Beat the heat

Episode 633

So, we had a nice little club event last weekend and it was great to see some people live and in color again. I mentioned the live music being played in past editions, which was also nice to hear not only coming out of my headphones. And then there is the catering, of course, one of the main reasons to go to a grill party. But, no, it's mostly the people. And having the joy to talk about our favorite passion: electronic music. Tomorrow is another such event for all who can make it. But tonight, you will get something completely different in style with tracks by Pete Ardron (Butterfly Tree), Saafi Brothers (Make Pictures With The Sound), niteffect (Memento), Werner Niedermeier (Grace Under Quarantine), Monolink and Pantha du Prince (Erik Satie. Fragments), b0t23 (Thirteenth Listen), Konerytmi (Bubble Flowers), 4T Thieves & Pandacetamol (Away Space), Phono Input (〖⩔〗).


Count the heat down

Episode 632

The heat is back, literally, not only musically. And isolation at my home works quite wrong around: hot outside means hot inside and vice versa. Of course, the rooms do not cool down as fast as the outside, that would make thinks much easier. So, no good days for being in home office. Ice cream to the rescue? Well, no. For once, your body will produce heat when digesting such cold stuff and second it's no good for my sugar levels, I tell you that. For some refreshment, you will get traditional inspired music tonight with some really fresh releases by the way. Enjoy tracks by Colin Rayment (Equilibrium), Vortex Elements (Distance), Ivan Black (Millennium People), Cousin Silas & Wilfried Hanrath (Cousin Silas & Wilfried Hanrath), Joerg Dankert (Between the meantime), Steve Roach (What Remains).


Firing up your neurons

Episode 631

Ok, this was kind of a terrifying week for me, so let's get into some nice and easy going music tonight. No, nothing dramatic happening to me, but it just felt that way. And, tell you what, listening to music has helped me quite a bit to get through. It did not matter what kind of music though, may it be even dark and terrifying on its own. Just keeping the mind busy with something else than darker thoughts does it. How do you experience music? Does it inspire you? Lift you up? Annoy you perhaps at times? Well, the music on this show should simply delight you. Listen in to tracks by Nicholas Gunn (Into the Bliss), Anna B May (In Another Life), Evenfall (Ubiquity), Rick Sparks (Speak Peace), Tron Syversen (A New Spring), Robert Fox (Timeless Vol 2, Best of Robert Fox 2005-2022), Forest Robots (Supermoon Moonlight Part Two), Joseph L Young (Into The Unknown), Delay Tactics (Viola's Ascent), John Gregorius (In Awe), Steen Chorchendorff Jorgensen (Above Ground Under the Clouds)


Time for some country

Episode 630

Time for changing gears. Not so ambient tonight, but with a quite diverse selection of music to also tease you for two upcoming events here in Germany. You may visit one or the other or both to get the full potion of live music. It's not only music, of course, as these are rather parties than concerts only. But there is more on this show than only event announcements, as great new albums are coming up which I will give you a bit of a taste upfront. Well, I will stop telling and start showing. Join me for fantastic music by Joerg Dankert (Between the meantime), Transient Visitor (TV2), Transient Visitor (TV2), Elektronische Maschine (Kampf Maschine), M.O.B.S. (Aus dem Nichts), Menzman & Friends (Insights), Suriya (Schallplatte 23), SKOULAMAN (Raumzeit Festival Digital), Däcker (The Self-fulfilling Prophecies).


Soothe out

Episode 629

Last week I promised it will get more serene and here we are. Going further into ambient sounds with this edition, but in no way boring I promise you that. Another week where I throw myself into relaxation mode listening to sounds that are soothing and not giving me any tickle to start moving any bone. Perfect for some tense days. How was your week? Well, ok, mine was not that bad and I am sure I have quite a comfortable life. To those who haven't: I hope it will get better. Meanwhile, maybe tonight's music will help at least to ease your mind for a little while. Featuring great tracks by Wane of Summer and Sunwarper (Bytopia: Dothion), Aestheia (Bytopia: Shurrock), Zero Ohms (Cloudwalker & the Ascent), Wellengärtner (Floating), Alio Die & Dirk Serries (The Chapters of the Eclipse), theAdelaidean (Eternity is [free!]).


