Body work

Episode 709

It's always great, if you get things done. This week was very productive work-wise, several topics fininalized and done in a satisfying manner. Another great thing is, if supporting customers and colleagues works out and gets you up to speed with issues, resolving problems fast and steady. All these good things give positive energy and let you run on steroids, so to say. So, yes, well a good week. And better than the last ones. The question is, where to go with all the energy sampled along the way and not burst into flames. Well, one way is to work out hard. So here I have music to go with it that will make your body move and spend some energy. Enjoy the sounds of Sternenspringer (2022), Elysian Underground (Subplant Vol 2), Dub Spencer & Trance Hill (Trance Plane/Fugu LSD Remixes), Andy Morello (Electrical Emotions), Harrison Downes (Bleed For Me), Aerodroemme (Saturn Crisis), Bunshi (Plants), Dan-X (Lost Tapes Volume I), Marie Wilhelmine Anders (Frozen Music).


Telling stories

Episode 708

Do you watch TV? Or are you a cinema person? Since streaming, I barely go for the cinema anymore. But I do not watch linear TV as much as before, either. TV and cinema both tie me to specific times, which does not make much sense for me anymore. Series and movies on demand are my go to nowadays. What has not changed, though, is my love for soundtracks. Be it for TV shows or films, cinematic music has always fascinated me to listen to. At least the instrumental ones. And over time, those overlap very often with electronic music. I think, it is the emotion transported by this kind of music that captures me. What about you? Do you tend to listen to the music while watching a movie? Maybe even more closely than paying attention to the story? Happens to me sometimes. But not when listening to a show like tonight, which is dedicated to cinematic and so inspired music. Enjoy great tracks by Gleisberg (Secret and Mystery II), Progeny -1, Talking to Ghosts, Helsinki Project, Andawan, Promethex, Wane of Summer, Time Away, and Roberto Sass (Ten Towns), Duston O'Halloran (1001), Sebastien Guerive (Obscure Clarity).


The prize is hot

Episode 707

So I hope you will not be irritated tonight, as my voice might sound a bit different for a mild cold. And it's celebration time. Not for me having a cold but as a retrospect on last weekend, where the Schallwelle Award ceremonies were held. The German award for electronic music greats was delivered with an excellent show, accompanied with music by Hyrn, Jörg Dankert, and Detlef Keller. Lot's of nice and fun talks during the evening, and very happy faces for those being nominated and those receiving the cool trophies. Music by all the winners on tonight's show. So you will get tracks by Terminus Void (Apeiron), Rike Casper (Schallplatte 24 & Stimmen in der Luft), Ron Boots (Alone on Stage), Stefan Erbe (Genesys 23), Gunnar Spardel (The Fade to Afterlife), Martin Stürtzer (Circular Oscillations), Gandalf (Eartheana).


Bump your geese

Episode 706

Another storm is up and going to have fun with the trees and bushes. And with wheelie bins, of course. It's always a bit funny to see them dancing on the road. Mostly in small and slower steps, depending on their state of filling. Fittingly, you will get slow but driving music on tonight's edition. Which focuses on chill-out and relaxation. The main reason behind was to have some calmer music for driving up to the Schallwelle award event tomorrow, on Saturday 24th. So, if you come, this might be some good road music not caring for those annoying drivers out there. Well, take a nice and joyful trip with tracks by KS|Optionica (No Sense [D-Fried Remixes]), Overthrive (Uncharted Realms), Anna B May (In Another Life Remixes), iGL & Alecho (Revolution), Das Omikron (an Atmosfield), Sulk Rooms (Werra Foxma CENTRAL), Sequentialwork (SequentialTrax Vol. 2), Janne Hanhisuanto (Cosmic Dreams), Tim Susa (Four Signs), Dub Spencer & Trance Hill (Trance Plane/Fugu LSD Remixes).


