Fiery silence

Episode 657

In need for some off-time? Well, join me with this edition featuring wonderful ambient music by cool artists. Best to listen to with good headphones crouched in your sofa. Well, yes, you could listen to it in the background, but it is really worth to listen closely to these great compositions. The fascinating parts are in the details of sounds and noises. What do you say? Come in and have a go with music by Progeny-1 (Alien Deserts), Erik Wøllo (The Le Paysage), Lorenzo Montanà (Decorar Silenzio), John Louis Kluck (The Minds Eye), Bart Hawkins (Entering The Axis Mundi), Kenneth Hooper (As the Crow Flies), Yoshimichi Setsuda (Midnightradio Compilation 113), Parallel Worlds (Reflections), Arin Aksberg (It Flows Between Us), Altus (Hidden Realms and Vacant Spaces).



Progeny-1 - Civilizations Under the Sand (Alien Deserts)
Erik Wøllo - Illuminated River (The Le Paysage)
Lorenzo Montanà - Clima (Decorar Silenzio)
John Louis Kluck - Axis of Symmetry (The Minds Eye)
Bart Hawkins - A Joyous Return (Entering The Axis Mundi)
Kenneth Hooper - Respite (As the Crow Flies)
Yoshimichi Setsuda - October Sky Blue (Midnightradio Compilation 113)
Parallel Worlds - Sinesculpture (Reflections)
Arin Aksberg - Virtuality (It Flows Between Us)
Altus - Chimes (Hidden Realms and Vacant Spaces)


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