Stack by stack

Episode 641

So I am enjoying some time off from my daily routine. Only, my love for music always remains. And especially, when it comes to the kind of music that is rooted in the Golden Age of traditional electronic music. There are several artists from back then still active and creating great new tracks (or revisiting their back catalog). And there are quite a number of younger artists inheriting from the old style. It is always great to see how artists and their music evolve over time, so here we go with a smaller number of musicians tonight, partially providing extensively long tracks. From short to really long, enjoy the music by David Wright (Returning Tides, Vol 2), VoLt (Zeitenwende), Ami Hassinen & Michel Brückner (One Hundred Million Miles Under The Stars Revisited), Syndromeda (Order in the Chaos of Life), Ivan Black (Electronically Yours), Cousin Silas & Altocirrus (Time and Tide).


Challenging times

Episode 640

Tonight's edition is kind of self implying. It's focus is on a compilation themed for these changing times, which have pushing and challenging sides close to each other. After last weeks challanging edition, this time it's the more positive realm, as my track was chosing to be part of said compilation. I am very happy, as there are quite a number of fine tracks on the album. But, of course, there is more than just this compilation on the show. Quite a number of current releases with excellent music to be heard. Have a wonderful time with music by Spectral Tune, Tonal Assembly, WEGA, Talking to Ghosts, Stan Dart, Pergamoon (Zeitenwende), Eagle (Synth Music), DreamerProject (Fading Light), Bett Butler & Joël Dilley (Gracia), Salvatore Mercatante (DECAS), Janne Hanhisuanto (Moon on the Man).


Remembering life

Episode 639

So, I had to cancel my vacation. Just the day before, my dear brother passed away. He only got 49. The previous show was recorded before I knew, but I did not want to cancel it. So here we go. The aftermath of this tragic loss. His music was very much different from mine. Punk. Heavy Metal. Nothing that fits to me or my feelings. Tonight's edition is still dedicated to him, with a selection of music that musically reflects my state. And the titles of tracks or albums are fitting as well. It mostly is recent or coming music, so you might find one or the other track to your liking, still. In this show you will find music by 4T Thieves (Futures End), Roberto Sass (Against the Tide), Janne Hanhisuanto (Moon on the Man), Ivan Black (Behind All The Smoke), Sverre Knut Johansen (Metahuman), Volker Lankow (Journey To Transient Places), Massimo Discepoli (An unusual way to disappear), Nadim Haque (Funeral).


Beware the vocals

Episode 638

Once in a long while I take on submissions on syndae that do not really fit to the Ambient or electronic Music focus. Well, I have had Synthwave on before, and tonight it is Synthpop. With lyrics! Yeah, I know. But all in all they do have a similar root in electronic and synthesizer based music, so it is a bit of a stretch but in my opinion change is good. So tonight you will get something completely different with great and wonderful tracks by Lisa Gerrard & Marcello De Francisci (Exaudia), Alphaville (Eternally Yours), Cub\cub ft. Louisa Osborn (Radiant Crush), Telefis (a hAon), Perpacity (Granite), Richard Evans (Sentinel), Circuit3 (Overview Effect), Panjoma (Sun and Moon), Spray (Ambiguous Poems About Death), Your Preferred Retailer (Better Later).


Out of tune

Episode 637

Well, sometimes, life gets between plan and reality. So it happened as we mourn another tragic loss to the electronic music world with Mark Shreeve. Yet another broken key in the realm, which I dedicate tonight's edition to with music by Redshift (Turning Towards Us), Abdicant (In-Group), Tonal Assembly (Four Pieces For Sonic Solitude), Colin Rayment (Equilibrium), Spectral Tune (Perspectivia), Ivan Black (Drowning In Your Chant), Gert Emmens & Ron Boots (A Night at Blackrock Station).


Wordless chic

Episode 636

So I am watching this asian show lately. I was expecting a series with some martial arts combined with magic, which sounded just like a good watch. Well, it turns out rather to be a soap opera with touches of fantasy. It's not too bad. it contains some nice character development, funny characters, and other nice elements. What really annoys me, though, is the absolute cheesy music. Especially in "romantic" scenes it turns into some asian schlager music and I am so happy not to understand a word. Always great to be able to head over to some nice ambient and electronic music of my playlist afterwards. And I have some beautiful serene ones for you tonight with Stan Dart (MurInsel, Vol. 5), Ambiente Solstice (Comet's Dust), Abdicant (In-Group), City of Dawn & Sherry Finzer (Moonwheel), Progeny -1 (Bytopia: Shurrock), Loneward (Our Unyielding Sky), Cousin Silas & Eisenlager (Sense Of Doubt 1), Wellengärtner (Arctic).


Gems in a net

Episode 635

When I started syndae in 2008, I was quite "limited" to music I knew from my closer friends and the local community on electronic music. Only in early 2009 the first track from some kind of online label named kahvi found its way to my ears. It was Mikael Fyrek's A Thousand Years and One. Since that time, I regularily searched and picked music from so called netlabels, where great musical treasures were hidden in freely given music by lots of new artists from all around the world. These days, on July 14th each year, it is Netlabel Day. Multiple netlabels publish especially on that day to celebrate their existence. Well, I am a bit late this year, but tonight is netlabel day. Enjoy the variety of styles and sounds with Beolost (Left behind you), Mar io (Grace Under Quarantine), AViD | Advances in Obsolete Technology (An Introduction to Believe in Billy Records), Akemi Tanaka (We Came In Peace), ROSE (10), Cutside & Trey (Tripoholic), Switchmaster (Netlabel Day 2022), Alex Figueira (Mentallogenic), Luis Marte ft. Petrini (Dúo), Taker 51 (The Spacial One Comeback Special), Sylvain Courtoux (I'll Sing With You), Markus Reuter (NetLabel Day 2022).


Sounds with chill

Episode 634

What a sweatful week. Not only were the temperatures on a high again, and for this my home office not having air condition really sucks, but life also did some hot turns. Well, not complaining much, as most of it is consequently self inflicted. Anyway, all in all very good reasons to put on some music that cools you down. And luckily, there are plenty of great tracks that do the trick. Once more a great thank you to all the artists and labels submitting such cool (pun!) albums and tracks for this show. Tonight, going relaxed with music by ELEON (Magnetica), Pete Ardron (Butterfly Tree), Dominik Eulberg (Erik Satie. Fragments), KoolaKooka (Dubnacht in Ludwigshafen), Poolz (Woodlands), Encounters (A Path Beyond), Steen Chorchendorff Jorgensen (Above Ground Under the Clouds), Forest Robots (Supermoon Moonlight Part Two), Tabilonder (Luminescencia), Cass Anawaty & Brian Fechino (Let Go), Cousin Silas & Ron Shayler (Collaborations).


Beat the heat

Episode 633

So, we had a nice little club event last weekend and it was great to see some people live and in color again. I mentioned the live music being played in past editions, which was also nice to hear not only coming out of my headphones. And then there is the catering, of course, one of the main reasons to go to a grill party. But, no, it's mostly the people. And having the joy to talk about our favorite passion: electronic music. Tomorrow is another such event for all who can make it. But tonight, you will get something completely different in style with tracks by Pete Ardron (Butterfly Tree), Saafi Brothers (Make Pictures With The Sound), niteffect (Memento), Werner Niedermeier (Grace Under Quarantine), Monolink and Pantha du Prince (Erik Satie. Fragments), b0t23 (Thirteenth Listen), Konerytmi (Bubble Flowers), 4T Thieves & Pandacetamol (Away Space), Phono Input (〖⩔〗).


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