

Boy, what a busy week. So I had to clear snow twice this week. And on Sunday it had a thick frozen layer below the fresh snow on top. Had to hack through to get the sidewalk free. Of course, afterwards I was rewarded with exhaustion and some muscle pain next day. Imagine sitting at home for a year and suddenly having to move snow. Oh, well, sitting home is the new normal these days, no surprise there. Unfortunately, the weather was sneaky and covered my tracks with more snow the next days. Bad boy. Bad boy! Well. It's still in the minus so that white stuff will not go away for a while. No wonders I am longing for some relaxation, and here we go with tonight's tracks. Chill out music to relish the cold weather, but home with the heaters on and soothing on the couch. Please, join me -regarding the listen- with wonderful tracks by Suduaya (Starseeds), Nicholas Gunn (Sound Condition), Dusk Horizon (Stranded), Substan (DigiTales III), Ioon Cosmic Downtempo & Wasisunqu (Balance of The Butterfly), Thomas Park (Midnightradio Compilation 101), Faber (Floating Waves), CIALYN (In from the cold), Stellardrone (Between The Rings).


Evening the odds

Episode 558

The downside of trying something new or unusual is that you do not know about the outcome. Does it please you? Does it anger you? Well, everyone is different in that. Some love new things and simply enjoy the change, some... and maybe I am one of them in most situations... rather refrain and stick with what they know. This also applies to listening to music. If there is a kind of music that makes you happy, you definitely want to have more of it, do you not? Well, it may depend on your mood, though, what kind of music comforts you. But at least in that matter I am in for risk and like trying new things. Of course, I have to anyway, listening into all the submissions for podplay, some of which are cool, some are interesting, others don't fit at all. As I tend to set a theme for each show, some music does not make it to a regular edition. Hence, for tonight, I picked tracks I think are very interesting but do not fit to the common kind of styles I have on. Hopefully, you will enjoy them, too. Here comes cool stuff by Dave Bessell & Parallel Worlds (Phosphenes), Massimo Discepoli (Last year, the next day), Green Isac Orchestra (Green Isac Orchestra), electric mud (Quiet Days On Earth), Cool Spring (Are We There Yet?), Anantakara (Newt [At Whose Feet is Eternity]), Peaceone [Optionica reconstruction] (Outcrop), Metalogue (10 Years Abstrakt Reflections), Revbjelde (Fukko The Clown), Bernhard Wöstheinrich (Eyes in the Big City).


Live becomes visual

Episode 557

Do you watch Youtube? I mean, I recently find myself spending quite some time watching channels on the platform providing various kinds of infotainment. Like the channel by Guy Michelmore, who teaches composition and does live composing. Or the LockPickingLawyer, who shows how he picks locks and debunks them being unpickable. Or the German channel on tv series and films by Ren Kühn. Or some science channels explaining the complex world of how science works and its findings. Or the German equivalent to Writing Excuses named "Schreibdilettanten" (writing jacklegs). Or, recently, the intros to American late shows by Fallon, Kimmel and Colbert. So, well, do you watch Youtube as well? Or is that old fashion? Let me know about the channels you cannot stop visiting in the comments. Oh, besides channels I do watch music videos, too. Of course, mainly electronic and ambient music. Many artists and labels I have on the show do have Youtube channels. Like several from this edition. But lets focus on tonight's fabulous tracks by Progeny -1 & Roberto Sass (Stranded), Stefan Erbe (Selectronisch Vol. 3), Tonal Assembly (Schallplatte 23), Closeyoureyes (10 Years Abstrakt Reflections), Kellerkind Berlin (Musikkonstruktionen), jCoke (Synthony I), Substan (DigiTales III), Cadenced Haven ft. Gert Emmens (Peregrination), Uriel (Culture Shift), Andreas Volllenweider (Cosmopoly).


Taking the good vibe tour

Episode 556

I'd say this week was full of good vibes. How did you experience the past days? It reads and looks like greater parts of the world took a deep breathe. I'm not going into political stuff, it's just the feeling I got when reading news and watching talk show videos. Well, let me know in the comments. On the other hand, with tonight's edition we have great new music that follows the inheritance of the 70s and 80s of the past century. Call it Berlin School or Krautrock or Ambient. It simply is hypnotic and mesmerizing music to be heard with pleasure. Join me for one hour with amazing tracks by Craig Padilla & Marvin Allen (Strange Gravity), Spyra (Schallplatte 23), Peter Mergener (Mare Nostrum), Obukhovaudio (Moograce 2), Erik Wøllo (Recurrence), Alba Ecstasy (Reaching for the Stars), Colin Rayment (Igneous), René van der Wouden (Return to the Stargaze).


Aural healing power

Episode 555

Is this already the third edition into 2021? Oh yes, it is. Amazing how times passs by. And the start of the year already had some crazy happenings. The past week was very busy at work for me, and it was very easy to decide upon this edition to feature ambient music to peace out. With such a show, I always try to not disturb its serenity with me talking, but this ain't become a mixtape. So I hope you don't mind me interrupting you from time to time with some information about the artist and album. If you want the full relaxation afterwards, please go for the artists' and labels' pages to get hold of their music for your own playlists. Amazing tracks await you tonight given by Bodhi (Deep Dream), jarguna / Uzbazur (Sublimation), Christel Veraart (Pleiades), City of Dawn feat. Guadalupe Duque (Nocturne), Descrai (Horizon Palace), Fringo Chills (...cooled).


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