Oval scapings

Episode 664

It's that religious season time in spring where people start hunting for eggs in the backyard. Well, no egg hunting here and no prayers, but ten tracks I found fitting for a more quiet and relaxing time. Not drifting into ambient, but a mix of electronic and acoustic treats that will be yummy for your ears (even you do not have the extra long rabbit ones). By the way, the tradition of decorating eggs is far older than its current use for easter. Eggs have been associated with death and rebirth back to some Egypt and similar cultures ages ago. No need to think about Christianity rites. But enough of shelling around, let's get into fine music with tracks by Sonic Transients (The Rhoen Tapes), Progeny -1 (Dreams Across the Cosmos), Architect of Echoes (Circulus), Shajan (Garden Of Eden), Otarion (Logos), ANNA (Intentions), Christina Tourin (Geodepedie - Hidden Light), Fiona Joy Hawkins & Rebecca Daniel (To The Wind), Spencer Brewer (Behind The Veil), Masako (Call of the Mountains: Ascent).



Sonic Transients - Frozen Memories (The Rhoen Tapes)
Progeny -1 - Suspended on a Sunbeam (Dreams Across the Cosmos)
Architect of Echoes - Hinterlnd (Circulus)
Shajan - Awakened Earth (Garden Of Eden)
Otarion - The Ascension (Logos)
ANNA - Ayni (Intentions)
Christina Tourin - Icelandic Northern Lights (Geodepedie - Hidden Light)
Fiona Joy Hawkins & Rebecca Daniel - Celtic Contemplation (To The Wind)
Spencer Brewer - Myths And Legends (Behind The Veil)
Masako - Final Ascent (Call of the Mountains: Ascent)



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