Pick your chair

Episode 691

When I was younger, vacation always was some kind of exploration. Checking out foreign landscapes. Taking sightseeing tours on an island. And, most important, enjoying all kinds of food from various origins. Well. Nowadays, only the last one remained. Otherwise it's more about relaxing, chilling, and finding some peace of mind in beautiful landscapes not far away. Am I getting old? Sure. Longings shift, my eyes have seen quite an amount of things. No need to travel as far and as much anymore. Less speed and more food.. err... serenity, I mean. Hence, off we go with a bit slower music tonight. Having tracks by Chronotope Project (Chronology), Bart Hawkins (Nonlinear Crossroads), Blue Is Nine (Drifting Through the Night), Divine Matrix (Bioluminescence), Ambiente Solstice ft Sean O'Bryan Smith and Dave Luxton (Out of The Void), Colin Rayment (Schallplatte 26: Architektur), DASK Music (Node Machina (2023)), Matt Goodluck (Inner Cosmos), Ceramic (Now That You're Here), and Time Away (Dragon Priests).



Chronotope Project - Unwinding the Dream (remix) (Chronology)
Bart Hawkins - Telemachus and Eucharis (Nonlinear Crossroads)
Blue Is Nine - Whisper of the Wind (Drifting Through the Night)
Divine Matrix - Fungi (Bioluminescence)
Ambiente Solstice ft Sean O'Bryan Smith and Dave Luxton - Heaven's Chord (Out of The Void)
Colin Rayment - Beneath The Shard (Schallplatte 26: Architektur)
DASK Music - Node Three (Node Machina (2023))
Matt Goodluck - Interstellar (Inner Cosmos)
Ceramic - The Same Thing We Do Every Night (Now That You're Here)
Time Away - Hevnoraak (Dragon Priests)


Wicker beach chairs (J. Noack, private collection)

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