No trick, only treats

Episode 692

I am not sure, where you celebrate Halloween these days. Actually, here it is a religious holiday. Nevertheless, it has become tradition already for children to run around in strange dresses and collect sweets. Well, not on my door. And I don't think they would like to collect fruits or vegetables. But ok, if they have fun going for it, I don't mind. A good invention these days is tracking of delivery, so you know it's not a bunch of children at the door but the delivery guy with your parcel or pizza. Wouldn't want to miss them. Well, no Halloween music tonight, but we stomp a bit with the tracks by Jong (Venus), Elysian Underground (A Retro Futuristic Collage), Obscenity State and Femmepop (you are the fabric), Adrien d'Elzius (Silent Revolution), Synaptyx (The Sentinel), Ryota Saito ft Halted Instant (Gentiana Scabra), Ben Rama and Daäna & Brendan Lawless (100 Diamonds), Dardi ft Crennwiick (Addict).



Jong - Eternal (Venus)
Elysian Underground - Star Flight (A Retro Futuristic Collage)
Obscenity State - Dust (you are the fabric)
Femmepop - Tief (you are the fabric)
Adrien d'Elzius - Bukowski's raw take on himself (Silent Revolution)
Synaptyx - Slowyrm (The Sentinel)
Ryota Saito ft Halted Instant - Gentiana Scabra (Halted Instant Remix) (Gentiana Scabra)
Ben Rama - Binery Iteration (100 Diamonds)
Daäna & Brendan Lawless - Discovery Of The Shadow (100 Diamonds)
Dardi ft Crennwiick - Addict (Crennwiick Remix) (Addict)


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