Loving waveforms

Episode 668

It's bandcamp day, my dear friends in waveforms. Quite a tradition that bandcamp introduced during Covid high-times to support the artists, so they said. Well, seems the idea paid well not only for the artists but for the company as well. However, it's definitely good for the artists to get all of the revenue and for listeners who can truely only support the artist and not the plaform. With the exception of one track, all the music from tonight's edition is available on bandcamp. So make use of the day and get yourself some nice treats. Also, check out the past editions of the show. And now get into the fine music of Thaneco (Structures on Mars), Steve Roach & Michael Shrieve (The Leaving Time), Daniel Zarzycki (Dziękuję Klaus), Oscar Postma, Architect of Echoes (Circulus), Phono Input (Modular Jam #563), Altus (Descender).



Thaneco - Geometric Patterns In Utopia Planitia (Structures on Mars)
Steve Roach & Michael Shrieve - Edge Runner (The Leaving Time)
Daniel Zarzycki - Somnium Digitalis (Dziękuję Klaus)
Oscar Postma - Velvet Dream (./.)
Architect of Echoes - Homeland (Circulus)
Phono Input - Modular Jam #563 (Modular Jam #563)
Altus - End of Line (Descender)



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