Episode 468

Published: Friday, 22 February 2019
Find your balance

There we are, another week has taken it's way to the past. And what a week it was starting with a brand new challenge at work and some cool musical stuff as well. Which makes me aware it is good time to find a counterpoint in compiling tracks for this edition. And while life turns out to be quite progressive lately, we go back to the future with some traditional EM inspired modern pieces. And of course, you will get them in quite some extensive lengths, if available. So best to tune in right now to have a wonderful evening with Craig Padilla & Marvin Allen (Toward the Horizon), Arpegiator (Finding Balance), TM Solver (Delay Line), and Ebia (Transmission).


Craig Padilla & Marvin Allen - Tidal Disruption (Toward the Horizon)
Arpegiator - Sapphire Clouds (Finding Balance)
TM Solver - Refinery (Delay Line)
Ebia - Speed of Light (Transmission)



Episode 467

Published: Friday, 15 February 2019
Phase out activity

Relaxed but not too quiet, that's the motto for tonight. This was one exciting week, and for the weekend, I need to gear down a bit. Not too much, of course, not to oversleep all days to monday. It's about the right mix of hot and cool, of speed and serenity, and I think this one will do very well. How do you quieten after a busy week? Music? Walking? Reading? Let me know by mail, as comment on facebook or on mixcloud. To me, these tracks do the trick tonight Barby (Anaconda), The Dream Makers (Vanishing Waves), Jason Rice (Escapism), Spatialize (Beyond the Radar), Pandacetamol vs 4T Thieves (Dot), Easily Embarrassed (Cosmic Duality).

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Episode 466

Published: Friday, 08 February 2019
Dilating the comfort zone

The nice thing about running a podcast on your own is that it's me alone deciding upon what tracks to play on the show. And I am quite sure you listeners like to check out about boundaries, not so common music, sometimes not even pleasant to listen to in the first moment. Well, tonight's such a night, although i can assure you no being to harsh in my choices. Actually, I quite liked all the albums you will hear about. They broaden my listening habits, may put me out of my comfort zone for a moment, but on the other hand surprise me with new details in sounds. I hope you will enjoy the music as well having tracks by Massimo Discepoli (The Right Place on the Wrong Map), DDO (Sins, Prays & Self-Punishment), Sami Konzo (Kitchen), Tacit Blue (Abandon), aAirial (Wanderings), and TT-ram & Lutz Thuns (Delusion).

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Episode 465

Published: Friday, 01 February 2019
Flakes of music

More snow! And this tie it was my wife and I who had to do the shovelling. It was by far not as bad as in the US, neither in amount nor temperature, but cold enough to make you shovel faster. Worse than handling the shovel is the public service being late, so one has to slide the roads instead of driving. And, of course, it's all the other drivers who can't drive a car in such weather, he he. These are the days one is really happy coming to a warm and pleasant home. And I hope you will feel the same with tonight's episode, featuring hoely tracks by Cat Friendly (Mirrors of the Sun), Solace Road (Solace Road), Mark Dorricott & Stan Dart (Seaside), Psyonysus (Interbeing), Andy Pickford (Objects & Expressions 3), and Spatialize (Beyond the Radar).

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Episode 464

Published: Friday, 25 January 2019
It's snowing sequences

Snow! Well, kind of. Actually, not really, maybe less then 1 cm of white powder that covered the area this week. But, of course, people were eager to shovel it away. Ugh, how could this happen? Snow. In winter! Lucky me for having a garage. No need to scratch the windows. It's still cold and the air-conditioner needs its time. And a weather to drive carefully. Not because of the itsy bitsy layer of snow, but because of the overy careful drivers on the road. Good to have some nice music in the player, like tracks by Alphaform (Escapism), Menzman & Friends (Insights), Arpegiator (The Polar Response), and MTA Lab (Autumn).

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Episode 463

Published: Friday, 18 January 2019
Take a deep breath

Something I really did not miss during vacation is the ride to and from work. It's nothing spectacular, really, but I am always amazed how people seem so in a hurry. Changing lanes like chords in a rock song, speeding and taking over to gain another four metres to the "combatant" drivers. Only to later meet up at the next traffic light. With all this hectic world outside, time and again it is nice to dive into something peaceful. Like the ambient tracks which are on tonight's playlist by Seifert & Steinbüchel (Abandoned Places), NoizeFilter (Absolute Zero), Erik Wøllo (Infinite Moments), DesuExSounds (Soundsphere 9 / Compilation), Adeptus Mechanicus (In an Open Field), and Kryshe (Hauch).

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Episode 462

Published: Friday, 11 January 2019
Ready for more turns

So our planet did it and completed another round through space orbiting that bright star in midth of the solar system. And I am quite curious what's up for the next full circle (or rather ellipse). What surely is up is a series of podcast editions of syndae. And I am excited to present more magnificent ambient and electronic music to you all. If I would do any resolution (which I don't), it's to not stop promoting all these great artists waiting to be heard. Starting out tonight with an exciting selection of such artists and tracks of their latest releases, who are Smooth Genestar (Rétrospectif), Mark Dorricott & Stan Dart (Seaside), GreatOwl (Lilia Sin Mi), Sephira (The Master Work), Globular (The Context), and F.I.E.L.D.Y (Tree of Life).

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Episode 461

Published: Friday, 21 December 2018
Sweets in, peace out

As a matter of fact it's a bout 10 to 16 C these days, not the weather to expect for this season in this region. But when we are at it, let's bring some summer feeling to us in form of chilling music. Funny though, as the chill is what the temperatures outside should be. In the end, it's all very fitting. More than that, this will be the last edition of syndae for 2018, of course having great electronic music on board, some tracks I missed out in autumn and brand new music as well. I hope you will have a wonderful festive time these days. And if you need some fitting music, well, I prefer the sound of tonight's syndae edition, but there also are the christmas specials from back in the days, which you will find in the arhives at syndae.de. For me, this is the true sound of these days, given to us as tracks by Pan Electric (Step Out), Abraham Carmona (Ibiza), Meesha (Trip to Mars), Andy Pickford (Objects & Expressions III), alucidnation (Paracosmic), and Psyonysus (Interbeing).

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Episode 460

Published: Friday, 14 December 2018
There's more than one way

Today I watched a vlog on self publishing. While it was about novels I quite see some parallels to music to be heard on syndae. Some of which is released via a label and others by the artist on his or her own. The vlog did not favour one over the other as both have their benefits and issues. As with novels, self publishing in music does imply a lot of work to be done by yourself, which is usually done by a label. Be it cover design or distribution as well as advertising. On one hand, these tasks steal quite some of an artist's time maybe better spent on composing. On the other hand you can decide everything on your own and quite surely will raise your expertise in a wider field of areas. On my show, I usually have a mix of both, self published and label published music. If you can hear a difference in quality, let me know, because I can't most of the time. So, however published or distributed, enjoy tonight's excellent tracks by Roberto Sass (Ancient Wonders), Stefan Erbe (Reflect), Menzman & Friends (Insights), Curious Inversions (Spire), Space Station (Infinity), and Stan Dart.

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