Rougher edges

Episode 721

After all the chilling in the last edition, it is time to get a bit beefier tonight. All the energy collected the past days has to go somewhere. And it has become a quite diverse show this time, with calmer and more aggressive sounds and beats. No EDM though. That's in queue for another time. Also, I picked up some of the artists from last week to showcase their variability. Well, I am picking up some energy these days, which also changes my mood and need for music. It's great material I have for you tonight, so join me for a cool right, won't you? Have some great 60 minutes with music by Firnwald ft. D-Fried (Gadgetbag 2), Conny Olivetti (Future Europe), Stefan Erbe (Retrologica 2024), Roberto Sass (Transit), PLESS (Midnight Buffet), Ivan Black (Isms), Cousin Silas & Øystein Q Jørgensen (Bemerkelsesverdig Morgen), Kellerkind Berlin (Das Graublaue Album), NYORAI (Shinkirō), Hyrn (live at endlos elektro sounds).


Enjoy the flow

Episode 720

So this was a busy week at work and at home, time to relax. So I will be a couch potatoe for a while, well, kind of at least. But I know I won't last very long at doing few to nothing. How about you? How do you relax and chill after some busy days, weeks, or month? One of my favourite side-activities of course is to listen to the fitting music for this occasion. This also works when reading a book, as there is no distracting vocal in electronic candy. So, join me, will you? For some great music on this edition brought to us by Anna B May & Wane of Summer (Leaving Home), Stefan Erbe (Retrologica 2024), Jazzyspoon (IDMf Retrospective Vol. 2), Roberto Sass (Transit), Firnwald (Veelargo Remix) (Gadgetbag 1), Globular (Lifts The Curse Of The Grey Goo Assimilators), Martin Stürtzer (Phase Transform), Stan Dart (Collaboration), Morpion (IDMf Retrospective Vol. 2), Youth & Gaudi (LSD Special Selections Vol​.​ 11: CALAN HAF Vol. 2).


Schooling at home

Episode 719

Back to school? Well, definitely always an option when talking about Berlin School. And this school is not over yet. Time and again old and new artists are being inspired by the works of the artists of that golden era of electronic music. And rightly so, as those were days of fresh sounds and inspiration, which hooked many of us to this timeless and impressive music style. And current takes on those teachings for once let us all delve in that wonderful past and also experience something new with what they make of it. Join me for great stuff by Erez Yaary (Everything Will Dissolve), D*Time (Inner Demons), Grant Beasley (Sands of Time), Walter Holland (The Sketchbook of Max Ernst), Stan Dart and (Collaboration), Callisto (Either Side of Reality).


Living in a new age

Episode 718

Are you fallen for the beauty in sound and harmony? Do you want to listen to really cool and delightful electronic music? Easy peasy. Simply check out this edition of syndae having great and not too busy music from all around the world and maybe beyond. Well, after some quite warm days this week, I am not up for much movement. But it does not need to be as quiet as last week. So here we go with something inbetween. Some new and upcoming releases on this show as well as looks back to this and previous years. Grab your headphones and favourite seat and join me for music by Dark Sky Alliance (Interdwell), Todd Mosby (Land of Enchantment), Michael Whalen (Watercolor Sky), Richard Theisen (Oceanova), Ambiente Solstice ft. Gerald Albright & Carl Rydlund (Short Stories), elAstrum (On the Eve), Kellerkind Berlin & José Roman Duque (Das Graublaue Album). Ginkgo Garden (Wrapped In Mystery), Ambient Ballroom Tales), Backstage Gurus (LSD Special Selections Vol​.​ 11: CALAN HAF Vol. 2).


