A life's journey

Episode 682

It's festival time. Well, nearly. less then a month to go before the incredible clown is back. I mean, the Electronic Circus is opening its door again. And you should definitely join the festival to experience a flock of excellent acts on stage. It's been 15 years ago, when I first had the pleasure to announce the Circus Festival for the first time. Actually, one of the reasons this podcast was started at all. And what a nice festival it has become. After Corona hiatus, the Clown is back on stage and with him come excellent musical guests. So, don't hesitate and join the show in Hamm on September 9th. Meet the fans, meet me, meet wonderful musicians. This show starts with most of the live acts from the show, followed by more great and fresh electronic music. Listen to Steve Baltes (Bochum Sky), Wellenfeld (Eiswelten), r.roo (mirroor), Ströme (Nr. 2), Hyperion V (Accretion Disc), Oblique, Distant Worlds (Transient Symmetry), Reticle (Fifteenth Listen), r.roo (shilly-shally).


A life's journey

Episode 681

What is the purpose of life? Does it even have one that will satisfy the human thought process? Well, maybe, life is just something that happens by chance. Which indeed makes the earth quite unique. At least, so far as we know. And yet, it seems difficult to stick with the idea that life just is and has no deeper meaning. Why is that? It would be such an easy thing to live, be happy to live, enjoy life. It could spare us of quite some struggle, or wouldn't it? Well, I have no clue as well, but there is some great and beautiful music out there to relish life. Like given to us tonight with tracks by Progeny -1 (Gods of Egypt), K37 (Gods of Egypt), Skunk Baxter (Speed of Heat), Steen Chorchendorff Jorgensen (Only for a Short Time), Samir Bodhi (Memories of Empathy), Urs Fuchs (Contact Space), Tom Eaton (Weathering), Wane of Summer (Obsidian), Robert Simon Thoma (Krk), David Wright & Carys (Oracle).


Beat by beat

Episode 680

We are travelling towards the exciting second season of music events. The next bigger stop for EM fans in Europe is the Electronic Circus Festival. Yes, it is back after some years of starving and it also is kind of a reboot with a new location. Still providing great artists like Ströme as headliner. But of course there are more very interesting festivals coming up. For our German speaking fans, you may have a look at the empulsiv Infozine. But even if you do not understand German, you might find the event calendar somewhat helpful. Tonight we relish events and of course other great electronic music on the show with tracks by Ströme (No. 2), Bernd-Michael Land (Begegnungen), John Louis Kluck (Astro Voyages), M3NASH (Declive), Oscar Postma, MyklH (The Four Elements: Water - Volume 2), Jingoba Electric & Wellengärtner (Live at Güterhallen Solingen), Ivan Black (Sea Of Fluid Mercury).


Rest within

Episode 679

It's been an essential part of the syndae culture to have music from many sources on the show. Especially the rise of the netlabels back in the day gave lots of great material to showcase that music must not be commercial to be good. Since a while, these labels celebrate themselves each year on July 14th having the Netlabel Day. Which, this year, was about a week ago. What better time to pick up the celebration and give you a tiny selection of what to find on their website. Enjoy tracks by Me As In You (Neon), Sensor II (Magnatune Sampler 2023), Lovin (Netlabel Day 2023: True Electronic Underground Music), Cairo Braga (The Front Balcony), OKAM (Dub Noir), Mental Health Consumer (Everything at Once), Guska (5 Years a Goose), H-M O (CC-BY IV), Drehkommando (Mülheimer Nacht 2023), Secret Archives of the Vatican (Herosys Dub), Orgonon Sound Machine (The Ashes), DJ Nightnoise (Netlabel Day 2023 Techno Warriors).


