It lights at night

Episode 716

It's usually the night life, when people stream into clubs and go for dancing or what they nowadays call so. Of course, it always depends on the music. I am no fan of dancing and don't do it at all. My wife can tell you stories. No idea, why it is that way. Maybe it was that dancing course I had to participate in at school time. It was terrible to say the least. Well, nevertheless, rhythm in music still gets me now and then. And when it makes me move or at least wobble my head, I know it got to me. So, tonight you will get some wobble moments, I hope. Electronic dancy stuff, for most of the time. Enjoy the beats by Gabriel Le Mar and Flux Natura (LSD Special Selections Vol​.​11: CALAN HAF Vol 2), Martin Stürtzer (Phase Transform), Elysian Underground, Andy Morello (Electrical Emotions), NYORAI (Shinkirō), Plateau Sigma (Feed It), Tonylight (Lumanoide), Particules (Escape Path).


Splashes of inspiration

Episode 715

I admit that musically I tend to delve in the past. It's simply so that those days were the days that hooked me to instrumental and electronic music. My first LP, or rather one of my parents, was an album containing instrumental music played using electric guitars. I barely remember the songs on that LP, but loved it. And later loved the electronic ones even more. It is obvious that I am not alone with this love, as there are still artists being inspired by the style and structures of the songs back then. So here we are again with several such artists. And there is no doubt that their interpretation of the style is no copy but inspired by the music of the past, bringing their own take on traditional electronic music. Join me and enjoy great music by Paul Ellis (The Haunted Afternoon), Micado (SculptureS), Tabilonder (Personal Cosmos), REMY & Däcker (Live at BYSS), Kenneth Roberts (Exploration SX-240), Ivan Black (Moving), @Oscar Postma (Timebender).


Out of madness

Episode 714

"The solar eclipse is another sign for climate change"? Wow. There is quite some action going on these days all around the world. And Quotes like this eclipse nonsense tell me that it there is some steep road to madness in this world. But I won't start a rant about idiots on here. You came for the music. And to calm down and relax from this crazy world, tonight you are getting chill-out sound from all around the globe. I hope you will have some peaceful moments out there and will enjoy the fine tracks by Radium88 (See Saw - Disc 1), Bluetech (Spacehop Chronicles 2: Monument to the Conquerors), Evenfall (Circular Motion), Liuos and Ajnkana (Heavy Dub Vol. 9), Collagist (Pan), Ginkgo Garden (Wrapped In Mystery), Altered Tensions (IDMf Retrospective Vol. 1), The Dubnihilist (Friday 22:05), Cartas de Japón (Santa Clara).


Aural adventures

Episode 713

Are you up for some adventure? Well, soundwise you will get music that definitely fits into the realms of fantasy and beyond tonight. Definitely some melodic and harmonic treats are up. There is the story that Hobbits don't do adventures. Never ever. Or do they? Well, I think, live itself proves to be one interesting ride one could call adventure. Who you meet, what you experience, where you go, and what you are listening to. So, join me to some very inspiring rides on this edition with outstanding treasures by Roberto Sass and Time Away & Elvya (Path of the Roses), Betageist (Luminous Exile), the-motyw (Unless have a man in a man), Michael Whalen (Brokenhearted Lopsided Blues), AO Music (Otherness), Allen Pitts (My Tribute to Jeanne), Erothyme feat. Kirk Kubicek & Jessica Sirena (Life Sidereal), ELEON (Hidden Kingdom), Richard Anthony Bean (Victopia), Stefan Erbe (Selectronisch Vol 1).


Happy eventing

Episode 712

Spring seems to be the first high season of the year for concerts in electronic music (maybe in other genres, too?). So many concerts and festivals are waiting at the doors, it seems difficult to decide where to go. The bigger one is E-Day, of course, which I is sold out by today. But there are several others. like Naar de Koppen this Sunday, the endlos elektro sounds in Krefeld in two weeks, or the 20 years of Broque records end of this month, to also name some smaller events. For the latter two there are two teasers to be found in this edition of syndae. After April, there are more to come. For German readers (or Google translate users) there is a calendar to be found at, a website I run with friends featuring information on electronic music. Check it out if you like. And now, join me for some great rhythmic music by Veelargo (Monoliths And Greetings), Hyrn (Live at Schallwelle 2024), Alec Troniq (Early Reflexion), Collagist (Pan), Terrapin (IDMf Retrospective Vol. 1), Clemens Acidus (Summer Sunrise), Sternenspringer (2022), Erothyme (Life Sidereal), Radium88 (See Saw), Dave Schoepke (Sun will follow), Conny Olivetti (Aviation).


