Hell's bells

Episode 667

From hell to chill with this new edition. Yes, I thought it would be nice to relax from the devlish sound. And it's nice to relax for an hour as well, as this was a quite busy week again work-wise. And maybe, just maybe, getting a bit more into the Summer vibe will help with the weather, too? Ok, I doubt it as well, but one may hope, no? It's still around zero degrees here in midth of Spring. But let's get off this introduction and turn towards the great music on tonight's show. Here you get Tuuligan (Flying Away), Stan Dart ft. Colin Rayment (Dreams), Ronald Van Deurzen, Sonic Transients (The Rhoen Tapes), Anna Miranda (Intentions), Liuos (Heavy Dub Vol. 8), Network 23 (Space Rock 2: Out of this World), Alex Figueira (Mentallogenic), Francisco Nicosia (Historias secreta), Windmill (I Miss U So).



Tuuligan - Winds of change (Flying Away)
Stan Dart ft. Colin Rayment - Future Dream State (Dreams)
Ronald Van Deurzen - Seashells (./.)
Sonic Transients - Distant View (The Rhoen Tapes)
Anna Miranda - East Forest Let You In (Intentions)
Liuos - Ease Off (Heavy Dub Vol. 8)
Network 23 - Indirect (Space Rock 2: Out of this World)
Alex Figueira - A little better (Mentallogenic)
Alex Figueira - Silky (Mentallogenic)
Francisco Nicosia - El último tema del lado B (Historias secreta)
Windmill - Only You (I Miss U So)



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