Turning tables

Episode 660

It's still frosty over here in Europe. Actually, more snow was coming this week for us, although we're rapidly going towards spring. No reason to stay cold though, with some more heart beating music on the show, driven by good rhythms and melodic structures. And there are some cool events in sight as well, two of them musically presented on this edition of syndae. You should check out empulsiv for more events in electronic music. And while being a German info portal on electronic music, the event calendar should be easy enought to understand for any of you listeners. But, hey, we are here for some music. So join me on tonight's show with great tracks by Stefan Erbe (GeneSys 23), Otarion (Logos), Wellenfeld (Eiswelten), Giants of Discovery (And it's Goodnight From the Human Race), Dohnavùr (Concrete Animals - The Remixes), Hana Sent and Double Precision (Gravity and Quantum Mechanics 3), Rob Papen & Ron Boots (A November Evening at CKE).


Turning tables

Episode 659

I admit, it is usually the harmonic, melodic side of ambient and electronic music that makes me happy. But there are some days, when I simply need being beat up. Not physically, of course. But aural. This is such a week, where I relish some harder kicks and punches on my ear-drums. And, surely, my body does catch up and move along. If you listen to syndae for longer, you know it's not the usual kind of techno you will get to hear. It's really cool stuff by Joao Ceser (BRZ), Osiris4 & Levi From Space (Unexpected Ways), Caballero (Wake Up This Is Not A Dream: Remixes), Mira Nait (Neon), AVSV (Afterthoughts), Klangbiotop vs Chris Gate, Sven Phalanx (Live @ SOS-Radio), Sven Phalanx (Live @ SOS-Radio), Tracya (Mindflux), dvidevat (Pulse Defusion), LLLIT (Contemplaciones Internas).


Relishing patterns

Episode 658

I admit to love repeating patterns. As a software developer I should be, shouldn't I? Patterns make solving a problem easier, as these are known well and one knows how to apply them to make thinks work properly. They give structure to the work and make them recognizable to others who later on need to understand what's going on. Well, patterns are surely well known in building construction, maybe rooted from there. And they can definitely be found in music, regardless of the genre (or at least most genres). This is especially true for sequencer based music and styles coming from the golden age of Berlin School. And that's what you get tonight. Enjoy fantastic structures built in sound by TM Solver (Dividuum), Star Maze (Dreams of Motion), Javi Cànovas (Coordinates Vol. 10), Giants of Discovery (And it's Goodnight From The Human Race), René van der Wouden (The Moonstone), Craig Padilla & Marvin Allen (Weathering the Storm).


Fiery silence

Episode 657

In need for some off-time? Well, join me with this edition featuring wonderful ambient music by cool artists. Best to listen to with good headphones crouched in your sofa. Well, yes, you could listen to it in the background, but it is really worth to listen closely to these great compositions. The fascinating parts are in the details of sounds and noises. What do you say? Come in and have a go with music by Progeny-1 (Alien Deserts), Erik Wøllo (The Le Paysage), Lorenzo Montanà (Decorar Silenzio), John Louis Kluck (The Minds Eye), Bart Hawkins (Entering The Axis Mundi), Kenneth Hooper (As the Crow Flies), Yoshimichi Setsuda (Midnightradio Compilation 113), Parallel Worlds (Reflections), Arin Aksberg (It Flows Between Us), Altus (Hidden Realms and Vacant Spaces).


Human made music

Episode 656

Many people are talking about artificial intelligence taking over the music market in future. Well, I asked an AI named Perplexity about it. It says: "Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expected to play a major role in the future of music, with applications ranging from audio processing using neural networks and machine learning, to automating the process of developing, mastering and categorizing audio. AI can also be seen as a tool that democratizes music and allows for more creative possibilities, while transforming the way we produce and consume music." And further: "AI is capable of composing music. AI music generators are being improved to compose soundtracks for ads, video games, movies, and more[1], and neural networks are capable of writing original music. AI-composed music may even be indistinguishable from the work of human musicians, and AI software can create songs in less than 30 seconds. There are also AI systems that can compose emotional and unique music in real time." Well, I will stick to human composers for now, and we have great tracks tonight by The Great Northern (Oceans), Bluetech (Spacehop Chronicles 2: Restless), Wane of Summer (Alien Deserts), Wellenfeld (Eiswelten), Harald Nies (Multiverse), POLUNDRA (探​し​て​い​た​も​の​を​見​つ​け​た​あ​る​日), Room of Wires (Welcome to the Endgame), Cartas de Japón (Rucalen), Rena Jones & KiloWatts (Force Multiplier), Stefan Erbe (Genesys 23).


Discovering new worlds

Episode 655

One more round of nominee presentations and only three weeks to go before the Schallwelle award ceremonies. I hope you are thrilled to get to know about the winners. If not, well, enjoy the music you get, as it is really good. And on tonight's edition you will find several familiar names being a regular listener. But there are also some new artists with very impressing works. Definitely a good time to discover the variety in sound that falls under ambient and electronic music. Join me and listen to outstanding tracks by Ian Boddy & Erik Wøllo (Revolve), LAUGE & AES DANA (Terrene), Remote Vision (The Architecture of Time), State Azure (Cepheus Origin), Steve Roach (What Remains), HYRN (Furrows in the Ground), KLET (1984? No!), Tabilonder (Luminescencia), WEGA (Orbiting).


The world sounds

Episode 654

Last week we celebrated national nominees, tonight we are out in the world with album and artist international. And there should be no surprise in contenders for regular listeners of the show, all of them have been on once or more. I really enjoy the mix of styles, though. From space ambient to traditional EM to modern beats. It's all in. So, join me for a nice trip listening to excellent electronic sounds with Colin Rayment (Equilibrium), Erik Wøllo (Sojourns), Jean-Michel Jarre (Oxymore), Skoulaman (Mundus in Motu), Stan Dart (Murinsel Vol. 5), Ian Boddy (Coil), Ron Boots & Rob Papen (A November Evening at CKE), State Azure (Cepheus Origin).


Just your cup of sounds

Episode 653

The votes are cast and the nominees announced: The Schallwelle Awards are sealed. In the next editions of syndae I will present to you all the contenders for the upcoming awards, starting off with the ones for album and artist national. Regular listeners of syndae will definitely know all the names on tonights list, some heard more often others rather seldom. These two categories are voted for by you and by Jury, half each. And here they are with Klangwelt (Here and Why), Klaus Schulze (Deus Arrakis), moonbooter (Reminiscence), Stefan Erbe (Distopia), Tangerine Dream (Raum), Martin Stürtzer (Relativity), Spyra (Hospital).


Spicy sounds that bite

Episode 652

It's already the second week into the new year. It seems to become an interesting one, with many changes ahead. Running websites, for example, urges you to update the systems once in a while. So just happened with syndae home. Not only tiny changes in its look but the whole technology was renewed. Same will happen to other pages I run. Also, the German empulsiv Webzine closed down end of last year. But there may be some kind of successor to it, re-focused maybe, but still keeping you informed about the scene (at least, if you understand German or use a proper translator). It's always a good idea to keep the good things but refresh dated ones. Now, on tonight's show you will find mostly new music. But each track and each artist definitely has a past. Join me for great music by Outlanders (We Own This Sky), Casey & Soeteman (Nonstruct), KS|Optionica (Fourteenth Listen), Conny Olivetti (Old Light Through New Windows), 4T Thieves (The Vinyl Loop), Klangwelt (Here and Why), Nheap XP (Inside Talk), Anodyne Industries (IDMf065 VA), Anatomist (Machine Music, Vol V), Reichenhall (Muschelkalk).


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