Episode 413

Published: Friday, 15 December 2017
Fetch me now

It's crazy how many people are on the road these days. And I wonder whether they all are driving home for christmas. On the contrary, perhaps, they are on their way to the shopping malls and city centers to hunt for presents. Which seems a common fun scene in American films, where a raging crowd storms a shop to fight for the last action figure or rag doll. Maybe our fellow listeners from the US can tell, if this is true or just made up. On syndae, there is no limit on downloads for each show, so no need to run over each other. And it is very easy to get hold of your personal copy of the podcast, to listen to wherever and whenever you want. Nevertheless, the music to be heard is at least as valuable as a rag doll, so simply join me and listen to tracks by Cosmic Trigger (The Hallucinatory Mountain), Yomgaille (Repetition and Motion), Infinite Third (Channel(s)), Rudolf Heimann (Tiefenrausch), LooneyJetman (The Lonely Sky), MTA Lab (In Luv).


Cosmic Trigger - Groove Froove (The Hallucinatory Mountain)
Yomgaille - F (Repetition and Motion)
Infinite Third - Dream(s) (Channel(s))
Rudolf Heimann - Schlägel und Eisen (Tiefenrausch)
LooneyJetman - Interstellar (The Lonely Sky)
MTA Lab - SynthFctry (In Luv)

Image: https://www.pexels.com/de/foto/niedlich-bunt-bunt-geschaft-65451/ 

Episode 412

Published: Friday, 08 December 2017
Elegant species

While the world is still getting more and more grey, I have to admit that at the moment I prefer colourful sceneries. Not only in imagery but also in music. I guess, I am not alone and it is also one of the reasons for having all these festivities at the end of the year. And while it seems intreaguing to celebrate christmas time in a swimsuite, I prefer the northern hemisphere style of the seasons. Nevertheless, also quieter music somethimes gives me a good time, for tonight we have such material, not quite ambient, but close. Have a joyful session on syndae with tracks by Synesthesounds (Studio 4632 2017 Ambient Sampler), Cousin Silas & Kevin Lyons (Beyond the Infinite), Steen Chorchendorff Jorgensen (Out of Thin Air), Synthstudiodevries.com (Constellation Orion), Fabio Anile (Dense).

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Episode 411

Published: Friday, 01 December 2017
Vivid places

Finally, these black Fridays and cyberish Mondays are over. But wait, not quite, there are some shops still having a "cyber week" running. And, of course, not long before all the Christmas sales go online. Oh, boy! Are you in for these shopping marathons? The more I scan such shops, the fewer stuff I find that I really need. It seems just to be this "oh, hey, that's a good price" thing. So I usually don't join the ralley and stick to what is actually on my wanted list. Too bad, though, that some of these shops deal with electronic music, which makes it very hard to resist. Very ... well, I have to go, ho ho. But not before I let you know about tonight's show, which features tracks by Sensory++ (Art of Sadness), Sequential Dreams (Metmorphic Waves), ARC (Index05 / Sampler), DASK (Insecta Extended), Bouvetøya (Machines for Collective Living).

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Episode 410

Published: Friday, 24 November 2017
Floating airwaves

Artificial intelligence has been the talk of the town lately. When I left university, I actually started working in the field of AI and it was quite as big a topic back then as it is today. Well, the focus has shifted a bit. Back then it was a technology high, nowadays it is rather marketing driven for having intelligent systems to raise more attention and adopt to customers to sell more goods. Well, what about AI in art? Will computers one day start creating music, optimized for profit? Or is it possible that even AI created music might become art? We may still live to experience the advances in artificial intelligence and whether it will only be applied for business. Computers might become creative, although we humans most likely will not recognize or understand it. But for now, we still have beautiful human minds out there creating fascinating and delightful soundscapes, like the tracks on this edition painted by Aleks Michalski (All These Little Elements), David Helpling (The Sleeping Sessions), Colin Rayment (Architects Of Orion), Robert Logan (Sculptor Galaxy), Ivan Black (We are Such Stuff as Dreams are Made On), and Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate (Broken but Still Standing).

