Episode 583

Published: Friday, 06 August 2021
Straight into weekend mode

It's been a not too busy week, with so many people being on vacation these days. But it is always a good choice to have some rather peaceful music at hand. Either if one stayed at home, had a workful week, or being far away and relishing the scenery. Ok, it's not the most serene edition you heard on syndae, as I could not resist to throw in some beats. But that's the fun of it, isn't it? Having 60 minutes of drifting and lifting music with turns and twists in between. But listen for yourself and join me with great tracks by Ambiente Solstice (Abandoned Peace), Seifert & Steinbüchel (Missions), Klangzaun, Jon Durant & Stephan Thelen (Crossings), Ivan Black (Optophone), Gonzini Gonz (The Cousin Silas Emporium Members Project Volume 16), Joerg Dankert (Restore Faith), Mark Seelig (The Disciple’s Meditation).



Ambiente Solstice - Feedback Loop (Abandoned Peace)
Seifert & Steinbüchel - Challenger (Missions)
Klangzaun - Makrokosmos (./.)
Jon Durant & Stephan Thelen - Fractal 5.7 (Crossings)
Ivan Black - Heavy Relief (Optophone)
Gonzini Gonz - Passing Time (The Cousin Silas Emporium Members Project Volume 16)
Joerg Dankert - Slowly out of darkness (Restore Faith)
Mark Seelig - Prana Meditation (The Disciple’s Meditation)


(own collection)

Episode 582

Published: Friday, 30 July 2021
Multiplexity of aural treats

These times are so complex and chaotic, it's incredible. Last week I mentioned the storm over Western Germany (which also hit Belgium quiet hard). I did not mention thatmy wife and I were on the way south on the road, when the rain got so strong that I could barely see the next car in front of me. Luckily, we decided to stop and return home. Not all of you were so lucky. For example Bernd "moonbooter" Scholl, who suffered quite some loss. If you like to support, buy at MellowJet's bandcamp page, which will also support the artists of the label. Well, also a bit "chaotic", at least style-wise, comes tonight's edition of syndae. Hope you will enjoy this mix with tracks by moonbooter (Beyond the Neon Lights), Wellenfeld (The Journey of Voyager 1), Anna B. May (Awareness), mōshonsensu (Solemn Grandeur), Static Dreamscapes (Ayni Despacho), Caballero (Soul Sparkle), Johannes Linstead (Bohemian Strings), Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell (Burn), Congas Atlas (Congas Atlas), Erik Wøllo (Winter Tide: Live at SoundQuest Fest 2021).


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Episode 581

Published: Friday, 23 July 2021
May the sound be with you

One week and one internet fluke later, here comes a brand new edition of your beloved show. As always, I am really happy about the music to be on this edition, a mix of good old friends and brand new names. Well, I have been quite lucky otherwise, had some nice little vacation with my wife and started a new job with cool new colleagues. Looking forward to the rest of the year. And wishing all those a heads up who weren't so lucky in the last weeks heavy rainfalls, which was quite close to my place, too. Hope you will all be fine. So this is a let's go forward and good luck edition with fantastic music by Seifert & Steinbüchel (Missions), Michael L. Rogers (Energy Transformation), Ivan Black (The Green Ray), Colin Rayment (Polyphonic Memories), Data Rebel and Martin Nonstatic (Matters Of The Heart), Michael Brückner (Recycled Life), Rupert Lally (Beyond The Night).


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Episode 580

Published: Friday, 09 July 2021
Modern fit in sound

Once and again philosophers raise the question, whether everything you experience is simply an illusion made up by your mind. Whatever that mind might be then. Recently I saw a science report on how we perceive our environment. All fact based science, but in the end it leaves one with the question, whether life actually is an illusion. Most of what we experience is what the brain makes out of it. Especially, as it does have no proof whatsoever about all the visual, aural, or nasal stimuli it gets. So it gets trained by what it makes out of it and builds up on what others tell (or what it thinks they tell and what it means). One can get crazy thinking about this all. So, whether the music you hear on this show is actually the same others will hear, you will never know. But you will definitely find out if you like it. And it’s great music (at least to me) coming from Nigel Mullaney (Matters Of The Heart), Divine Matrix (Heart Of The Shaman), elektrojudas (virus), Bilbosa (Ayla), Dynatron (Surveillance), Jong (Meeting Elea), Alan Elettronico (Electric Mind), Oliva (Lilith and the Garden of Eden), Kanz (Remind me Tomorrow), Axess (Time Traveller).


