Episode 514

Published: Friday, 20 March 2020
In sanity we trust

We will stick to the calmer way of sounds once more and taking music quite easy on this show. When taking a look outside what's going on in the world right now, some treats to easy your mind should at least take the rush away. Social life is reduced to the necessary these days, and there are some crazy folks out there. Thanks to the invention of the Internet we will still have a place to be with others and have the chance to find sane people (and I never imagined saying this when talking about social media). So here comes the painkiller for your mind, half an hour of very fine sounds brought to us by Michael Whalen (Sacred Spaces), Ross Christopher (Alternate Future), K.I. Companion (Music for Cars), Steve Orchard (Two Decades From Home), Seamus O'Muineachain (Blue Moon Set), and Broads and Milly Hirst (Ollust).


Michael Whalen - Ordinary Miracles (Sacred Spaces)
Ross Christopher - A Peaceful Takeover (Alternate Future)
K.I. Companion - Rastplatz (Music for Cars)
Steve Orchard - Aligning (Two Decades From Home)
Seamus O'Muineachain - Windows / Chloe (Blue Moon Set)
Broads and Milly Hirst - Thetford (Ollust)



Episode 513

Published: Friday, 13 March 2020
Keep calm and listen on

Friday 13th and edition 513 of syndae, coincidence? Maybe. Bad sign? Definitely not. But be aware, the music on this show may be infectious! It might lead to an addiction for electronic music. And while there was the first live big concert without audience in a proper concert hall, by listening to this podcast you will definitely join a happy audience with no regret. There is a bunch of new material on the playlist as well, so don't hesitate to tune in and relish tracks by Stan Dart (Retrospective), Time Away (A.I. Tomorrow / Compilation), Letters from Mouse (Proto Human), Volker Rapp (CO2), David Wright & Carys (Schwingungen Garden Party / DVD), Faber (Voices).

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Episode 512

Published: Friday, 06 March 2020
Beats with the right ring to them

Not sure, how many of you listeners will remember that phones actually looked somewhat big and bulky only 30 years ago. They were meant to talk to someone else living far away. When I see people with smartphones nowadays, seldom they are using it to talk. It's amazing how things and communication changed over the past years, actually during my life. It is a crazy time with rapid developments that happened during the past years, and it's really speedy. Not sure, where I am going with this. Well, also about 30 years ago electronic dance music was on a high, I'd say. The sounds you will get tonight are definitely its children, taken several steps further than simple dance floor material. Have a wonderful listening experience with tracks by Smooth Genestar (Music for sleepless cities), In Vitro (Aguanoche), Kavalier (Digital Family Vol. 8 / Compilation), Bite (Everything. Works 2005-2019), John Nap (John Nap), Aleckat & Hynamo (Apollo).

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Episode 511

Published: Friday, 21 February 2020
Sound strokes

Art is all about rousing emotions. If a piece of art doesn't touch you, it is not meant for you. And it does not matter what kind of emotion. Any emotion counts. Reverse, of course, not everything that stimulates your emotions you is art. Obviously, art is a personal matter. Based on experiences you made in the past. And this is true for any kind of art, be it paintings, or be it music, as in the case of what syndae presents to your inclind ears. Hopefully, what you will hear tonight will fall into the category of art of your likings. It definitely falls into mine. Listen in and decide for yourself for tracks by Kirsten Agresta Copely (Around the Sun), windspace (Zephyr), Steve Roach (The Sky Opens), Indigo Symbol (Terminal), EugeneKha (Sky Breath), Test Card (Music For The Towers).

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Episode 510

Published: Friday, 14 February 2020
Wonders in vibrations

I'm not sure, why I tend to choose rather melodic music recently for this podcast. Maybe it is the mood I am in, so that I need a little contrast to my work, which is rather chaotic at the moment. Which is about to change soon, to become a different kind of chaotic (Ha!). Or maybe it's the season, where it stays rather dark most time of the day. Or maybe it is the political situation, which kind of drives one crazy seeing so much incompetence and selfishness of people being in charge all over the world. Or maybe because it's Valentines today? Not really. But whatever the reason, the music that currently finds its way into the shows is simply wonderful to listen to. And wonders are most welcome, especially in form of tracks like provided by Marc Enfroy (Surrounded), Hollan Holmes (Milestones), Stan Dart (Loneliness EP), Tuuligan (Sininen), Darshan Ambient (A Day Like Any Other), and Andy Pickford (Aphelion).

