Loving waveforms

Episode 669

The best way to find great music nowadays is to listen to online radio shows and podcasts. Like you are listening to syndae for the style of music you like, there are other excellent shows out there featuring similar styles in sound. Like the outstanding Electronic Fusion by Brainvoyager. Here you have Jos producing a two hour show of ambient and electronic music week for week for several years now. Last week he hit edition number 400. Time to celebrate with a special compilation put out by Legacy of Thought. And that's the music you will get tonight. Quite some electronic fusion tracks by Brainvoyager & Sleepingenius (Voyage Through The Brain), Wane of Summer, K37, Xavion, Promethex, Big Beech, Tolubai, Roberto Sass, Talking to Ghosts, Progeny -1 and Time Away (Electronic Fusion).


Loving waveforms

Episode 668

It's bandcamp day, my dear friends in waveforms. Quite a tradition that bandcamp introduced during Covid high-times to support the artists, so they said. Well, seems the idea paid well not only for the artists but for the company as well. However, it's definitely good for the artists to get all of the revenue and for listeners who can truely only support the artist and not the plaform. With the exception of one track, all the music from tonight's edition is available on bandcamp. So make use of the day and get yourself some nice treats. Also, check out the past editions of the show. And now get into the fine music of Thaneco (Structures on Mars), Steve Roach & Michael Shrieve (The Leaving Time), Daniel Zarzycki (Dziękuję Klaus), Oscar Postma, Architect of Echoes (Circulus), Phono Input (Modular Jam #563), Altus (Descender).


Hell's bells

Episode 667

From hell to chill with this new edition. Yes, I thought it would be nice to relax from the devlish sound. And it's nice to relax for an hour as well, as this was a quite busy week again work-wise. And maybe, just maybe, getting a bit more into the Summer vibe will help with the weather, too? Ok, I doubt it as well, but one may hope, no? It's still around zero degrees here in midth of Spring. But let's get off this introduction and turn towards the great music on tonight's show. Here you get Tuuligan (Flying Away), Stan Dart ft. Colin Rayment (Dreams), Ronald Van Deurzen, Sonic Transients (The Rhoen Tapes), Anna Miranda (Intentions), Liuos (Heavy Dub Vol. 8), Network 23 (Space Rock 2: Out of this World), Alex Figueira (Mentallogenic), Francisco Nicosia (Historias secreta), Windmill (I Miss U So).


Hell's bells

Episode 666

This is it, the beasty number of a show. If you have religious believes or not, you will surely have heard of the number associated with the devil himself. Or herself. Who knows. The impersonation of the bad. Or is it? In this concept, the folly oversees and punishes all those who sinned according to some religious rules. Well, for me it is difficult to tell, whether there are people without such sins anyhow. But it definitely reflects that there always is good and bad people in the world. I'm in no position to judge, but it is beyond my logical reasoning, why human beings always have to fight about things or believes. Anyhow. Come in and join me for some devilish fun with music by Peru (The Prophecies), Cinema (The Discovering of Time), Soul Flask (The Cassandra Complex), Michael Shipway (Beneath Folly), Robert Fox (Timeless Vol 2), Time Away & AthinaNiki (Age of Water), Curious Inversions (Iterations), B. Ashra (Satellites), Cousin Silas & Kevin Lyons (The Fortean Project - Phase Two), Kaya Project (Waypoint).


A quiet place

Episode 665

Quieter times ahead on this edition of syndae. Right, I needed some peace out time again. It was a busy week with the holidays. Especially, if you need to go shopping on the weekend. Shops were closed on Friday, Sunday and Monday, so people tend to go crazy and stuff their carts as if there were no tomorrow. Luckily this time we pre-planned a bit and went shopping at not so busy times early in the morning. Right, the early bird catches the quieter queue at checkout. I like it quiet, and here we go with tonight's tracks by Philipp Baumann (Across Starfields), Carbonates On Mars (The Four Elements: Earth. Volume 1), Rudy Adrian (A Walk in the Shadow Garden), Jeff Greinke (A Thousand Year Flood), Bernhard Wöstheinrich (Genre), Volker Lankow (The Transience Of Life), Janne Hanhisuanto (39), Hiram (Air Songs), Ivan Black (@Ambient Online 4).