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Episode 579

Published: Friday, 02 July 2021
The definite time-out

Relax, let’s do it. Even if Frankie won’t go to Hollywood. It’s definitely the time of the year to go for recreation and leave all the stress behind. I bet you’ve earned it, too. So, lean back, drop into your hammock and rest. Now, a couch will do fine as well. Or a bed. Or… Ok, the important thing is to listen to great music that has the chill factor. and there is quite a bunch of those on tonight’s edition. Have some outstanding listening time with Manila Ice (She wants me dead), David Gerard (The Anxious Beating Of My Tensile Heart), Equanimous & Kaya Project (Mystic Dreaming), M’elle Louise (Deliverance), Bop (Matters of the Heart), Jong (Meeting Elea), Jens Radig (Schwebende Musik), elektrojudas (virus), Joao Ceser (Fiumi.brz), 4T Thieves and Pandacetamol (The Electric Home), Banco de Gaia (Apollo).


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Episode 578

Published: Friday, 25 June 2021
Sequel lovers listen

When I grew up, there was no internet (yeah, I am old). The only source of music were radio and tv (and concerts of course). Coincidentally, at the same time the electronic music movement grew up, which caught my intention in the 80s with the one and only Schwingungen radio show. Yes, this kind of music was played on public radio by the time. Listening to Berlin School music nowadays definitely reminds me of those good old radio times. And actually these times are kind of the reason for me doing this podcast. So how not to celebrate this style once and again at syndae? Tonight's the night, and it's all freshly released music as well. From artist picking up the baton from the past and pushing it into the modern times. Join me, will you? And listen to these fantastic tracks by Jon Durant & Stephan Thelen (Crossings), Frank Tischer & Mac of BIOnighT (Coordinates), Fratoroler (Berlin), Uwe Rechzeh (Voyage), Shaping Mind and Martin Lüders (Schwebende Musik).


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Episode 577

Published: Friday, 18 June 2021
The future in sounds

The past days were so hot, there is no way I can play beat driven music tonight. Ambient it is. And there is a good reason to have it on the show anyway, which kind of has two parts tonight. The first half will have some cool recent and brand new albums whereof I have tracks for you. These are by Curious Inversions (LP24 Incorporated), Shinpal (Blue Stories), Ross Christopher (Apophenia), Bart Hawkins (Vision Of Eden), and Forest Robots (Amongst A Landscape Of Spiritual Reckoning). The second half is dedicated to the brand new compilation by Legacy of Thought that got released right today. It's all about the far future and events predicted to happen on earth. Well, amongst others, it features a track by myself, which is reason enough. I'm not playing that one, though, but five selected tracks of the 13 ones on the album. These are the contributions by Andawan, The Broken Cradle, Ambient Indigo, K37, and Time Away.


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Episode 576

Published: Friday, 11 June 2021
Written in the sound

Did I tell you that I am following a bunch of channels on Youtube? Ah, yes, I did. Well, there is that one music channel with an "old dude", actually quite a successful producer and musician himself, who occasionally also has some stories on younger musical history. Something that caught my ears was him saying that while back in the 70s and 80s artists and bands tend to compose their music themselves. So it was about one, two or three people involved in creating a new song. And those songs were rather complex as well, with unusual chord progressions and therefore more complex melodies. Nowadays, though, songs are rather simple, most having a typical chord progressions like I-V-vi-IV. The crazy thing is, that many of those songs are written by more than a handful of people, and one often sees 9 to 11 songwriters named for just one simple song. Strange worlds. And I can tell you, not at all with music in ambient and electronic you will get on syndae. For sure the advantage of mostly independent artists. So join me for really cool music by Erik Wøllo (North Star), Majestica (Spire), Johan Agebjörn & Mikael Ögren (Artefact), Divine Matrix (Heart Of The Shaman), Holeg Spies (Supramyth), Shunia (Shunia), 2002 (Hummingbird), Iyari (Ayni), Lord Of The Ants (We Too Are Gods), David Helpling & Jon Jenkins (The Crossing).


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Episode 575

Published: Friday, 04 June 2021
Eardrums treatment

So, I honestly don't know, what to write about tonight. I had a very mixed week, ranging from great talks and plans for more talks. Over re-joining the jury for the Schallwelle awards. Up to some sad news via a friend living abroad. So what is it gonna be? When I planned the show for tonight, I firstly had no idea what kind of music to play with having such a mixed time. I guess, putting the beats in serves both ways. For once, you can get lost in the rhythms for celebration. And second, you can get lost in the rhythms for dampening sad thoughts. Either way, this show may give a little bit of sunshine to anyone in any situation. Get into the beats with dvidevat and Nulla (068/078-1), Osiris4 (Contrast), Information Ghetto (Magnetic Position), Tracya (Mirrorman), Gus Till (Ghosts of the Earth), Marie Wilhelmine Anders (Travels), Steve Moore + Bluetech (Liminal Migration), DeeperNET (One).


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