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Episode 663

Have you ever recorded yourself and listened to it? It usually takes a while until you get used to the sound of your own voice. In daily situations, when you hear yourself talking, the sound resonates within your head and you definitely sound different than to everyboday else. So maybe you won't recognize yourself at first. Well, I barely did this time. A little cold did some tricks on my vocal cords so even I sound strange to myself on this edition. A good fit though, as this show is all about sounds. And you get great ones with tracks by Peter Mergener (New Horizons), Spectral Tune (Structures), DASK (Born from the Stars), Volker Rapp (d7-d5), Anantakara (Before Completion), Martin Herbst (Mosaic), Martin Stürtzer (Ambient Nights Vol. 1).



Peter Mergener - Ignition (New Horizons)
Spectral Tune - Desire (Structures)
DASK - Some Stars Just Fade Away (Born from the Stars)
Volker Rapp - Regina regit colorem (d7-d5)
Anantakara - Take Your Leap (Before Completion)
Martin Herbst - Sentimental gravity (Mosaic)
Martin Stürtzer - Lunar Reverie (excerpt) (Ambient Nights Vol. 1)


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