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Episode 509

Published: Friday, 07 February 2020
Enjoying the scent of sounds

Why is it that people have different tastes? If you are looking at food, some prefer sweet, some salty, some rather bitter food, which others can't even taste. On a biological level, taste actually is a combination of the sensation of flavour and the sensation of smell. And it is less a genetic thing but rather an emotional one. Depending on what emotions you relate to a flavour and smell, you may like or dislike the food you get. But why talking about food? To me it is the same as in music. Whatever feeling you relate to the sounds and structures of a musical piece, it results in a balance between like and dislike when listening to it. Of course, there is lots of variations in what I like in music and music of similar style is no guarantee to like or dislike it. Well, listen for yourself as you will get some variations of electronic sounds tonight with tracks by Time Away (Seas on the Moon / Compilation), Mikael Fyrek (Further Asunder), Ron Boots, 99.9, and Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder (The Repelen EP).

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Episode 508

Published: Friday, 31 January 2020
Treasures of the brainbow

Do you think that life may be an eperiment with some white-bearded guy watching from above how it works out? Well, this might sound a bit like the famous novel by Douglas Adams. Following what happens in the world, one could only derive that it is. And better than any novel, suddently some thing happens, no one would have guessed. Not pointing to anything specific here. In the end, life is what you make of it. And more or less often one has to try things, to follow one's instincts on what might serve your life best. That may also be true for an artist, when looking for the next cool piece of music or sound to express oneself. In that sense, I hop you have great fun and joy with tracks by Lakmus Red (Shepherd Drift), kothyus (Six Listen), Culture Deaf (Audio Dark), C Mantle (Acre, Aged 10), Noston (Dark Lord is Coming), and Sternenspringer (Exoplanet).

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Episode 507

Published: Friday, 24 January 2020
Synchronize with sonic waves

So, I actually wanted to get the show a bit more quiet and ambient tonight. But then I came across all these great and partially hypnotic tracks. Not that they are pushing and up with beats, it's still a wonderful and colourful smorgasbord of aural treats. Moreover do these tracks bear a capturing filigree as if woven from the finest wires. Thus I fell for them and it felt wonderful. It also puts an end to a mixed week, where I got lots of things done, but still cannot find the real rest in mind. Maybe you know such times when thoughts keep spinning in your head. For example, because there are decisions or changes up that you are looking forward to but which still make you feel slightly uncomfortable. Or you are bursting of ideas but cannot decide where to start, which keeps you up all night. Hm, well. The tracks on this show helped me to peace out a bit, without being serene at all. Have a joyful time with Byron Metcalf & Jennifer Grais (Sacrament), Cat Friendly (Seas on the Moon / Compilation), Cousin Silas & Kevin Lyons (11 Tales of Space and Intrigue), Steve Roach (Trance Archeology), Wilfried Hanrath (Kantele / Compilation), and D-Echo Project (Cura).

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Episode 506

Published: Friday, 17 January 2020
Events on the horizon

Is it already the third show this year? Crazy. Seems, 2020 starts fast. And there is already a bunch of events going on these months. So be prepared for a busy time ni which events are lining up like rarely before. One of these events is a new one, too: db2fluctiation. It's a festival happening in Belgium on February 22. You won't get many more twos and zeros combined for a date. And of course you will get some impressions for the artists of that festival in this edition of syndae by Daniel B. Prothese (Hollektrokraut) and Nothing but Noise (Existence Oscillation (possible) Future). Beyond the festival, there is more elegant music on this show, of course So have a great evening with tracks by Eagle (Starry Starry Night 2020), Cornel Hecht (Ranger Things), Robert Jürjendal & Miguel Noya (The Power of Distance), and Remy (Exhibition of Dreams Revisited).

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