Check these sounds, mate!

Episode 599

Well, the commercial break for the year has started. Black Friday. Cyber Week. Cyber Monday. Whatever they call it offering thousands of unnecessary products for allegedly the lowest prices. Are you in? Well, I can definitely withstand all this... oh, some cheap VST offerings, where is my mon... erm... Now, there are some offers one cannot resist, can you? What is it about this psychological thing that one buys stuff, if it seems cheap, which you otherwise would not think you need? Is it the hunter from stone age inside each of us? I don't know. But, please, if you find some name your price offerings, like you will hear on tonight's edition, think about whether you can afford to leave some coins. The artists will thank you with more great music. Like given to us by Roman Ridder (Ether), Colin Rayment (Evolving Forms), Dharvol (Through the Neverending Side of Silence), Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder (Raumzeit Festival Digital), Chuck van Zyl (21st Anniversary - Part 2), Bob Hedger.


Just the mix you need

Episode 598

So this was a week with ups and downs, so I was undecided about what music to choose. Well, defintely more speed than last time, but not too fast and still relaxing. Isn't it strang how the way you feel sometimes reflects in the music? And sometimes it is the complete opposite? So maybe one is stressed, then listening to some ambient might help. Or rather some progressive sounds to match being agitated? Well, whatever style you choose, make sure it is great music by excellent musicians. Like the ones we have on the show tonight presenting to you such great tunes. Join me to listen to tracks by MikeKSmith (Twisty), Twofish (At least a hundred fingers), Wane of Summer (Alien Oceans), Roberto Sass (You Gotta Hold Me Tight), Serge Bardot (Cicada 17 Requiem: Brood X 4), Telefís (Mister Imperator), Carl Weingarten (A Fistful of Dust), Mars Lasar (Coastal Escape), Cousin Silas & Glove Of Bones (The Emporium Artists Project Volume 18 Collab Special Part D), Stan Dart (MurInsel Vol. 4).


To soundly go, where no musician has gone before

Episode 597

This was quite an eventful week, dear friends in music. Quite a lot of heat on the job, which lead to lots of talking, and the same on private side, with planning and supporting. In other news, a new set of people were lifted to the Internation Space Station. Not just some rich dudes going up for taking selfies with earth, but real scientists doing several months of hard work and research in a not so earthly environment. Anyhow, this gives the perfect setting for some ambient sounds on the show, which I obviously have. And it's themed as well, fittingly to space and beyond. Enjoy wonderful tracks by Vangelis (Juno to Jupiter), Ambient Indigo, Cosmic Cadence, Big Beech, Tolubai, Ambient Light, Time Away (Alien Oceans), Synestia (Ambient Online Compilation: Volume 14), Joerg Dankert (Beyond), Steve Roach & Michael Stearns (Beyond Earth & Sky).


The sound that never ends

Episode 596

Last weekend we had the cheapest way of time travel over here: switching back from summer time to normal time. It's amazing that the people still do the one hour trip forward and backward each year, which at present times makes barely any sense. I am a fan of time travel in movies though, loving the idea and mind breaking thinking about what might happen when going forward or backward in time. From a rather mind buggling Time Machine by Wells to modern actioners and completely confusing movies like Tenet. There are many theories on why or why not time travel would work. And the common invite joke that time travelers will meet last year in June. One way to time travel is by celebrating modern sounds inspired by past masters in music. We will have some great stuff tonight celebrating that past great music style with tracks by dreamSTATE with Rob Hoare (21st Anniversary - Part 2), Wilfried Hanrath ft. Cousin Silas (The Emporium Artists Project Volume 18 Collab Special Part D), Syndromeda (Mythical Pursuit), Thaneco (Journey to Ithaca Vol.2), Michael Brückner (The Crossing of Zone 3), synkrotron & Cosmic Cadence (Ambient Online Compilation: Volume 14).


