No sheep counting

Episode 661

What is it that makes you feel relaxed? I it some special place? Or the company of some valued person or a whole group? Or maybe the opposite, being alone? Maybe it's a specific colour that does the trick. If not a colour, maybe it's a sound or music that will make you lay back and simply relish being. Not sure, which of those things or a combination of several those things does it for me. But I know that great ambient tunes help a lot. But, ok, it's not the quietest selection I have for you tonight. Still, enjoy the show with tracks by Cousin Silas & Daniel Prendiville (No Title As Such...), Francisco Sonur (Then the light comes all over the land), Emilian Gatsov (Mall Womb), State Azure (Ephemeral Spirit), Daniel Coppens (The Hidden Abundance of Purpose), Ivan Black (The Gallery), Jarguna and Nicola Serena (Amongst Jungles), Wilfried Hanrath (9 years of naviar haiku), Steve Roach (Rest of Life).



Cousin Silas & Daniel Prendiville - Deserted Highway (No Title As Such...)
Francisco Sonur - Momentary miracles (Then the light comes all over the land)
Emilian Gatsov - Vulture Woods (Mall Womb)
State Azure - Ephemeral Spirit (Ephemeral Spirit)
Daniel Coppens - The Daughter of the Voice Inside You (The Hidden Abundance of Purpose)
Ivan Black - This Ugly Golden Creature (The Gallery)
Jarguna and Nicola Serena - Spillover (Amongst Jungles)
Wilfried Hanrath - The Moment Of Fall (9 years of naviar haiku)
Steve Roach - Stream of Forever (Rest of Life)


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