Turning tables

Episode 660

It's still frosty over here in Europe. Actually, more snow was coming this week for us, although we're rapidly going towards spring. No reason to stay cold though, with some more heart beating music on the show, driven by good rhythms and melodic structures. And there are some cool events in sight as well, two of them musically presented on this edition of syndae. You should check out empulsiv for more events in electronic music. And while being a German info portal on electronic music, the event calendar should be easy enought to understand for any of you listeners. But, hey, we are here for some music. So join me on tonight's show with great tracks by Stefan Erbe (GeneSys 23), Otarion (Logos), Wellenfeld (Eiswelten), Giants of Discovery (And it's Goodnight From the Human Race), Dohnavùr (Concrete Animals - The Remixes), Hana Sent and Double Precision (Gravity and Quantum Mechanics 3), Rob Papen & Ron Boots (A November Evening at CKE).



Stefan Erbe - Big Hall (GeneSys 23)
Otarion - Announcement of the Savior (Logos)
Wellenfeld - Eisschild (Eiswelten)
Giants of Discovery - A Canopy Of Stars (And it's Goodnight From the Human Race)
Dohnavùr - Concrete Animals (Giants of Discovery Remix) (Concrete Animals - The Remixes)
Hana Sent - Disco Splendydog (Gravity and Quantum Mechanics 3)
Double Precision - The Path (Gravity and Quantum Mechanics 3)
Rob Papen & Ron Boots - Mindflow 2 (A November Evening at CKE)


April 29th, GENESYS 23 live at Sternwarte Hagen
March 25th, AntennA Festival 2023, Evergem, Belgium



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