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Episode 679

It's been an essential part of the syndae culture to have music from many sources on the show. Especially the rise of the netlabels back in the day gave lots of great material to showcase that music must not be commercial to be good. Since a while, these labels celebrate themselves each year on July 14th having the Netlabel Day. Which, this year, was about a week ago. What better time to pick up the celebration and give you a tiny selection of what to find on their website. Enjoy tracks by Me As In You (Neon), Sensor II (Magnatune Sampler 2023), Lovin (Netlabel Day 2023: True Electronic Underground Music), Cairo Braga (The Front Balcony), OKAM (Dub Noir), Mental Health Consumer (Everything at Once), Guska (5 Years a Goose), H-M O (CC-BY IV), Drehkommando (Mülheimer Nacht 2023), Secret Archives of the Vatican (Herosys Dub), Orgonon Sound Machine (The Ashes), DJ Nightnoise (Netlabel Day 2023 Techno Warriors).



Me As In You - Neon In Tinseltown (Neon)
Sensor II - Hypno (Magnatune Sampler 2023)
Lovin - Spring Melody (Netlabel Day 2023: True Electronic Underground Music)
Cairo Braga - The Right Stations (The Front Balcony)
OKAM - The Heads Have Never Been Found (Dub Noir)
Mental Health Consumer - Agnosthesia (Everything at Once)
Guska - Garden of Eddies (5 Years a Goose)
H-M O - Everlasting Groove (CC-BY IV)
Drehkommando - Icecream Mountains (Mülheimer Nacht 2023)
Secret Archives of the Vatican - Herosys Dub (Herosys Dub)
Orgonon Sound Machine - The Un Popular 2 (The Ashes)
DJ Nightnoise - Erace (Netlabel Day 2023 Techno Warriors)

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Netlabel Day 2023


Netlabel Day 2023

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