Connecting to your nature

Episode 676

Not sure what's wrong with the world these days. So my instagram account was cloned (several times) lately, some of you might have noticed. They copy all the images and the look and stuff, so you might think it's the original one (except for the name being slightly different). Then contacting ones contacts to lure them into some bitcoin scam or the like. Well. Be cautious if you are contacted in a way you don't expect to be. And always make sure, it really is the person you know that is contacting you. And even more so, if that person tries to sell you something. I am not selling anything but great music on my podcast and streams. So join in for some great stuff by Oscar Postma, S.A.W. (Hydragate), KelMen (Results), Joerg Dankert (Strange new worlds), Jarmodular (Sounds from the black machine), Syndromeda ft. Tom Coppens (Inside the Mental Hospital), Malcolm Galloway (Metazoa One).



Oscar Postma - Tranceiver (./.)
S.A.W. - Master Of Time (Hydragate)
KelMen - Fourth Results (Results)
Joerg Dankert - No return and no stop (Strange new worlds)
Jarmodular - Black machine inspiration (Sounds from the black machine)
Syndromeda ft. Tom Coppens - The Reversed Anomaly (Inside the Mental Hospital)
Malcolm Galloway - Metazoa One (Metazoa One)


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