Hell's bells

Episode 666

This is it, the beasty number of a show. If you have religious believes or not, you will surely have heard of the number associated with the devil himself. Or herself. Who knows. The impersonation of the bad. Or is it? In this concept, the folly oversees and punishes all those who sinned according to some religious rules. Well, for me it is difficult to tell, whether there are people without such sins anyhow. But it definitely reflects that there always is good and bad people in the world. I'm in no position to judge, but it is beyond my logical reasoning, why human beings always have to fight about things or believes. Anyhow. Come in and join me for some devilish fun with music by Peru (The Prophecies), Cinema (The Discovering of Time), Soul Flask (The Cassandra Complex), Michael Shipway (Beneath Folly), Robert Fox (Timeless Vol 2), Time Away & AthinaNiki (Age of Water), Curious Inversions (Iterations), B. Ashra (Satellites), Cousin Silas & Kevin Lyons (The Fortean Project - Phase Two), Kaya Project (Waypoint).



Peru - 666 (The Beast) (The Prophecies)
Cinema - Diving into the Devil's Hole (The Discovering of Time)
Soul Flask - If I Were The Devil (The Cassandra Complex)
Michael Shipway - The Folly (Beneath Folly)
Robert Fox - The Devil's Puzzle (Timeless Vol 2)
Time Away & AthinaNiki - Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (Age of Water)
Curious Inversions - Devil's Kettle Falls (Iterations)
B. Ashra - Devils Mountain (Satellites)
Cousin Silas & Kevin Lyons - The Devil's Footprints (The Fortean Project - Phase Two)
Kaya Project - Dust Devil (Hibernation Remix) (Waypoint)



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