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Episode 409

Published: Friday, 17 November 2017
Pulling colourful strings

Lucky be you living on the southern hemisphere theses days, as it's bright all day long and everything is so green and shiny. Over here, late autumn, barely any leafs on the trees, dark and cold outside, where is the fun? Well, I can tell ya, in here it is. Colourful and in plenty variations. Brand new material to listen to as well as a cool track from earlier this century. To me it spend a lot of happiness and made me forget the bad weather. So I hope you will enjoy the music as much as I, tonight presenting tracks by Stefan Erbe (Genesys), Eat Static (Last Ship to Paradise), Push Against New Fakes (Be Kind), MacroNoise (My Steps Lead Backwards), Seifert & Steinbüchel (Intellectual Property - Counterfeit Remixes Part 1), Ian Boddy & Bernhard Wöstheinrich (Moiré).

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Episode 408

Published: Friday, 10 November 2017
Sound passengers listening

On a long ride, when I'm not responsible for driving, taking in the outside view often is quite interesting. I'm not a regular train passenger, so the scenery is not a daily repeat to me. On the other hand, I am easily disturbed by the noise of others, so enjoying the view is not that easy. Well, it is putting on my headphones with cool music. Best to put on some ambient style sounds, so the music itself does not distract from the view either. Also, the music should not be too quiet so I don't fall asleep. Yeah, sounds like a lot of constraints for picking the right noise for my ears, but it exists. And tonight's show is full of such music, with tracks by Frore & Shane Morris (Eclipse), Abyssal Plains (Fourth Quadrant of the Mandala), Nulix (Oir cosas nunca visitas), Hanetration (Ancients EP), Oranjada vs. North Beach Crew (Music for Elevators Vol. 5 Part 2), and Selffish (Let's Go Outside).

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Episode 407

Published: Friday, 03 November 2017
Sound meets sky

Sometimes it is time to move on. For several years now I hosted my websites on a dedicated server, always needing a knowing and helping hand of some friends to keep it up and running. (Thanks, btw., I owe you plenty.) But as time moves on so does technology. Everything is in the cloud nowadays, and so is the new home of syndae. Some nice UI for managing and updating all the applications, less low level operations. And while I am entering technical heaven, you can still enjoy the music of this episode, which may also take you to the musical heaven of electronic sounds. Have a delightful listening to tracks by Bridge to Imla, Remy (The Return of Planet X), Wolfgang Nachahmer (Hexenkessel), Jeffrey Koepper (Transmitter), Johan Tronestam (Luther), and Cosmic Hoffmann (Best Of).

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Episode 406

Published: Tuesday, 31 October 2017
Let the music rain

Recently I read about that music is what we use to decorate time, in contrast to art being used to decorate space. There is a similar quote by Frank Zappa about the music part. I could not find out about the full quote's origin, though, but it seems quite logical to me. Art and music also please two different senses, and I can surely enjoy both at the same time. Some years back there was a school project to transform one into the other; they let music inspire painting images and vice versa. Obviously, it is common to combine music with videos, even on live music events. The fun part is, when listening to music without any visual stimulus, the sounds and flow still create images in my head. What about you? Any such experience? Well, you can definitely find out by listening to the tracks on tonight's show by weldroid (Splines 2017), Microscopists (Ghost Payload), GreatOwl (Ikilixi), Crash Dump File (The Crash Dump Files 2006 - 2007), Frallar (Oir cosas nunca vistas), IcingWolf (Vive Somnium).

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Episode 405

Published: Friday, 20 October 2017
A tender flow of soundscapes

Back from a short vacation, and I'm ready to feed you with some wonderful melodic treats. I stayed at a nice place in midth of an amazing green valley in between smaller mountains, which is also known for witch crafting. Quite fitting to upcoming Halloween. Well, it was the right place to slow down, take a look outside one's daily world and enjoy nature. Being refuled with green energy, but still having my mind being cought in a beautiful region, tonight's music totally reflects my state. Have a joyful time with tracks by Darshan Ambient (Lingering Day: Anatomy of a Daydream), Erik Wøllo (Cinematic), Remy (The Return of Planet X), NoizeFilter Music (Ambient Road), and Michael Brückner (Trees of Olivandá).

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