Sound that drives you

Episode 595

I admit, I was intreagued to do a Halloween special, as it is totally the time. But, for once, I am not so much into it, and second, all the Halloween music just is about to be published these days. Like a big compilation coming up via Aural Films, which you might want to check out this weekend. Or, if you don't, I might have some of the music on the show next week or so. By the way, are you watching Squid Game? I don't. But seems their costumes are quite a thing for Halloween this year. Jump suits and frying baskets as masks. Does not sound like something I'd want to wear. What I want to hear, though, is music like the tracks on tonight's edition. Great stuff by Eonlake (Sublimation Epoch), Roberto Sass (X:Hale), Steen Chorchendorff Jorgensen (Clouds Drifting in Time), Stefan Erbe and Guido Negraszus (Schallplatte 24), Joerg Dankert (Beyond), Dynatron (Origins), Ivan Black (Bone Machine), Feralia Planitia (Feralia Planitia), Keerd (Lost in a Daydream), Michael Brückner (The Crossing of Zone 3).


Excitement of stillness

Episode 594

Are you one of those humans who have to live in exciting times and need full action to feel alive? Or are you the more quiet one who definitely longs for serene moments? Well, maybe it's a mix of both where the mix not necessarily has to be centered. Like in music, where one's ears enjoy displacements of sounds and instruments so that a song does not simply sound mono. For me, the excitement mix level definitely is more on the dry side, rather peaceful than anything else. And sometimes, it is great to leave all the thrill behind and head out for your own, alone or in company, to relish life and nature. Tonight's edition is more on the dry side as well, which definitely does not make the music boring, I tell you that. So join me for some great 60 minutes with music by Gleisberg & Scholl (Culture And Spirit), Divine Matrix (Celestial Phenomena. Soundscapes Vol. 3), Ian Boddy (Nevermore), Ivan Black (Gloria Planetarium), Kelly David (Illusive), Desu ExSounds (Figments), jarguna & Ryuzen (Kitsune), Everling (ad hoc).


Cherish the picks

Episode 593

Life is made up of many options that present themselves on its way. You can definitely choose between those options. Not everytime it's a free choice, though. And while one might try to cherry-pick the path to take, it often only is a tip of the ice-berg waiting for you beyond the obvious. So one could think of life to consist of steps to be mastered. Some lighter ones, some steeper ones. People might say that everything is going to be fine in the end. Well, it does not have to be. But there is no easy way out. No, there is not. And there is no way to know, if a choice is good or bad until you walk its way. Yep, life is a challenge. Cherries you pick may be sweet or sour. Well, not regarding the music you pick to listen to. I did some cherry picking for tonight's edition, and you are welcome to join me for some great tunes by Sven Phalanx (Klangtherapie Remix), Vangelis (Juno to Jupiter), Martha Rabbit (Phonolith), Ivan Black (Bone Machine), D-Fried (Eleventh Listen), Brioskj (One Synth II), Stereo Hypnosis (Hvolf), Boys Of Tomorrow (So It Begins), Stefan Erbe (Comfort'sone).


Wherever the sound takes you

Episode 592

Life is definitely not straight forward. Sometimes, things get broken and the mess lies right in front of you. The important thing is to accept the inevitable and find your way through. Even if it requires to clean up the mass or live with it. For this edition, I was not sure where to head with the selection of music. Most of the tracks will have a chill-out touch, some might be more quiet or wilder. So it's sure one short excerpt of a lifespan, which takes you to different paths now and then. Capture your thoughts and let the music take you where you need it to. Have a great listen to music by Wouter Kellerman & David Arkenstone (Pangaea), The Great Northern (Nocturnes), ToXyGeNeDK (Schallplatte 24), Gabriel Le Mar (Into Sonic States), Roberto Sass (X:Hale), Stan Dart (MurInsel Vol. 4), Eonlake (Sublimation Epoch), Kevin Keller (Shimmer), Lisa Hilton (Transparent Sky), Dr Lum (Fourth World Is).


Stepping into sound cloud seven

Episode 591

We are getting sequential tonight. Which is actually nothing else than doing things one after the other. Maybe repeatedly so. If you think about an engine of a machine, it also is all about repetition of the same sequence. Over and over again. Well, it's not the same, because in music, such sequences in a song evolve over time. They take a while to build up, they vary more or less over the song's story, to finally fade out and release. And there are so many variations of beautiful sequences that one can fill an epoch with great music. Like tonight, where it is only 60 minutes but full of outstanding golden age inspired music by fantastic artists like VoLt (Schallplatte 24), Thaneco (Journey to Ithaca Vol.2), Wellengärtner (Sequential Meditation), Martha Rabbit (Phonolith), Baltes & Erbe (Four Stories), Daniel & Booth (Circle Of Phenomenon).


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