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Episode 704

Time to be energized. An exciting week screams for exciting music. Yes, it was a busy and stressful week, but lots of interesting things piling up. So I had two rather chilly shows the past weeks, which definitely brought some rest to one's mind. So there is the need for some more powerful sounds to get in the mood for coming actions. Sounds vague? Well, it should be. Relating to projects I am working on, on events to come, and people to meet again after a long while. But, hey, let me stop with the non sensical talk and get into great music by Progeny-1 (Neria), Conny Olivetti (Oblique Stroke XR40), Ivan Black (Terminal Beach), Tom Bragl (Regainable), the-motyw (Unless have a man in a man), Judith Juillerat (Anti f:Orm vol. 10), Transient Visitor (TV3), Fnordism (Unknown Colours), Thomas Wagner, Rainer Frey, Bernhard Wöstheinrich (Polyphony Performance Series 002), Zonevreemd + Sai (To stare blankly in these empty spaces).



Progeny-1 - Secrets of the Green Sisters (Neria)
Conny Olivetti - Electric Machine Music part III (Oblique Stroke XR40)
Ivan Black - Ivy Mike (Terminal Beach)
Tom Bragl - Newly formed star (Regainable)
the-motyw - Emotional rebel (Bio Comp version) (Unless have a man in a man)
Judith Juillerat - Millions of Tears (Anti f:Orm vol. 10)
Transient Visitor - Human Decision Required (TV3)
Fnordism - Harmless Lachesism (Unknown Colours)
Thomas Wagner, Rainer Frey, Bernhard Wöstheinrich - Part 4 (Polyphony Performance Series 002)
Zonevreemd + Sai - Nightvision, Sky (To stare blankly in these empty spaces)


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