Fruity treats

Episode 726

One of the pillars of syndae has always been the vast world of netlabels. They curate many unknown to known artists, so we can have a nice collection of fresh music not following mainstream. And it is astonishing how many of those labels last over years. Of course, some of the good ones stopped operating over time. Some new were founded. But there is still a massive number of them out there. Especially caring music in the ambient and electronic realm, but not just. Tonight you will get an excerpt taken from the big amount of releases in the netlabel bag. Enjoy the diversity of styles with Captive Portal ft. Dmitriy Krotevich (Own The Night: The Remixes), Beth Quist (Aegean Dreams), Bleak House (Observation Notes), VEDSKY (Monument Records Netlabel Day), Bunshi (Zurvan), 4T Thieves (Tone), Cairo Braga (Blurred Time: Netlabel Day 2024), Gaucho Viento (The Organic Sound of Patagonia), jlmxv (Omnia Bene), Computer 4000 (Netlabel Day 2024 Techno Warriors), Mental Health Consumer (Recovery).


Sticking to it

Episode 725

Sleep. Work. Eat. Repeat. This was somewhat the most routine past week I had. And that's fine with me. Easy going is nice. No stress. No pressure. I would assume this is good for health as well. And, thus, we are dwelling into the modern takes of the past again tonight. Music inspired by the golden age of electronic music. Nowadays also put under the umbrella name of Space Ambient, I'd say. Could be Berlin School, could be Krautrock. Anything, really, that feels good and steady. Join me for cool stuff in sounds by Colin Rayment with Joe Rayment (Metamorphic Phases), DTime (Within The Waves), Andy Kittner (Sands of Time), Cousin Silas & Michael Brückner (Passages and Spheres), OBUKHOVAUDIO (Kosmische Wellen), s475e (Sn°1), Kosmische Clutharachán Center (Barbe à Papa), DASK (Time and Burden).


In the realms of fantasy

Episode 724

We're going into dungeons and dragons and other fantasy realms tonight, on the hunt for hidden castles and maybe fight a dragon? Well. At least half the show will be. And then I have related, cinematic style music for you. Well, I do like fantasy in books and movies, although I am not deep into it. I know many friends and colleagues are or were into D&D gaming. In the past, I did enjoy simpler adventure games as well, but mostly passed for role playing. What about you? Leave a comment and tell me. And meanwhile, enjoy listening to great music by Talking to Ghosts & AndAWan (Convergence of Soul), Sonic Bodhi & Progeny -1 (Winged Memories), K37 (Fearless), Dirk Schlömer (Travels to the Untold II), Sverre Knut Johansen (Still Time), Grosso Gadgetto (Hidden Children of the Vatican), @erwilian (Cascadia).


A candle in the dark

Episode 723

So here comes a rather sad edition, or is it? During my vacation I learned that Norbert Kutz aka Eisenlager passed away earlier this year. His Midnightradio Compilation was a constant and great source for new music of any kind and has been part of many of syndae's shows. So tonight I'll give you a tribute edition with music by himself and from more or less randomly chosen issues of the compilation that I saw fit. This is only a very small fraction of the kind of music from the series, which fits within the sound of syndae. So join me for a goodbye to a wonderful mind, supporting and promoting music with no hidden agenda. This one is to you, Mr. Midnightradio. With music by Eisenlager (Atombomben Musik), All the Morphic Oceans (Midnightradio Compilation 114), Jesper Sørensen (Midnightradio Compilation), musicformessier & An Astromo (Midnightradio Compilation 31), Eisenlager and Midnightradio11 (Midnightradio Compilation Beautiful Julia Edition 2015), ambientium (Midnightradio Compilation 25), Reskimus & Ambient Mann (Midnightradio Compilation 22), Eisenlager (Rück Werk).


