Sparkling silence

Episode 696

The weather got cold over here. So did I. So not much of an introduction today. Quite a bunch of recent and brand new releases on tonight's ambient edition. Enjoy tracks by B. Ashra (Aurora), Wolfgang Bock (Mintaka), Time Away (Prophet of Shadow), Bahía Mansa (Mallki), Frore & Shane Morris (Ochre), Wellengärtner (Mechanics Of Mind), Mutagenese (Voices), Alan Elettronico (Electric Mind (Deluxe Edition)), Shane Beck & Gottfried Bonn (Moon Goddess).



B. Ashra - Aurora (Aurora
Wolfgang Bock - TILD (Mintaka)
Time Away - Feathers of Fate (Prophet of Shadow
Bahía Mansa - Paisaje del Alma (Mallki)
Frore & Shane Morris - From Spark to Flame (Ochre)
Wellengärtner - Die Unruhe der Unruh (Mechanics Of Mind)
Mutagenese - From Echo (Voices)
Alan Elettronico ft. Forrest Fang - Diva (Remix) (Electric Mind (Deluxe Edition))
Shane Beck & Gottfried Bonn - Asian Eyes of the Flower Goddess (Moon Goddess)


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