Tape me on

Episode 572

It sometimes feels like a different life when thinking back to my youth and all the fantastic new music that I discovered under the umbrella term electronic music. I always favoured instrumental music, like film music and such, but the new generation of lyric-less tunes was simply fantastic. I actually heard my first Kraftwerk music on a tape back then, which I found in a small library (that thing where you can rent books). It was Computerwelt with that bright yellow cover and now ancient home computer on it. What a wonderful new (computer) world it opened. Soon I scanned the record shop for this kind of sounds, where lots of unknown and cool stuff was available. The love for the music still is inside of me, and obviously for others as well. Enjoy great modern takes on past time styles with tracks by Uwe Reckzeh (Voyage), Ivan Black (Ah! Sun-flower), RadioSilence (Nemeton), Curious Inversions (LP24 Incorporated), Fusion of Elements (Sessions in the Quantum Field), MS2020 (Futur N), René van der Wouden (Electronic Improvisations on Shimmer Winter Days).


Hot brain medicine

Episode 571

Life sometimes (or often?) has unexpected twists in its pocket, where your plans do not come true (Sorry, Hannibal). One of my plans was to stick with my job until the end of times. Well, it shall not be. Doing lots of job interviews for once is thrilling on the other side it is a bit exhausting. In the past two weeks I got to know quite a lot of new people in the business, and it really were great talks with great people. Still, there is a time where one needs to reflect and rest one's mind. Where am I aiming? Well, I needed something to ease my brain, cool it down, chill it out. Last week, it was very much on the easy side (some say it was too easy). This time, it's less easy but more chill. Have a fun and relaxing time with tracks by Bluetech & Steve Moore (Liminal Migration), M'elle Louise(Amedeo), Michael Whalen (Future Shock), David Wright (The Lost Colony), Humus Hummus (Made Of Elektroniks), Eonlake (Magic Window Session), Stan Dart (Basilica), Infinite Third (Living Moments Vol. 3).


The weekly happiness show

Episode 570

That's right. It's that time again. Lean back, take a drink, and enjoy some beautiful and relaxing tunes on this edition. You've earned it. I am sure you have. For a busy week. For a thrilling time. For meeting annoying people. For having to listen to dreadful music on the radio. For all those ads on TV. For simply not being able to listen to an episode of syndae for 7 days. Yes, I am sure, if you think about it, there was that pesky moment, where you rolled your eyes or palmed your face. Of maybe you simply had a great time. Then, you also earned to close the week with some fantastic music. Like the tracks you will find on this show given to tus by 8 Parallel ft. Riffi (Unity of Nature), MAJI (Healing Volume 1), Fiona Joy Hawkins & Rebecca Daniel (Heavenly Voices), Balmorhea (The Wind), AO Music (Kutumba), Jeff Johnson & Phil Keaggy (Ravenna), CG Deuter (Song of the Last Tree), Force For Good (Innocence), Jeff Greinke (Other Weather), Ivan Black (Ah! Sun-flower), IcingWolf (Goodbye).


Sound's up

Episode 569

We are living in speedy times. Everyone is in a rush. Everything has to be done right away. And best to have what I want in a Zero-Day delivery (or am I mixing this up with exploit?). Well, for most music you hear on my show, you actually have zero-day delivery, as they are available as direct download. Many artists stopped producing physical albums, as they become to expensive with print and production and posting. So what is your preferred way for getting hold of music? Do you buy downloads? Do you require a CD or even Vinyl? Or do you not care to own it at all and stream away? Let me know in the comment sections on social or soundcloud or mixcloud. One thing I do know though, you love listening to podcasts. Like the one at your fingertip, which has great and more speedy music for you tonight by Stan Dart (Basilica - The Remix EP), Mabu + Chanty Schandtat (Midnight Radio Compilation 103), Caballero & Chan Solo (Digital Family Vol.9), Devalero (Tog), Blue Alchemy & Koorow (Lost Civilisation), CrennWiick & Latus (Pote 4), AudioNuts (The Machine).