Rest within

Episode 678

Oh, boy. When compiling tonight's edition, it was so warm and humid over at my place that it deserved nothing much moving. Well, turns out I have just the right music for such cases and here you go. Easy peasy. So, while I like being in my home office, I am definitely fond of visiting the buro these days, because of the wonderful people, of course, but also because of the AC. Hehe. So join me for some not stressing sounds with tracks by Carl Lord (Rest), Cognition Delay (Mostly Dreaming), 4T Thieves (The Shipping Forecast), Beck & Black (I Am The One Who Waits Here), Volker Lankow (Music For Forgotten Places), Allen Pitts (The Four Elements: Water (Volume 1)), Eguana (Cosmos Episode 15).


Spot the beauty

Episode 677

Are you looking out for something special? Well, much to discover out there, especially with respect to fine electronic music. Here at my place, someone seems playing with the sun-valve. Turning it up and down for fun, it seems, as the next days are said to get hot again, after a short break. The better to have some music that does not heat you up a lot, at least not rhythm wise. So it's the best time to join me for great sounds by Wane of Summer (Ancient Cats of Egypt), WhoKnowsWhoCares (WhoKnowsWhoCares), Dirk Schlömer (Dubby Nocturne), Space Art (Personal Duty), S.A.W. (Hydragate), Michael Whalen (Walk In Beauty, Like The Night), Rick Sparks (Nightsong), Ambiente Solstice feat. Sean O'Bryan Smith & ELEON (Her Beautiful Imperfections), Ranzman and tha Electric Gamelan Dub & Chill Arkestra (Silk Road Sketches), Paul Ellis (Music For The Space Between Atoms), Eagle (Synth. Music) (Daft muzak for Radio stations Vol.2).


Connecting to your nature

Episode 676

Not sure what's wrong with the world these days. So my instagram account was cloned (several times) lately, some of you might have noticed. They copy all the images and the look and stuff, so you might think it's the original one (except for the name being slightly different). Then contacting ones contacts to lure them into some bitcoin scam or the like. Well. Be cautious if you are contacted in a way you don't expect to be. And always make sure, it really is the person you know that is contacting you. And even more so, if that person tries to sell you something. I am not selling anything but great music on my podcast and streams. So join in for some great stuff by Oscar Postma, S.A.W. (Hydragate), KelMen (Results), Joerg Dankert (Strange new worlds), Jarmodular (Sounds from the black machine), Syndromeda ft. Tom Coppens (Inside the Mental Hospital), Malcolm Galloway (Metazoa One).


Connecting to your nature

Episode 675

Are you going on vacations? Well, many of my colleagues are leaving soon for summer to cherish some nice and lovely place out there. My wife and I were gone already and had some relaxing and joyful time at the Baltic Sea. Lovely weather, lovely environment and a lot of fun and peace and ice cream, of course, loads of ice cream. Isn't it fascinating how many ice cream parlours are in places people stay for holidays? Well, not all of them have good stuff, I can tell you that from experience (hahaha). So, what's vacation and ice cream have to do with tonight's music? Actually, nothing. You will get great tracks, though, provided to us by Atom Brigade (Atom Brigade), Collagist (Vjetnam), MigloJE (Elements 2), Genda (INTENT 2023: Kinetikos), Adrian Brewer (INTENT 2023: Eudaimonia), Evidence of a Struggle (Evidence of a Struggle), Conny Olivetti (Never Give Up), Altus (Descender), Firnwald (Black Fortuna), Mitoma | Weldroid (MXW II).


Connecting to your nature

Episode 674

Do you like walking by the sea? I'd say many humans do. Why? Well, let's ask ChatGPT, which says: "Humans are often drawn to walking by the sea due to a combination of factors, including the inherent beauty and tranquility of coastal environments and the numerous physical and psychological benefits associated with being near the ocean." So one main factor also is relaxation and stress relief. Well, do you always have a sea at hand? I definitely do not. But there we have Ambient music. This works for me for sure, maybe for you as well? Take an hour of aural well-being with this edition featuring Germind (Meditation, Vol. 2), Abdicant (I Am Not Sure How This Makes Me Feel), Sonic Bodhi (Future Dreams), Jingoba Electric (Breathe TM), 1414E08 (Synth City), Stratosphere (Cyclus), Aglaia (Along the Vast Ancient River).


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