Relishing patterns

Episode 658

I admit to love repeating patterns. As a software developer I should be, shouldn't I? Patterns make solving a problem easier, as these are known well and one knows how to apply them to make thinks work properly. They give structure to the work and make them recognizable to others who later on need to understand what's going on. Well, patterns are surely well known in building construction, maybe rooted from there. And they can definitely be found in music, regardless of the genre (or at least most genres). This is especially true for sequencer based music and styles coming from the golden age of Berlin School. And that's what you get tonight. Enjoy fantastic structures built in sound by TM Solver (Dividuum), Star Maze (Dreams of Motion), Javi Cànovas (Coordinates Vol. 10), Giants of Discovery (And it's Goodnight From The Human Race), René van der Wouden (The Moonstone), Craig Padilla & Marvin Allen (Weathering the Storm).



TM Solver - Vectors (Dividuum)
Star Maze - Temporal Vortex (Dreams of Motion)
Javi Cànovas - Oxide (Coordinates Vol. 10)
Giants of Discovery - And it's Goodnight From The Human Race (And it's Goodnight From The Human Race)
René van der Wouden - Orange Corner (The Moonstone)
Craig Padilla & Marvin Allen - The Prodigal Sun (Weathering the Storm)


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