Rolling, rolling, rolling

Episode 626

A few shows earlier I talked about repetition and how it is special to us humans. Actually can be hypnotic and make you get lost in thoughts or sounds. Most often, sounds back of the days of traditional electronic music is considered sequencer music. Well, it's not, although in many cases it is a main part. More important to this kind of music is the evolution of a track, where one can actually follow its development from some interesting start up to its peak at the end. I love this kind of music, which is not stuck to repeating verse and chorus over and over. It's like a good novel which seems to roll upon you in waves that get bigger on each roll. Also a reason, why such tracks tend to be quite long. A current selection of such tracks are on this edition, brought to us by Altus (Anthropoaliena), Thaneco & DASK (Stages), MindPhaser (Midnightradio Compilation 112), Jim Ottaway (Somewhere In-Between), Basic Principles (Colours), Ivan Black (The Society For The Protection Of Unwanted Objects), Sensory++ (Lessons in Humility).


Neural soundworks

Episode 625

Back in 2020 we thought the world is falling apart with all the pandemic actions. Now it's mid 2022, and humankind is still at the brink of insanity with viruses and pox and, foremost, incredible crimes in killing people in either massacres or war. When I was younger, I thought, humans will evolve and learn that only together we will build a future worth living. Well, I was wrong (with the evolving part). Does your mind also spin around in unbelief of what happens out there? Mine does. But there is one thing that holds me together for some time: great music. Like the one I have on the show tonight with the fantastic Saafi Brothers (Make Pictures With The Sound), Aux25 (Ocean & Stars), Nicholas Gunn (Entering (Twin Falls)), ELEON (In The Dream Garden), Stan Dart (Electronic), Sami Konzo (Stick), Poolz (Woodlands), Anderdog (Thirteenth Listen), Globular (A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy).


Hot and sparkling

Episode 624

Back in my youth, when I started listening to music, there of course was the songs my parents were listening to. But their styles did not resonate with me. I did listen to some country, folk and pop at the time, actually tried to record myself singing (which was terrible), but rather soon got into instrumental music. First it was guitars (which I tried to learn, too, but failed due to my clumsy fingers) but then I discovered organs and keyboards. It took quite a while until one had the computer to have all the instruments and recording equipment at your fingertips. And music evolved very fast regarding electronics. I now love lots of styles, therefore you get different music each show. So tonight we are up for a more current style of electronic music, where we meet some great artists for fresh and progressive sounds with ELEON (Hidden in Time), Divine Matrix (Journeys), Eisenlager (Atombomben Musik), 6TH CROWD (Sokolonko), Salvatore Mercatante (SM Synthesis), Radium88 (We Are All Dreaming Now), illocanblo (Thirteenth Listen), Existential Wabbit (Thirteenth Listen), Globular (Holobiont).


Sounds of silence

Episode 623

Well. What do you do, when the world gets crazy? About three weeks ago I crafted edition 623 to air for when I'm out of town. Everything was set up and scheduled. But than a tragedy happened: Vangelis died. I was saddened, as he is one of my musical idols for sure. Having the show as planned did not seem right. So I cancelled it. 2022 seems to be a bad year for electronic music fans so far with all the losses. Just when live events seem to come back to enjoy our music, life tries to turn us down again. Now. For tonight, I redid edition 623 to honor all the great musicians and supporters we lost by example. I chose mostly tribute tracks, as I am surely not alone with my grief. Join me in celebrating their greatness with tracks by Depeche Mode (Spirit /Deluxe), Luna Firma, Kuutana, The Roboter, and Sequential Dreams (In Memoriam - A Tribute to Vangelis), Eagle (Synth. Music) (The Superclean Dreammachine - A Hans Moret (Hans Prisma) tribute), Rob Papen & Ron Boots (Klaus Schulze Tribute).


Variations in symmetry

Episode 622

There is beauty in repetition, especially, if it is not the same all the time. Sounds paradox? Well, people do love symmetry in things. At least, most of us do. It is a sign of beauty. And if there is something out of the order, one can easily get disturbed by it. On the other hand, if something is too symmetrical, we easily get bored. So tiny divergences are cruicial to make things interesting. This holds for visuals as well as aural things. I love a great sequence, may it be rhythm, bass guitar, or a step sequencer. But if it stays the same for too long, I lose interest. Some people are masters of making it sound interesting, and here they come in numbers with Fanger & Schönwälder feat. Lutz Graf-Ulbrich (Analog Overdose 6), K.I.Companion (Wayfarer), The Tin Box (Thirteenth Listen), Eisenlager (Supermax), Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate (The Confidence Trick), Wellengärtner, Wöstheinrich & Parsick (Ultima Ratio).


Prints in the sound

Episode 621

Do you also often wish for a crystal ball? Wouldn't it be great to be able to see the future? Or would this impose you trying to change the future? Which would render the vision by the crystal to not come true. So it it still the future? There are tons of books and movies about time travel and how it could work. Ok, different story though. And I am not sure where I am going with this at all. For tonight's edition, I chose to focus on serenity. Kind of. I just need some quietness in live for a moment, for a glimpse. Join me, will you? Really great tunes by Dave Luxton (Ghost of a Small Child), Karmacosmic (Inner Peace), Jeff Greinke (Noctilucent), Craig Padilla (Discovery of Meaning), Time Away (Journey to Bytopia), OneAmbient4 (Spring Volume 2), Rusty Crutcher (Oracle Of Delphi), Michael Stearns (Planetary Unfolding).


Sound of the undead

Episode 620

What comes after death? There are some theories about it, and as far as I know, noone has yet proven any of them. Well, I hope there is some kind of heaven, where all the really good guys meet up and have some great time. Something I also wish for Klaus Schulze, who passed away this week. Sad news to all EM lovers, indeed. What I do not wish for anybody is to come back dead (or undead for that matter) and live a haunting un-life. The latter is proposed by many books and movies, the youngest being a virtual move called Dawn of the Undead released today, where I have the original soundtrack for you. Hope you will still enjoy the show with music by Klaus Schulze (Angst), Talking to Ghosts, Hellweed, Aestheia, Myth, Progeny -1, Time Away, Ambient Indigo, Wane of Summer, Promethex, K37 (Dawn of the Undead).


Support is sound

Episode 619

It seems unbelievable, but these atrocities are still on-going. Only because of a few old, white guys living in the barbaric ages where the bats ruled the world. Four weeks ago I featured Musicians for Ukraine Volume 1, an album where all earnings go to humanitarian help for fugitives in need. Now, there is Volume 2 available, and this show is solely dedicated to this album with great music by AUEL, Alchemorph, Deep Sky Musics, Two Weeks, Inum, LA Fillette, Utopia Fade, Eagle Rays, Carameladora, Peter Wild, Another Dawn, Loss Combinator, Renovatio, and Olduvai (Musicians For Ukraine Volume 2).


Sound bunnies

Episode 618

I am not sure what to say about this time of the year. It should have been some days for peace and hope, so the music on this edition does actually go in this direction. What can one do other than hope for the world becoming a better place? There are good people out there, at least that's what I believe and what I experience in music. Enjoy this hopeful hour with music by Marcello23 (Zeitgeist), David Helpling (IN), Will Ackerman (Positano Songs), Bernward Koch (Dreamy Piano Music to Relax), Ronald Van Deurzen (Tale of Dreams), Gian Berselli & Jérémy Marais (Creative Stillness), Divine Matrix (Journeys), Steve Orchard (For Sunny Days), Stefan Erbe (Distopia).


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