Episode 502

Published: Friday, 13 December 2019
Taking off some darkness

Living in the northern hemisphere this time around is not the most uplifting thing. It's quite dark throughout the day, not really helping regarding one's mood. Many people put some light in their garden or windows, which might help a bit. At least it looks nice and provides a visual warmth. And then there always is music to help out. For tonight, I picked some tracks more in the area of chill-out, and while some seem darker with respect to the title, they all have a positive vibe on them. So take a seat, tighten your headphones and enjoy the music by moonbooter (Both Sides of the Moon), Astral Robot (Zero Point Fluctuation), Time Away & Myth (Interception), 4T Thieves (Hauntology), Yunas Orchestra (Manhattan's Dream), and Mick Chillage (Perfect Projection / The River).


moonbooter - Back to Earth (Both Sides of the Moon)
Astral Robot - Zero Point Fluctuation (Zero Point Fluctuation)
Time Away & Myth - Ascendants of the Third Moon (Interception)
4T Thieves - Daytime Astronomy (Hauntology)
Yunas Orchestra - Anemone Ride (Manhattan's Dream)
Mick Chillage - Perfect Projection (Perfect Projection / The River)



Episode 501

Published: Friday, 06 December 2019
Food for your peaceful soul

So now we are over the hurdle of 500 episodes, going on with exciting fresh music starting into the second half of the millenium. And we start with easy, serene sounds quite fitting into the upcoming season. In the northern hemisphere, it also is the darkest time of the year. Fair enough to celebrate oneself and one's family all along and cheer up for the time to come. On this edition you will find wonderful tracks by Don Latarski (Frozen Moments), David Helpling (Rune), David Wright (Dissimilar Views 2 Remastered), jarguna and Friends (Trapped Vol. 3), Michael Brückner (The Undercurrent), and Static Dreamscapes (Manaslu).

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Episode 500 part 2

Published: Friday, 29 November 2019
Walking 500 more

Last week, my syndae movie edition was released celebrating issue 500 of my podcast. Thanks so far for anyone viewing in! This week, the movie is still the hot topic for the show, and for those of you prefering audio only, here you will get the second part of the 500.

The artists being featured on this edition are:
On part 1: Ron Boots, Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder, VoLt, and Fanger & Schönwälder.
On part 2: Brainwork, Filter-Kaffee, and moonbooter.

The viewer takes it all at

For details on the movie, see The 500 Movie Edition page.

Audio only (part 2):

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Episode 500 part 1

Published: Friday, 22 November 2019
Walking 500 files

It was summer 2008 when I started publishing syndae. I never thought it to become such a long running hobby of mine. And tonight, I am happy to present episode 500! Which moreover comes as a vidcast to be seen via syndae's new Youtube channel, created solely for this occasion. It features about 76 minutes of original music, brought to you in form of an old school moderated music show. So if you want to have some visual fun as well, visit the link below to see the show. And for you dear listeners, I also provide the show as audio only version. As of its length, I had to split the show in two parts, first of which is presented tonight. The second to follow next week.

The artists being featured on this edition are:
On part 1: Ron Boots, Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder, VoLt, and Fanger & Schönwälder.
On part 2: Brainwork, Filter-Kaffee, and moonbooter.

The viewer takes it all at

For details on the movie, see The 500 Movie Edition page.

Audio only (part 1):

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Episode 499

Published: Friday, 15 November 2019
The sound path taken

Do you sometimes think back about roads not taken, because they seemed uncertain or dangerous? I do. It's always an easy way to be angry about a potential decision that might have led to a better situation in life. Truth is, you do not know and never will. Any decision made, any road taken most probably would only have gotten you in a different kind of trouble. This happens to tiny things, like being in the wrong queue at a shopping mall or ending up in heavy traffic because of taking a short cut. Well, sometimes risk pays out, sometimes it does not. That's life. And what does this have to do with tonight's show? Most probably nothing. It might reflect the tracks I chose, which make an edition unique. It might be the sound an artist has selected for his track. Regardless, what one is struggling with, best to simply enjoy whatever little fun you can get. Like the wonderful tracks of this show, which are by Pandacetamol (Driftwood), V (23.56.04), Eisenlager (@work), Vulpes (Beat Battle Royale / Compilation), Hydro Fyter (Rust), The Oracle Model (Eventide Tears).

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Episode 498

Published: Friday, 08 November 2019
A matter of visuality

Humans are a very visual species. Maybe most living beings are, but for humans I can definitely tell. If the current state of a work in progress cannot be shown, if it is not tangible, it seems difficult to explain the progress made in up to this point. On the other hand, when listening to music, one usually starts to create visuals in their mind. So it's not only the aural experience that touches you but the virtual images it produces. Each and every track of this edition did this to me, and the images always were different and contributed to the musical adventure. I think you will experience that as well when listening to Adrian Earnshaw & Benedict Roff-Marsh (Kosmicheskoye Tango), Betrand Loreau (Eternal Sorrows), Andy Pickford (Psymanteum), creeps (one), Kellerkind Berlin (Sun And Snow).

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Episode 497

Published: Friday, 01 November 2019
When the pumpkin's gone

I hope all your pumpkins are well consumed. It's always interesting to see so many people going crazy. Well, as it is rather goodbyeween now, I refrained from syndae going crazy and present the opposite tonight. So what you will get is harmonic, is melodic, is rather easy going. Thirty minutes of delightful electronic music. But before we go there, one thing to tell you: only few shows to go before syndae goes 500. Maybe you already noticed. Of course, there will be a special edition of the show, so be prepared for something unusual for my one step that leaps the show to half a thousand. What do you think? For how long shall the show stay on? Now, I give you thirty minutes to think about it with wonderful tracks by Myth (Time Away presents: Pearl Diver), Dreamerproject (Beyond Dreams), Claus Jahn & Pat Pik (Some Oxygen Needed), Colin Rayment (Transitional States), Giant Skeletons (Warden of the Humming Skies), NoizeFilter (Floating Conscousness).

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Episode 496

Published: Friday, 25 October 2019
Crystal clear right at the beatch

 What a great vacation. Two weeks of rest and silence. And this time I really had a low time on the internet, which seems to be around me all the time. Really enjoyable are over in Croatia with marvellous weather for this time of the year. So with me being back, syndae is back as well. And I am empowered. Which you will also hear when listening to this edition. So get up on your feet and rock the floor. Or simply put your headphones on, lean back and enjoy this excellent bunch of tracks by Dave Mono (Finally), Element 4 (Bubbles), Parallel Worlds (Sorrow), Nézumi (Ruthless), Lizard (Try / Compilation), Unknown Concept (Enigma).

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Episode 495

Published: Friday, 04 October 2019
Preparing for mind fasting

Back from a fantastic Electronic Circus with great and diverse musical acts like Martin Stürtzer and Schwarz. A new location with much space and lots of nice people made the weekend an event to remember. And the next one is at the horizon with E-Live end of October. I hope to make it to Oirschot, but one never knows. After such an exciting time in Detmold, I am looking for some rest and relaxation. So here comes a rather peaceful edition with also great tracks by Andy Pickford (Psymanteum), Imaginary Landscape (Nothing Left Behind), Frank Makowski (Canon der Finsternisse), André Perim (Side Effects), Static Dreamscapes.

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