Scores for scary times

Episode 545

Yes, I know. Everyone's jumping on the Halloween train these days. Well, so will I. Because there is such a great dedicated compilation by Legacy of Thought, I had to pick this up. And also I found more tracks, which are more or less suitable for this occasion. It's not one genre alone tonight, but very much some rather dark sides of electronic music paired with ambient segments. So, best to put your masks (or rather headphones) on and take some deep listening time to the excellent and frightening tracks by Stefan Erbe (Breathe), Myth and Ivan Black (Gehenna), Ombra Obscvra (La Nit Eterna), Otarion (Prayer from the Deep), Kliment (Eastern Depths IV), Corticem (Planetarium), Rïcïnn (Nereïd), RoboKnob (Eastern Depths IV), Dan Terminus (Last Call For All Passengers).


Get enlightened

Episode 544

Quietness in my job? No traffic on the roads? No. Just the need for some serenity has driven me to relish some cool ambient music and share it with you on tonight's edition. It's this time again, and it's always a great idea to give one's mind a rest from the outer world and contemplate, fetch up with all the thoughts wandering in one's mind. And maybe create some new and unexpected ideas. Maybe the sounds and noises to be heard can tickle your neurons to make new connections or revive some long forgotten ones. Have a wonderful and peaceful time with tracks by Time Being (An Ocean Of Time), Seramind (Embedsave), Sam Rosenthal & Projekt Artists (Tim, where are you now?), A.D.S.R. (UNO), Janne Hanhisuanto (Icescapes), Time Away (Gehenna), Swartz (Nighttide), Alnocys (Alnocys 2).


Uncasted talents

Episode 543

There is a bunch of shows for finding great, wonderful, super, hyper, next star singers. Not that I follow those shows or ever hear about the winners of them. But, where is the "Next Top Composer" show? Or a "Instrumentalists Have Talent" program? Well, just wondering. Would you be interested in such a show? A kind of competition for composers or instrument talents or actually to find new "stars"? Or do you think they would only server the same popular music styles as other shows? Leave a comment with syndae's channels. Or don't and simply relish the non-tv talents providing such great music and which you will always find via syndae. And there is a bunch of them on this edition, brand new stuff and great old treats by Wellenfeld (The Journey of Voyager 1), Substan (Requiem for a Neural Network), All Notes Off (Rise and Decay), Optionica (Biomechanics), Organic Prizmo (Eighth Listen), Dlaivison (Aeon), F.D. Project (Time to Remember), TK (Vertigo), Peru (Forlian).


Muscle food

Episode 542

Oh boy, I am full of energy at the moment. Spiked up by a short trip to the sea. And although it’s a quite lengthy trip, it’s definitely worth smelling and breathing the salty air. Yeah, I know, it’s not the best time for travels, but at least one gets some different sights and fuels up. One of the best audible things at the sea are its waves, pounding in a constant rhythm at the beach. and what is in it for you? Well, you get a beat full of sounds tonight, which may be borderline or further into dance music. Hence, get up on your feet and start wobbling with tracks by Dohnavùr (You Can and You Shall), K37 (Alien Invasion), Progeny-1 (Alien Invasion), Cosmic Kingsnake (Ad Astra), Andy Morello (Collateral Fluxus of Imaginary Thoughts), Deto And Gleam (Archives), Horror House (Tiempos Mejores), Wormhole (Hot  Trax), Element4 (Monotony in Motion).


Winding up to the top

Episode 541

On we go with another hour of cool and fresh music, accompanied by some really awesome tracks from the past. And it's all full in traditional electronic music this time, with lots of sequences and soundscapes to relish. And I tell you what, there is something fascinating in this repetitive but slowly growing style which gets me again and again. Of course, it might be a reason that I am a child of the 80s where this style of music had some kind of golden age. It still rocks ... well, wrong term musically. The newer takes on Berlin School and influenced genres all add something own and modern to it. And still, listening to the good aged tracks, it all feels quite timeless. But listen for yourself to the marvellous tracks by TaboTago (Simulacron), Michael Brückner (Footprints), Wolfproject, Bouvetøya (The Fiction Makers), Thaneco (Journey to Ithaca Vol.1), Frank Specht (Sebastian im Traum), VoLt (HjVi).


