Connecting to your nature

Episode 674

Do you like walking by the sea? I'd say many humans do. Why? Well, let's ask ChatGPT, which says: "Humans are often drawn to walking by the sea due to a combination of factors, including the inherent beauty and tranquility of coastal environments and the numerous physical and psychological benefits associated with being near the ocean." So one main factor also is relaxation and stress relief. Well, do you always have a sea at hand? I definitely do not. But there we have Ambient music. This works for me for sure, maybe for you as well? Take an hour of aural well-being with this edition featuring Germind (Meditation, Vol. 2), Abdicant (I Am Not Sure How This Makes Me Feel), Sonic Bodhi (Future Dreams), Jingoba Electric (Breathe TM), 1414E08 (Synth City), Stratosphere (Cyclus), Aglaia (Along the Vast Ancient River).



Germind - Meditation, Vol. 2 (excerpt) (Meditation, Vol. 2)
Abdicant - I Am Not Sure How This Makes Me Feel (I Am Not Sure How This Makes Me Feel)
Sonic Bodhi- Escaping The Past To Find The Beginning (Future Dreams)
Jingoba Electric - Breathe (Remix by Thomas Machoczek) (Breathe TM)
1414E08 - Synthology (Synth City)
Stratosphere - Cyclus 3 (Cyclus)
Aglaia - Sailing clouds (excerpt) (Along the Vast Ancient River)


June 25th, Sommer Picknick in den Güterhallen: Jingoba Electric und Wellengärnter


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