Unbusy your brain

Episode 694

Do you have it that the job seems to eat your brain? Well, might depend on the job, of course. I sometimes do have such a feeling. Brainwork during day, an cannot stop thinking about topics and problems that are to address. Well, also keeps me up at night. Like drinking strong coffee in the evening. Do you have any hints on how to get down? One idea might be listening to great music. Like the ones you can listen to on this edition. Joine me for tracks by Tony Sieber (Ambient Guitar Tales), Anna B May (It's Not Just A Dream), Fibonacci Frequencies (Sequenced Space), Space Art (Personal Duty), Time Away & Elvya (Echoes of Maztica), David Young ft Clifford Carter (In the Stars), Erik Wøllo (Cloud of Strings), Adam Steinberg (The Four Elements - Air (Volume 2)), Ronald Van Deurzen (Night Walk), Bernd Scholl (The Winds of Autumn), Steve Orchard (Sharing Dreams), David Wright (Berlin. A Tribute Album for Mark Shreeve).



Tony Sieber - Infinity (Ambient Guitar Tales)
Anna B May - It's Not Just A Dream (It's Not Just A Dream)
Fibonacci Frequencies - Superstrings (Sequenced Space)
Space Art - The Janitor (Personal Duty)
Time Away & Elvya - Echoes of Maztica (Echoes of Maztica)
David Young ft Clifford Carter - In the Stars (Ambient Jazz Mix) (In the Stars)
Erik Wøllo - From Ground to Sky (Cloud of Strings)
Adam Steinberg - Jorja Comes Flying (The Four Elements - Air (Volume 2))
Ronald Van Deurzen - Night Walk (Night Walk)
Bernd Scholl - Solstice (The Winds of Autumn)
Steve Orchard - Perimeters of Slumber (Sharing Dreams)
David Wright - Elemmírë (Berlin. A Tribute Album for Mark Shreeve)



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