Turning tables

Episode 659

I admit, it is usually the harmonic, melodic side of ambient and electronic music that makes me happy. But there are some days, when I simply need being beat up. Not physically, of course. But aural. This is such a week, where I relish some harder kicks and punches on my ear-drums. And, surely, my body does catch up and move along. If you listen to syndae for longer, you know it's not the usual kind of techno you will get to hear. It's really cool stuff by Joao Ceser (BRZ), Osiris4 & Levi From Space (Unexpected Ways), Caballero (Wake Up This Is Not A Dream: Remixes), Mira Nait (Neon), AVSV (Afterthoughts), Klangbiotop vs Chris Gate, Sven Phalanx (Live @ SOS-Radio), Sven Phalanx (Live @ SOS-Radio), Tracya (Mindflux), dvidevat (Pulse Defusion), LLLIT (Contemplaciones Internas).



Joao Ceser - MB (BRZ)
Osiris4 & Levi From Space - Another Gateway (Unexpected Ways)
Caballero - Wake Up This Is Not A Dream (Nuke Town Remix) (Wake Up This Is Not A Dream: Remixes)
Mira Nait - Neon (Jan Dalvik remix) (Neon)
AVSV - It's not there (Afterthoughts)
Klangbiotop - Gedankenlos (Chris Gate Remix) (./.)
Sven Phalanx - Phalanx (live) (Live @ SOS-Radio)
Sven Phalanx - Menschenfleisch (live) (Live @ SOS-Radio)
Tracya - The Frustration of the Z (Mindflux)
dvidevat - Format (Pulse Defusion)
LLLIT - Dub Club (Contemplaciones Internas)



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