Rest within

Episode 678

Oh, boy. When compiling tonight's edition, it was so warm and humid over at my place that it deserved nothing much moving. Well, turns out I have just the right music for such cases and here you go. Easy peasy. So, while I like being in my home office, I am definitely fond of visiting the buro these days, because of the wonderful people, of course, but also because of the AC. Hehe. So join me for some not stressing sounds with tracks by Carl Lord (Rest), Cognition Delay (Mostly Dreaming), 4T Thieves (The Shipping Forecast), Beck & Black (I Am The One Who Waits Here), Volker Lankow (Music For Forgotten Places), Allen Pitts (The Four Elements: Water (Volume 1)), Eguana (Cosmos Episode 15).



Carl Lord - Nordic Seas (Rest)
Cognition Delay - Lucidity (Mostly Dreaming)
4T Thieves - The Storm (The Shipping Forecast)
Beck & Black - Through Industrial Zones (I Am The One Who Waits Here)
Volker Lankow - Healing (Music For Forgotten Places)
Allen Pitts - Fluid Dynamics (The Four Elements: Water (Volume 1))
Eguana - Cosmos Episode 15 (excerpt) (Cosmos Episode 15)


(AI generated: Bob Ross painting a Marsian landscape)

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