Chilling with sweets

Episode 662

So I was assembling a desk the other day. Each part from screws to plates were nicely packed, wrapped and numbered. And I had a the multi-page instruction manual that came with it. Lot's of images and what part goes where and what is need to combine them. Luckily the manual had pictures, as the instructions seem to have come from a cheap automatic translation bot. Some sentences were barely recognizable as sentences, missing words or commas, some mumble jumble to read. And somewhere in the process, one screw was missing. Well, I got a bit angry and frustrated. Good, I had some music to help me out and sooth my thoughts. Join me for more of such music with tracks by COOLSUN (Coolsun Deluxe), David Helpling (36), Nicholas Gunn (Thought of You), Gandalf - (Eartheana), Anonim Antonim (Slow Life), Giriu Dvasios ft. Paulius Soham (Heavy Dub Vol. 8), Adrian Earnshaw (Cosmic Voyager Volume 2), Robert Simon Thoma (Snowy Landscape), Acoustic Ocean (Divine Grace).



COOLSUN - radio one (Coolsun Deluxe)
COOLSUN - don't think about it (Coolsun Deluxe)
David Helpling - Only What’s Been Taken (36)
Nicholas Gunn - Thought of You (Instrumental) (Thought of You)
Gandalf - South America: Across The Andes (Eartheana)
Anonim Antonim - Babar Beats (Slow Life)
Giriu Dvasios ft. Paulius Soham - Taika (Heavy Dub Vol. 8)
Adrian Earnshaw - Asthenosphere (Cosmic Voyager Volume 2)
Adrian Earnshaw - Photosphere (Cosmic Voyager Volume 2)
Robert Simon Thoma - Snowy Landscape Pt. 1 (Snowy Landscape)
Acoustic Ocean - The Vision (Divine Grace)


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