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Episode 685

Yes. It's movie time. And while they are down with new films in the US due to their strike, syndae is not and I took the opportunity to pick some nice electronic based cinematic music, which partially actually is from movies. I don't know about you, but to me movies without a good soundtrack lacks a lot of emotional support and feel. And musical wise, soundtracks most often combine the classical way of composition and modern style of sound works. Can you tell I'm a fan? Ok, join me tonight for cool music by Christopher Caouette (Tale Of The Oakenwish), Hans Zimmer, Adam Lukas & James Everingham (Frozen Planet II), The Pull of Autumn (Beautiful Broken World), Edouard Ferlet (PIANOïD²), Potsch Potschka (Fantasia Iberica), Gleisberg (Floating In Your Soul), Time Away (Riven), CIALYN (OMEGA), State Azure (The Terminator), Kebu (Live in Oslo), Gandalf (Eartheana).



Christopher Caouette - Flight Of Cedarsong (Tale Of The Oakenwish)
Christopher Caouette - Valor (Tale Of The Oakenwish)
Hans Zimmer, Adam Lukas & James Everingham - Journey to the Southern Ocean (Frozen Planet II)
The Pull of Autumn - Beautiful Broken World (Beautiful Broken World)
Edouard Ferlet - Herd Instinct (PIANOïD²) / 3.11.
Potsch Potschka - Two Sides Of One Kind (Fantasia Iberica)
Gleisberg - Dance of Life (Floating In Your Soul)
Time Away - Riven (Riven)
CIALYN - The last new day / The Process (OMEGA)
State Azure - The Terminator (Main Theme) (The Terminator)
Kebu - Crockett's Theme (Live in Oslo)
Kebu - Le Parc (LA Streethawk) (Live in Oslo)
Gandalf - South America: Across The Andes (Eartheana)


February 24th, 2024, Schallwelle Awards Ceremony


(AI generated: movie projector in steampunk style 18th century photo realistic)

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