Sound is all around

Episode 686

What a busy week. So we had the Electronic Circus Feast... or Festival... well, at least very much both with great artists, great audience, and excellent Bratwurst. Good to meet so many musical friends again after a while and enjoying an extraordinary hot day at the venue. And the heat and the busy time went on this week, so tonight's selection somewhat reflects the mix of being to hot too move and enjoying the buzzing time. Join me, if you like, and have fun with music by Stan Dart (MurInsel, Volume 6), Jong (Venus), Infinite Third (Living Moments (Live)), 4T Thieves (Hauntology), Rettward von Doernberg (A Military Base), Virtually J (Reworks), Xingu Hill (Grigri Pavilion), Castle From Indistinct Dreams (Netlabel Day 2023), MoHoK + Tokee (Dark Sun), Sobria Ebrietas & Iliaque (Calluna).



Stan Dart - Ankerplatz (MurInsel, Volume 6) / 14.9.
Jong - Atlantis (Venus)
Infinite Third - Sabbath (Living Moments (Live))
4T Thieves - Daytime Astronomy (Hauntology)
Rettward von Doernberg - A Military Base (A Military Base)
Virtually J - Taygeta (Friberg Remix) (Reworks)
Xingu Hill - Eye Contact (Grigri Pavilion)
Xingu Hill - Hi-Fi Simulant (Grigri Pavilion)
Castle From Indistinct Dreams - Illusive Ocean (Netlabel Day 2023)
MoHoK + Tokee - nameless 3 (Dark Sun)
Sobria Ebrietas & Iliaque - Calluna (Calluna)


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