Sparkling sound bits

Episode 673

Summer is getting closer in the Northern Hemisphere. So hopefully there will be some sunny days, not too hot of course, but quite enough to collect some vitamin D. And it is always a nice view to have those golden sunbeams make the water sparkle and schimmer between the leafs of trees. Similarly, it is nice to take a look back at the golden ages of traditional electronic music and relish the sparkles of soundscaping and sequencing of that time. Well, time to open the jar and let in the experienced and fresh artists of this genre to make us happy with newly discovered and re-imagined past sound treats. Tonight you will get great tunes by Filter-Kaffee (Dziękuję Klaus), Wellengärtner (Preview Güterhallen Sollingen), Fritz Mayr and Mac of BIOnighT (Coordinates Vol. 11), Astralmuse and Philipp Baumann (Misplaced Memories), Ivan Black (A Return To The Berlin School 2023).



Filter-Kaffee - Between Shadows And Silhouettes (Dziękuję Klaus)
Wellengärtner - Scissors & Knives (Preview Güterhallen Sollingen)
Fritz Mayr - Quadrant B (Coordinates Vol. 11)
Mac of BIOnighT - Memory Has no Conscience (Coordinates Vol. 11)
Astralmuse - Misplaced Memories (Misplaced Memories)
Philipp Baumann - Lost in the Night (Misplaced Memories)
Ivan Black - A Return To The Berlin School 2023 (A Return To The Berlin School 2023)


June 24th, E-Circus Summer Edition
June 25th, Sommer Picknick in den Güterhallen: Jingoba Electric und Wellengärnter


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