Breaching branches

Episode 722

So I am enjoying the final hours of my vacation. It's kind of a hybrid state, where I feel as much relaxed as energized for a busy summer ahead. Well, difficult to decide upon the path for this edition, hence it is somewhat ambient, but on the more progressive edge with twists and rhythms. What do you think makes ambient music ambient? Do all the tracks from tonight's edition qualify? I do think so, but that may be only me. Best to join me for this hour and listen to great sounds by Byron Metcalf & Ari Urban ft. Dashmesh (Rituals of Passion), Fusion of Elements (Bigger than Us), _Imnot_here (Outside), Paul Ellis (The Haunted Afternoon), Peltiform (Like Phantoms), Cousin Silas & Øystein Q Jørgensen (Bemerkelsesverdig Morgen).


Rougher edges

Episode 721

After all the chilling in the last edition, it is time to get a bit beefier tonight. All the energy collected the past days has to go somewhere. And it has become a quite diverse show this time, with calmer and more aggressive sounds and beats. No EDM though. That's in queue for another time. Also, I picked up some of the artists from last week to showcase their variability. Well, I am picking up some energy these days, which also changes my mood and need for music. It's great material I have for you tonight, so join me for a cool right, won't you? Have some great 60 minutes with music by Firnwald ft. D-Fried (Gadgetbag 2), Conny Olivetti (Future Europe), Stefan Erbe (Retrologica 2024), Roberto Sass (Transit), PLESS (Midnight Buffet), Ivan Black (Isms), Cousin Silas & Øystein Q Jørgensen (Bemerkelsesverdig Morgen), Kellerkind Berlin (Das Graublaue Album), NYORAI (Shinkirō), Hyrn (live at endlos elektro sounds).


Enjoy the flow

Episode 720

So this was a busy week at work and at home, time to relax. So I will be a couch potatoe for a while, well, kind of at least. But I know I won't last very long at doing few to nothing. How about you? How do you relax and chill after some busy days, weeks, or month? One of my favourite side-activities of course is to listen to the fitting music for this occasion. This also works when reading a book, as there is no distracting vocal in electronic candy. So, join me, will you? For some great music on this edition brought to us by Anna B May & Wane of Summer (Leaving Home), Stefan Erbe (Retrologica 2024), Jazzyspoon (IDMf Retrospective Vol. 2), Roberto Sass (Transit), Firnwald (Veelargo Remix) (Gadgetbag 1), Globular (Lifts The Curse Of The Grey Goo Assimilators), Martin Stürtzer (Phase Transform), Stan Dart (Collaboration), Morpion (IDMf Retrospective Vol. 2), Youth & Gaudi (LSD Special Selections Vol​.​ 11: CALAN HAF Vol. 2).


Schooling at home

Episode 719

Back to school? Well, definitely always an option when talking about Berlin School. And this school is not over yet. Time and again old and new artists are being inspired by the works of the artists of that golden era of electronic music. And rightly so, as those were days of fresh sounds and inspiration, which hooked many of us to this timeless and impressive music style. And current takes on those teachings for once let us all delve in that wonderful past and also experience something new with what they make of it. Join me for great stuff by Erez Yaary (Everything Will Dissolve), D*Time (Inner Demons), Grant Beasley (Sands of Time), Walter Holland (The Sketchbook of Max Ernst), Stan Dart and (Collaboration), Callisto (Either Side of Reality).


Living in a new age

Episode 718

Are you fallen for the beauty in sound and harmony? Do you want to listen to really cool and delightful electronic music? Easy peasy. Simply check out this edition of syndae having great and not too busy music from all around the world and maybe beyond. Well, after some quite warm days this week, I am not up for much movement. But it does not need to be as quiet as last week. So here we go with something inbetween. Some new and upcoming releases on this show as well as looks back to this and previous years. Grab your headphones and favourite seat and join me for music by Dark Sky Alliance (Interdwell), Todd Mosby (Land of Enchantment), Michael Whalen (Watercolor Sky), Richard Theisen (Oceanova), Ambiente Solstice ft. Gerald Albright & Carl Rydlund (Short Stories), elAstrum (On the Eve), Kellerkind Berlin & José Roman Duque (Das Graublaue Album). Ginkgo Garden (Wrapped In Mystery), Ambient Ballroom Tales), Backstage Gurus (LSD Special Selections Vol​.​ 11: CALAN HAF Vol. 2).


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