Time sounds well

Episode 568

Isn't it ironic that time does not pass a clock? So it is ticking or clicking for month or years or decades and you can actually see the time aging, so to say. On the other hand, time never gets old and is still one of the things most important to people. I'd say this also counts for music, especially for electronic music. While styles and tracks age by the hour, they never actually get old. Berlin School, for example, was at its height in the seventies to the eighties. It was thrilling because it was new in itself. But it never lost its appeal to knowledgable listeners. And there is always room for new variants on this style, which let you discover more modern details and takes on the older ones. It may be new instruments or different nuances to arrangements, there is always something worth exploring. We will have ears on some modern takes on Berlin School and related styles with tonight's edition, featuring great music by Uwe Reckzeh (Electronic Music Compilation Vol. 13), DASK (Electron Hell), Syndromeda (The Path of Isolation), Howard Givens, Madhavi Devi, and Craig Padilla (Precipice of a Dream), moogie183, Klangzaun, Sequential Dreams (Chrysalis), TaboTago (Live at Zwinglikirche Berlin).


Beauty best served cool

Episode 567

What a crazy week. After some fun with Seven Lucky Gods (and very nice feedback on the way), snowfall took us over easter and beyond. Fortunately, too warm for the flakes to stay, and we had a alternating mix with sunbeams over here at my place. Maybe a prolonged April joke? Who knows. Well, after such a strange and eventful week, I decided to unwrap my ambient box and pick some rather calm and less to no beat tracks for tonight. Not to a full success, but with amazing music, I can tell you. Also, over the weekend I checked out the video/radio show Some Good Vibes, which had some really inspiring tracks by artists I did not know before. Some of them on tonight's edition, some will definitely appear in later shows. Have fun joining me for some ambient to chill music by Vanyashi (Existence), Blue Is Nine (I Met a Traveler), Rudy Adrian (As Dusk Becomes Night), XaVioN & Anna B May (Afterlife), Carl Lord (Stillness), David Helpling (As the World Falls Away), drone-in-the-woods and Lethave Plank (Mars Perseverance), Sunplus (Clear Muted Sine Recovery), Wolfproject and Harald Nies (Midnight Radio Compilation 103).


Fun in scape and sound

Episode 566

Japan is a very interesting country with a long history in culture and tradition. One may sometimes wonder how trends are born, but they are usually quite unique to the rest of the world. One of their traditions is about how they worshipped gods. As a special feature tonight, you will get a six-pack of tracks from the new Legacy of Thought compilation Seven Lucky Gods, which is on a special group of Japanese gods: the Seven Lucky ones. Well, when compiling music for the remainder of the show, it really became an easter special edition with albums all but one released right today on April 2nd. Hence, enjoy brand new music by Ambient Indigo, Wane of Summer, Roberto Sass, XaVioN, Talking to Ghosts, and Time Away (Seven Lucky Gods), Sequential Dreams (Chrysalis), Stan Dart (Basilica), Holeg Spies & Jaia ft. Thierry Gotti (Rain), Steve Roach & Serena Gabriel (Temple of the Melting Dawn).


The winners show up

Episode 565

Only half a year later of the birth of syndae, the Schallwelle award saw its light, which is the German price on electronic music of the kind you can listen to on syndae. While it is a small event, it still is much appreciated by artists, who are celebrated for their achievements of the passed year. Since 2020 was the year of the pandemic, many concerts were cancelled and some took place virtual. But still, lots of musicians put their heart and work into new music to delight each of us with fresh sounds. Fittingly, and as we are still in the pandemic, the award ceremonies for the Schallwelle were presented online this year. And it is a really nice ceremony with concerts in between and it is free to watch, too. You will find a link below in the details section. So what's that to do with syndae? Well, tonight you will get to listen to music from the winners of the awards, who are Michael Rother (Dreaming), Stefan Erbe (Nachtlichter), Thorsten Quaeschning (Autokino Session), moogie183, Däcker (Pareidolia).


The bright side of sounds

Episode 564

Take it easy, my dear friends in sound. Anything noteworthy this week? Nothing really exciting happening around my place recently. Only the usual crazy stuff on the news all week long. But this is not the place to discuss politics. Not that I am unpolitical, neither am I very political. But this is the place for fun and joy, to relish beautiful scapes and rhythms. Nearly a place for well-being, if you like. And tonight's show celebrates it with wonderful and easy going tracks by Oliva (Wonder World), Lisa Hilton (More Than Another Day), Brian Fechino (Of the Light), Samir Bodhi (Stairway to Nirvana), Jon Durant (Soul of a River), Eric Bikales (Mandala), Eagle (Synth. Music) (The Dark Side of the Sun), Lisa Bella Donna (The World She Wanted).


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