In sight of joy

Episode 687

Do you think of music as medicine? Well, one sometimes could think so. Listening to touching sounds can surely set you out of or into some mood. And if it's the right music, it might help with certain states of your mind. It has to fit though, and not all music is a match for easing one's mind. But from all the styles there are I think the music on tonight's show comes close to it. Now, it definitely is pleasant to listen to, that's for sure. So join me for an hour of pleasantries with music by Erik Wøllo (Cloud of Strings), Brannan Lane, John Gregorius & Sean O'Bryan Smith (Emergence), Rick Sparks (Sea of Serenity), Brian Fechino (Reflection Spaces Vol. 1), David Arkenstone (Winterlüde), Stan Dart (MurInsel, Volume 6), Ashron (Reiki Healing Light), David Stern (Cosmic Starlight), Jong (Venus), ELEON ft John Gregorius & Sean O'Bryan Smith (Daithi), Däcker (Zeitenwende).



Erik Wøllo - Windsong (Cloud of Strings)
Brannan Lane, John Gregorius & Sean O'Bryan Smith - The Gate (Emergence)
Rick Sparks - Sea of Serenity (Sea of Serenity)
Brian Fechino - Two Trees (Reflection Spaces Vol. 1)
David Arkenstone - The Return of Jack Frost (Winterlüde)
David Arkenstone - Darkening Skies (Winterlüde)
Stan Dart - Birds (MurInsel, Volume 6)
Ashron - Flight Into The Sun (Reiki Healing Light)
David Stern - Golden Moment (Cosmic Starlight)
Jong - Amor Fati (Cinematic Ambient Mix 2023) (Venus)
ELEON ft John Gregorius & Sean O'Bryan Smith - Thunderclouds Ahead (Daithi)
Däcker - End of an Era (Zeitenwende)


October 21st, Awakenings All-Dayer festival


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