Spot the beauty

Episode 677

Are you looking out for something special? Well, much to discover out there, especially with respect to fine electronic music. Here at my place, someone seems playing with the sun-valve. Turning it up and down for fun, it seems, as the next days are said to get hot again, after a short break. The better to have some music that does not heat you up a lot, at least not rhythm wise. So it's the best time to join me for great sounds by Wane of Summer (Ancient Cats of Egypt), WhoKnowsWhoCares (WhoKnowsWhoCares), Dirk Schlömer (Dubby Nocturne), Space Art (Personal Duty), S.A.W. (Hydragate), Michael Whalen (Walk In Beauty, Like The Night), Rick Sparks (Nightsong), Ambiente Solstice feat. Sean O'Bryan Smith & ELEON (Her Beautiful Imperfections), Ranzman and tha Electric Gamelan Dub & Chill Arkestra (Silk Road Sketches), Paul Ellis (Music For The Space Between Atoms), Eagle (Synth. Music) (Daft muzak for Radio stations Vol.2).



Wane of Summer - Bastet (Ancient Cats of Egypt)
WhoKnowsWhoCares - Conrad Blume (WhoKnowsWhoCares)
Dirk Schlömer - Dubby Nocturne VI: Presence (Dubby Nocturne)
Space Art - Milano Velocita (Personal Duty)
S.A.W. - Hydragate (Hydragate)
Michael Whalen - Anywhere Anytime Anything For You (Walk In Beauty, Like The Night)
Rick Sparks - Hold On My Heart (Nightsong)
Ambiente Solstice feat. Sean O'Bryan Smith & ELEON - Her Beautiful Imperfections (Her Beautiful Imperfections)
Ranzman and tha Electric Gamelan Dub & Chill Arkestra - Amudarja Ambient (Silk Road Sketches)
Paul Ellis - Shifting Interdimensional Construct (Music For The Space Between Atoms)
Eagle (Synth. Music) - Generation Z (Daft muzak for Radio stations Vol. 2)


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