A life's journey

Episode 681

What is the purpose of life? Does it even have one that will satisfy the human thought process? Well, maybe, life is just something that happens by chance. Which indeed makes the earth quite unique. At least, so far as we know. And yet, it seems difficult to stick with the idea that life just is and has no deeper meaning. Why is that? It would be such an easy thing to live, be happy to live, enjoy life. It could spare us of quite some struggle, or wouldn't it? Well, I have no clue as well, but there is some great and beautiful music out there to relish life. Like given to us tonight with tracks by Progeny -1 (Gods of Egypt), K37 (Gods of Egypt), Skunk Baxter (Speed of Heat), Steen Chorchendorff Jorgensen (Only for a Short Time), Samir Bodhi (Memories of Empathy), Urs Fuchs (Contact Space), Tom Eaton (Weathering), Wane of Summer (Obsidian), Robert Simon Thoma (Krk), David Wright & Carys (Oracle).



Progeny -1 - Ra (Gods of Egypt)
K37 - Osiris (Gods of Egypt)
Skunk Baxter - Giselle (Speed of Heat)
Steen Chorchendorff Jorgensen - Under the Light Above the Air (Only for a Short Time)
Samir Bodhi - Affinity (Memories of Empathy)
Urs Fuchs - Contact Space (Contact Space)
Tom Eaton - The Lost Years (Weathering)
Wane of Summer - Obsidian (Obsidian)
Robert Simon Thoma - Krk (Krk)
David Wright & Carys - The Hunter (Oracle)


Skunk Baxter Tour Dates, US West Coast



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