Sounds beyond life

Episode 711

So what about travelling through space? There are many science fiction movies and series taking us to a journey through the vast emptiness of the universe, most often than not meeting some alien species out there. Or simply looking for some other place to live. But what draws us to space? Is it the modern equivalent of the seas? Could be. Starting on a journey into the unknown, eager to discover new worlds (i.e., continents) and new species (i.e., foreign people). Well, at least it seems a fascinating thought to travel beyond the known. Whatever might await you. Some might not be so keen to travel, but there is always the part of us that travels in thought. And here you get some cool music to accompany you on that trip, given to us by S1gns Of L1fe (Particle Acceleration), David Wright (Fade), Carbonates On Mars (Quadrants 1: Part 1), Temporal Waves (Temporal Waves), Dirk Schlömer (Travels to the Untold), DesuExSounds (Continual), State Azure (Valkyrja).


Body rest

Episode 710

Yes, I definitely do like some excitement. But I also relish those more quieter moments in live, where mind and body can rest and find some inner peace. What makes me wonder, for example, is that many people hate getting up in the morning and having to leave the safety of their bed. At sleep, one does nothing. Well, one may dream strange stuff (like losing and searching for something, a ring, a wallet, a mobile,... a toilet... err, well). But essentially, you are at complete rest. And still, getting up and back in action is annoying. Humans are a strange species in so many ways. Whatever. I was talking about peace of mind. And what better to do getting there than listening to excellent ambient music. Like you will get tonight with tracks by David Helpling & Jon Jenkins (A Treasured World), ELEON (Hidden Kingdom), Anna B May ft. Vince Forwards (In Another Life), Altus (Solastalgia), Synaptism (Environmental Ambience), Pennine Project (Ice Heart Father), Elvya and Sonic Bodhi (Tales of Dragon Days), Cousin Silas (Festive 3), Deepspace (The Black Orchid Galaxies), Ivan Black (Penumbra).


Body work

Episode 709

It's always great, if you get things done. This week was very productive work-wise, several topics fininalized and done in a satisfying manner. Another great thing is, if supporting customers and colleagues works out and gets you up to speed with issues, resolving problems fast and steady. All these good things give positive energy and let you run on steroids, so to say. So, yes, well a good week. And better than the last ones. The question is, where to go with all the energy sampled along the way and not burst into flames. Well, one way is to work out hard. So here I have music to go with it that will make your body move and spend some energy. Enjoy the sounds of Sternenspringer (2022), Elysian Underground (Subplant Vol 2), Dub Spencer & Trance Hill (Trance Plane/Fugu LSD Remixes), Andy Morello (Electrical Emotions), Harrison Downes (Bleed For Me), Aerodroemme (Saturn Crisis), Bunshi (Plants), Dan-X (Lost Tapes Volume I), Marie Wilhelmine Anders (Frozen Music).


Telling stories

Episode 708

Do you watch TV? Or are you a cinema person? Since streaming, I barely go for the cinema anymore. But I do not watch linear TV as much as before, either. TV and cinema both tie me to specific times, which does not make much sense for me anymore. Series and movies on demand are my go to nowadays. What has not changed, though, is my love for soundtracks. Be it for TV shows or films, cinematic music has always fascinated me to listen to. At least the instrumental ones. And over time, those overlap very often with electronic music. I think, it is the emotion transported by this kind of music that captures me. What about you? Do you tend to listen to the music while watching a movie? Maybe even more closely than paying attention to the story? Happens to me sometimes. But not when listening to a show like tonight, which is dedicated to cinematic and so inspired music. Enjoy great tracks by Gleisberg (Secret and Mystery II), Progeny -1, Talking to Ghosts, Helsinki Project, Andawan, Promethex, Wane of Summer, Time Away, and Roberto Sass (Ten Towns), Duston O'Halloran (1001), Sebastien Guerive (Obscure Clarity).


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