Oval scapings

Episode 664

It's that religious season time in spring where people start hunting for eggs in the backyard. Well, no egg hunting here and no prayers, but ten tracks I found fitting for a more quiet and relaxing time. Not drifting into ambient, but a mix of electronic and acoustic treats that will be yummy for your ears (even you do not have the extra long rabbit ones). By the way, the tradition of decorating eggs is far older than its current use for easter. Eggs have been associated with death and rebirth back to some Egypt and similar cultures ages ago. No need to think about Christianity rites. But enough of shelling around, let's get into fine music with tracks by Sonic Transients (The Rhoen Tapes), Progeny -1 (Dreams Across the Cosmos), Architect of Echoes (Circulus), Shajan (Garden Of Eden), Otarion (Logos), ANNA (Intentions), Christina Tourin (Geodepedie - Hidden Light), Fiona Joy Hawkins & Rebecca Daniel (To The Wind), Spencer Brewer (Behind The Veil), Masako (Call of the Mountains: Ascent).


Check played

Episode 663

Have you ever recorded yourself and listened to it? It usually takes a while until you get used to the sound of your own voice. In daily situations, when you hear yourself talking, the sound resonates within your head and you definitely sound different than to everyboday else. So maybe you won't recognize yourself at first. Well, I barely did this time. A little cold did some tricks on my vocal cords so even I sound strange to myself on this edition. A good fit though, as this show is all about sounds. And you get great ones with tracks by Peter Mergener (New Horizons), Spectral Tune (Structures), DASK (Born from the Stars), Volker Rapp (d7-d5), Anantakara (Before Completion), Martin Herbst (Mosaic), Martin Stürtzer (Ambient Nights Vol. 1).


Chilling with sweets

Episode 662

So I was assembling a desk the other day. Each part from screws to plates were nicely packed, wrapped and numbered. And I had a the multi-page instruction manual that came with it. Lot's of images and what part goes where and what is need to combine them. Luckily the manual had pictures, as the instructions seem to have come from a cheap automatic translation bot. Some sentences were barely recognizable as sentences, missing words or commas, some mumble jumble to read. And somewhere in the process, one screw was missing. Well, I got a bit angry and frustrated. Good, I had some music to help me out and sooth my thoughts. Join me for more of such music with tracks by COOLSUN (Coolsun Deluxe), David Helpling (36), Nicholas Gunn (Thought of You), Gandalf - (Eartheana), Anonim Antonim (Slow Life), Giriu Dvasios ft. Paulius Soham (Heavy Dub Vol. 8), Adrian Earnshaw (Cosmic Voyager Volume 2), Robert Simon Thoma (Snowy Landscape), Acoustic Ocean (Divine Grace).


No sheep counting

Episode 661

What is it that makes you feel relaxed? I it some special place? Or the company of some valued person or a whole group? Or maybe the opposite, being alone? Maybe it's a specific colour that does the trick. If not a colour, maybe it's a sound or music that will make you lay back and simply relish being. Not sure, which of those things or a combination of several those things does it for me. But I know that great ambient tunes help a lot. But, ok, it's not the quietest selection I have for you tonight. Still, enjoy the show with tracks by Cousin Silas & Daniel Prendiville (No Title As Such...), Francisco Sonur (Then the light comes all over the land), Emilian Gatsov (Mall Womb), State Azure (Ephemeral Spirit), Daniel Coppens (The Hidden Abundance of Purpose), Ivan Black (The Gallery), Jarguna and Nicola Serena (Amongst Jungles), Wilfried Hanrath (9 years of naviar haiku), Steve Roach (Rest of Life).


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