A soothing line-up

Episode 717

There are quite some bank holidays in May. Several of them rooting in religious festivities. Well, I don't mind, as they serve quieter times. Less traffic, less people, more time to simply rest and relish Spring time. The downside is that most shops are closed on such days and people tend to run shopping the days before and after the holiday. "And" not "either, or". It's getting quite crowded on those days. The more a reason to calm oneself. And there is a nice aural way to support easing ones mind: listening to great ambient electronic sounds. So, for these or no reason at all, join me for great tracks given by Erik Wøllo (Crossing the Equator), Ambient Indigo (Chasing Shadows), Helsinki Project (Shadowclaw), Ron Shayler (Gravity Vectors), Vamadeva (The Call of Wisdom), Parallel Worlds (Artiphon), Hanetration (Resonator), Eko_Fisk (Strand), Bernhard Wöstheinrich (Live in Beacon 2023, Set 1).


It lights at night

Episode 716

It's usually the night life, when people stream into clubs and go for dancing or what they nowadays call so. Of course, it always depends on the music. I am no fan of dancing and don't do it at all. My wife can tell you stories. No idea, why it is that way. Maybe it was that dancing course I had to participate in at school time. It was terrible to say the least. Well, nevertheless, rhythm in music still gets me now and then. And when it makes me move or at least wobble my head, I know it got to me. So, tonight you will get some wobble moments, I hope. Electronic dancy stuff, for most of the time. Enjoy the beats by Gabriel Le Mar and Flux Natura (LSD Special Selections Vol​.​11: CALAN HAF Vol 2), Martin Stürtzer (Phase Transform), Elysian Underground, Andy Morello (Electrical Emotions), NYORAI (Shinkirō), Plateau Sigma (Feed It), Tonylight (Lumanoide), Particules (Escape Path).


Splashes of inspiration

Episode 715

I admit that musically I tend to delve in the past. It's simply so that those days were the days that hooked me to instrumental and electronic music. My first LP, or rather one of my parents, was an album containing instrumental music played using electric guitars. I barely remember the songs on that LP, but loved it. And later loved the electronic ones even more. It is obvious that I am not alone with this love, as there are still artists being inspired by the style and structures of the songs back then. So here we are again with several such artists. And there is no doubt that their interpretation of the style is no copy but inspired by the music of the past, bringing their own take on traditional electronic music. Join me and enjoy great music by Paul Ellis (The Haunted Afternoon), Micado (SculptureS), Tabilonder (Personal Cosmos), REMY & Däcker (Live at BYSS), Kenneth Roberts (Exploration SX-240), Ivan Black (Moving), @Oscar Postma (Timebender).


Out of madness

Episode 714

"The solar eclipse is another sign for climate change"? Wow. There is quite some action going on these days all around the world. And Quotes like this eclipse nonsense tell me that it there is some steep road to madness in this world. But I won't start a rant about idiots on here. You came for the music. And to calm down and relax from this crazy world, tonight you are getting chill-out sound from all around the globe. I hope you will have some peaceful moments out there and will enjoy the fine tracks by Radium88 (See Saw - Disc 1), Bluetech (Spacehop Chronicles 2: Monument to the Conquerors), Evenfall (Circular Motion), Liuos and Ajnkana (Heavy Dub Vol. 9), Collagist (Pan), Ginkgo Garden (Wrapped In Mystery), Altered Tensions (IDMf Retrospective Vol. 1), The Dubnihilist (Friday 22:05), Cartas de Japón (Santa Clara).


Aural adventures

Episode 713

Are you up for some adventure? Well, soundwise you will get music that definitely fits into the realms of fantasy and beyond tonight. Definitely some melodic and harmonic treats are up. There is the story that Hobbits don't do adventures. Never ever. Or do they? Well, I think, live itself proves to be one interesting ride one could call adventure. Who you meet, what you experience, where you go, and what you are listening to. So, join me to some very inspiring rides on this edition with outstanding treasures by Roberto Sass and Time Away & Elvya (Path of the Roses), Betageist (Luminous Exile), the-motyw (Unless have a man in a man), Michael Whalen (Brokenhearted Lopsided Blues), AO Music (Otherness), Allen Pitts (My Tribute to Jeanne), Erothyme feat. Kirk Kubicek & Jessica Sirena (Life Sidereal), ELEON (Hidden Kingdom), Richard Anthony Bean (Victopia), Stefan Erbe (Selectronisch Vol 1).


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