This is not a staircase

Episode 684

Past, present or future? In electronic music this barely is a question, as most of the creations are timeless. Since its discovery in the last century many variations and re-creations saw its light, inspired by the old ones or built on them with new ideas. It is amazing for the communities on ambient and electronic music built over time and how still today people relish the sounds of the past years and enjoy their re-inventions by younger artists, who you could also name to be explorers of timeless arts. This edition has a mix of both brand new and past music, and they are amazing and interesting all at once. Enjoy tracks by Martin Stürtzer (Circular Oscillations), Pabellón Sintético (Mies van der Rohe's dreams), Mario Schönwälder (The Eye Of The Chameleon), Neuronium (Signature), Alex Ringess (Transient Symmetry), Oscar Postma (Moventique Part 2 and 3), Parallel Worlds (Applied Maths), Bernd-Michael Land (Live in Eindhoven).



Martin Stürtzer - Circular Oscillations (Circular Oscillations)
Pabellón Sintético - Bauhaus (Mies van der Rohe's dreams)
Mario Schönwälder - Earthtime (The Eye Of The Chameleon)
Neuronium - Audiophetamine (Jamais Vu) (Signature)
Alex Ringess - The Odyssey Departure (Transient Symmetry)
Oscar Postma - Moventique Part 2 and 3 (Moventique Part 2 and 3)
Parallel Worlds - Tension (Applied Maths)
Bernd-Michael Land - Gelb (Live in Eindhoven)


September 18th, EK-Lounge auf den Rumpenheimer Kunsttage


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