Colourful repetition

Episode 693

I'm all in for traditional EM in tonight's edition. Is it the sequencing giving me some serenity? It's often that repitive sounds let you sink into another state of mind. And I surely am in need for some change, as this week was quite stressful. Or is the memory of the good old golden EM times being awaken by this music? It definitely serves some good thoughts from back in the days, when this kind of music was still fresh and exciting to discover, for fans and musicians alike. Whatever the reason, join me for some great music tonight with tracks by Thaneco & DASK (Ships in the Sky), Sebastien Guerive (Obscure Clarity), Oscar Postma, Hyrn (Schallplatte 26), computerchemist (Green Twilight), P'cock (The IC Years), ['ramp] (Arp-en-ciel).



Thaneco & DASK - The Ariel School Incident (Ships in the Sky)
Sebastien Guerive - Obscure Clarity II (Obscure Clarity)
Oscar Postma - Nichts Neues (./.)
Hyrn - Planetary Urbanism (Schallplatte 26)
computerchemist - Twilight Trail (Green Twilight)
P'cock - House In The Storm (The IC Years)
['ramp] - Arp-en-ciel (Arp-en-ciel)


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