Escaping madness

Episode 628

My brain is currently really busy. At day time as well as at night. Which makes it also difficult to find some sleep. Hence, looking out for a way to sooze its acitivies once in a while by listening to ambient style music. Well, you know, I have plenty of those by a great number of also great artists. And tonight is the night to again share some of these fine tracks with you. If not being too serene, like the once you get tonight, they might open doors to wonderful worlds of thoughts. It might be like living in a dream, at least for some moments until reality hits again. So let us enjoy those moments served to us by Jim Ottaway (Somewhere In-Between), Meg Bowles (Pilgrimage), Violet Mist (Cyberwave), Thaneco & DASK (Stages), Mike Clay (Somewhere in Space and Time), Orde107 and Post Apocalyptic (Polysphere Vol. 2), Basic Principles (Colours), jarguna & more (Chimera of a New World, Session Two).


Split seconds

Episode 627

Bananas are best to serve silly. At least, this seems the motto for the latest two pictures I chose as covers. I am no fan of bananas. And it is not because of their economical impact (which is not too bad actually compared to local fruit), but I find them to be too sweet. Though, my taste changed from back when I was young regarding sweetness. Nowadays it is more the slightly stronger chocolate I like rather than sugar heavy popular one. I still do like fried bananas as you get them in an asian booth or restaurant. But that is taste. And what did not change is my taste in music. It is still that instrumental electronic style that gets me. Maybe, I broadened in variations, but it's still similar. Tonight, you will get some very cool progressive stuff by Vortex Elements (Distance), The Tin Box (Thirteenth Listen), K.I.Companion (Wayfarer), Paris Music Corp. (Paris Music Corp.), iNFO (Hedera Helix), Räven Musen (Peppermint Soldier), Obukhovaudio (Opioid), Radium88 (We Are All Dreaming), Collins (Skins), Pulselovers (Circles Within Circles), Salvatore Mercatante (SM Synthesis).


Rolling, rolling, rolling

Episode 626

A few shows earlier I talked about repetition and how it is special to us humans. Actually can be hypnotic and make you get lost in thoughts or sounds. Most often, sounds back of the days of traditional electronic music is considered sequencer music. Well, it's not, although in many cases it is a main part. More important to this kind of music is the evolution of a track, where one can actually follow its development from some interesting start up to its peak at the end. I love this kind of music, which is not stuck to repeating verse and chorus over and over. It's like a good novel which seems to roll upon you in waves that get bigger on each roll. Also a reason, why such tracks tend to be quite long. A current selection of such tracks are on this edition, brought to us by Altus (Anthropoaliena), Thaneco & DASK (Stages), MindPhaser (Midnightradio Compilation 112), Jim Ottaway (Somewhere In-Between), Basic Principles (Colours), Ivan Black (The Society For The Protection Of Unwanted Objects), Sensory++ (Lessons in Humility).


Neural soundworks

Episode 625

Back in 2020 we thought the world is falling apart with all the pandemic actions. Now it's mid 2022, and humankind is still at the brink of insanity with viruses and pox and, foremost, incredible crimes in killing people in either massacres or war. When I was younger, I thought, humans will evolve and learn that only together we will build a future worth living. Well, I was wrong (with the evolving part). Does your mind also spin around in unbelief of what happens out there? Mine does. But there is one thing that holds me together for some time: great music. Like the one I have on the show tonight with the fantastic Saafi Brothers (Make Pictures With The Sound), Aux25 (Ocean & Stars), Nicholas Gunn (Entering (Twin Falls)), ELEON (In The Dream Garden), Stan Dart (Electronic), Sami Konzo (Stick), Poolz (Woodlands), Anderdog (Thirteenth Listen), Globular (A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy).


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