Loving waveforms

Episode 669

The best way to find great music nowadays is to listen to online radio shows and podcasts. Like you are listening to syndae for the style of music you like, there are other excellent shows out there featuring similar styles in sound. Like the outstanding Electronic Fusion by Brainvoyager. Here you have Jos producing a two hour show of ambient and electronic music week for week for several years now. Last week he hit edition number 400. Time to celebrate with a special compilation put out by Legacy of Thought. And that's the music you will get tonight. Quite some electronic fusion tracks by Brainvoyager & Sleepingenius (Voyage Through The Brain), Wane of Summer, K37, Xavion, Promethex, Big Beech, Tolubai, Roberto Sass, Talking to Ghosts, Progeny -1 and Time Away (Electronic Fusion).



Brainvoyager & Sleepingenius - Nucleus Accumbens (Voyage Through The Brain)
Wane of Summer - Fusion of Souls (Electronic Fusion)
K37 - Forever Fusion (Electronic Fusion)
Xavion - Radiant Fusion (Electronic Fusion)
Promethex - No Fusion (Electronic Fusion)
Big Beech - Fuzzy Fusion (Electronic Fusion)
Tolubai - Ambitronic Fusion (Electronic Fusion)
Roberto Sass - Fusion Infinita (Electronic Fusion)
Talking to Ghosts - Synphonic Fusion (Electronic Fusion)
Progeny -1 - Magnetic Fusion (Electronic Fusion)
Time Away - Fusion Drive (Electronic Fusion)


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