The prize is hot

Episode 707

So I hope you will not be irritated tonight, as my voice might sound a bit different for a mild cold. And it's celebration time. Not for me having a cold but as a retrospect on last weekend, where the Schallwelle Award ceremonies were held. The German award for electronic music greats was delivered with an excellent show, accompanied with music by Hyrn, Jörg Dankert, and Detlef Keller. Lot's of nice and fun talks during the evening, and very happy faces for those being nominated and those receiving the cool trophies. Music by all the winners on tonight's show. So you will get tracks by Terminus Void (Apeiron), Rike Casper (Schallplatte 24 & Stimmen in der Luft), Ron Boots (Alone on Stage), Stefan Erbe (Genesys 23), Gunnar Spardel (The Fade to Afterlife), Martin Stürtzer (Circular Oscillations), Gandalf (Eartheana).



Terminus Void - Apeiron (Part I & II) (Apeiron)
Rike Casper - Summer (Schallplatte 24)
Rike Casper - Eine Stimme, Die Dunkelheit der Nacht, Die Erde wartet (Stimmen in der Luft)
Ron Boots - Track Four (Alone on Stage)
Stefan Erbe - Orbit (Genesys 23)
Gunnar Spardel - The River (The Fade to Afterlife)
Martin Stürtzer - Forest Dome (Circular Oscillations)
Gandalf - Asia: Tracing Ancient Sacred Lines (Eartheana)


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