Say no more but listen

Episode 540

Usually, syndae is a pure instrumentl show. Ok, sometimes I do have tracks with lyrics for events. But tonight, there is no event to announce. These days rarely is. Nevertheless, I decided to break my rule and have some synth, some pop, some new age stuff on this edition. Just for fun. And I also try a different format of the show, so you actually get two times 30 minutes instead of one hour. Sounds strange? Well, it is. Part 1, the Air part, will be the moderated one. So it's half an hour like you got before with fresh and current music. And if you decide to stop there, feel free to do so. The second part, the Play part, will be an in the mix section. I first let you know what you will be listening to, and then we go off for a cool ride. There will be tracks from albums published way back up to the early ages of ambient and electronic. So for some it will be a good memory, a reminder or simply some quite old stuff to get to know. Let me know in the comments what you think of this format. Feedback is always welcome. But let's get into tonights treats. In the Air part you will get tracks by The String Theory (The Los Angeles Suite), Andawan (Alien Invasion), Obsqure (Cloud 9), Deep Imagination (In My Memory), Ananta Govinda ft. Will Calhoun (Mirror of Desire), Julian Shah-Tayler (Evolution). In the Play part I have Schiller ft. Heppner (Leben), Vile Electrodes (The Future Through a Lens), Rygar (Italo Disco Spacesynth Collection), Laserdance (Future Generation), Koto (Greatest Hits and Remixes), Hypnosis (Italo Disco Spacesynth Collection).


Light weight movements

Episode 539

There are several reasons for tonight's edition being a rather quiet and ambient one. For once, I need a resting point, as the past days I did not sleep that well. Second, I just learned that a musical idol of mine passed away last weekend. You all know how fond I am of John Kerr. Especially, as his The Seed inspired me to do The Sound of Syndae CD. Now he is gone. And I was very lucky to get to know him personally on some occasions. A gentle, positive and, of course, very talented man. I think, tonight's show could be seen very fitting, closing with one of his wonderful tracks from Norland. Before that, you will get to hear mostly peaceful music by Ivan Black (Faces Merging), Forrest Fang (The Book of Wanderers), Liquid Mind (Liquid Mind XIII: Mindfulness), Alessandro Barbanera (Haunted Houses), Serena Gabriel ft. Steve Roach (Inanna's Dream), Iyari (Hozro), BlueMonk & Michael Whalen (Karmic Dreams).


Living the flow

Episode 538

This was a strange past week. My thoughts got a bit dizzy at work, maybe doing to many things in parallel. So tonight's edition is full of excellent music that makes my brain focus only on the sound of electronic music at it's best. Meanwhile, on facebook I asked for what people would think of making the show one full hour in length. Quite positive response to date. But, of course, you listeners should have a say. Let me know by commenting on social media or soundcloud or mixcloud or by sending an e-mail. Would you like 60 minutes of syndae? is it too much at once? I'm not sure about the format though, but with the license being cleared it could be done. For now, enjoy the compact half hour treat presenting cool tracks by Sylvain Carel (Sunrise on Panipat), Sensory++ (Exoversum), Klangzaun (./.), Jingoba Electric (So Far), Sverre Knut Johansen (Dreams Beyond).


When one sun goes down another one rises

Episode 537

And suddenly summer is gone. At least at my place, where temperatures dropped from the thirties to under twenty. I'm not that sad about the temperatures, but the world simply is more beautiful with some sun in it. Seeing all that green glowing, within trees and lawn and fields, seeing all the colours reflecting the sun beams as if there is some kind of competition on who is brightest. Simply wearing a shirt outside (and pants, you naughty people), no jacket required. And then there is the daylight starting early and staying long. But fear not, summer will be back one day and those other three terms are not too bad either. But, hey, let's get the beauty and colour back for tonight, with all the wonderful tracks on this show by Fiona Joy Hawkins (Moving Through Worlds), Erik Wøllo & Michael Stearns (Convergence), Holland Phillips (A Momentary Pause), Adrian Earnshaw, Adam Balusik (presah), Sherry Finzer & Chris Jacome (Soul Español).


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