Structured tonalitie

Episode 705

Yes, I am definitely getting old. My brain was some weeks in the future, when I compiled tonight's edition. Planned with music that has to wait for a while, as it is up for release later in March. And I do not want to spoil it that early. But there is so much great music to listen to that it was an easy go to compile a new show for tonight. And it's great stuff that I found on my drive waiting to be heard by you dear listeners. Sequencing galore, I would call tonight's show. Several known names, with great space ambient or Berlin School inspired sound stories to relish. Join me for some great aural dinner with music by Cartas de Japón (Santa Clara), MiDi BiTCH (Sonic Fiction), Hollan Holmes (Sacred Places), Oscar Postma (Sequentiqua), Syndromeda (Liftoff to Infinity), von Haulshoven (the ambiland trilogy - Part one, two & three).



Episode 704

Time to be energized. An exciting week screams for exciting music. Yes, it was a busy and stressful week, but lots of interesting things piling up. So I had two rather chilly shows the past weeks, which definitely brought some rest to one's mind. So there is the need for some more powerful sounds to get in the mood for coming actions. Sounds vague? Well, it should be. Relating to projects I am working on, on events to come, and people to meet again after a long while. But, hey, let me stop with the non sensical talk and get into great music by Progeny-1 (Neria), Conny Olivetti (Oblique Stroke XR40), Ivan Black (Terminal Beach), Tom Bragl (Regainable), the-motyw (Unless have a man in a man), Judith Juillerat (Anti f:Orm vol. 10), Transient Visitor (TV3), Fnordism (Unknown Colours), Thomas Wagner, Rainer Frey, Bernhard Wöstheinrich (Polyphony Performance Series 002), Zonevreemd + Sai (To stare blankly in these empty spaces).


Sound with a view

Episode 703

It's gone. What? Unbelievable. But the first month of 2024 is already gone. Is it just me that time passes so fast these days? Maybe it comes with age. And with busy work. And of the latter I have quite a lot recently. Well, this should not stop us from relishing fine electronic music. Or, ambient rooted sounds like you will get tonight. Definitely a good time to find some serenity in music. Like you will get with tracks by Sacred Seeds (Electric Fabric), xenoton (un), Arin Aksberg (Nordic Patterns), Parallel Worlds (Fragmented), Steve Roach feat. Robert Rich (Waves of Now), Autonomaton (The Four Elements - Fire Volume 1), Letters From Mouse (Clota), Jack Hertz (A Star Is Born).


Ease treaty

Episode 702

When is the most urgent work coming up on a day? Right. Just about when you are planning to ring off. Had this for the whole week, so I am definitely in need for some more relaxing sounds tonight. Thank goodness that I have a big back catalog of extremely fine easy going music at hand, where I can listen to all night long. And I sincerely invite you to join me for a short hour, where I present very fine pieces I found on my aural journey. Sit back, relax and put on your headphones for wonderful treats by Erez Yaary (Gravity), Cartoon Vandal (Sixteenth Listen), Evening Ocean (The Great Love), Jabber (Action figures not included), Matthias Lehmann (Zauberland), Timothy Wenzel (Immerse), Ashok Prema (A Quiet Day), Craig Padilla & Marvin Allen (37), Sean O'Bryan Smith ft. Tommy Ogle & John Gregorius (Wanderer's Return), Dave Luxton (Despedida (Space Ambient Mix)), XPURM (RUPMX).


Elevated structures

Episode 701

Modern technology allows for interesting structures in buildings. For several years, creating taller and taller buildings seemed a trend. Nowadays, it's more strange looking forms that can be found in places. The development of stable and still free shapeable material and tools surely are one reason. The advancements in thinking and computing may be another. To me, the same holds for electronic music. New tools, materials and advancements in mathematics allow for more flexible, faster and rethought approaches on creating sounds and structures. The latest of these may be enhancements by AI technology. The main ingredient though, to me, is human inspiration that makes a song a good one. Many of those on the show tonight with tracks by Krakenkraft (Sononymic), Phono Input (The Intrusion of Daylight), DesuExSounds (The Four Elements - Fire: Volume 2), Bouwakanja (Prototype), Marie Wilhelmine Anders (Frozen Music), Kilmarth (Sixteenth Listen), Dirk Schlömer (Smart Bombs), Ishin Denshin (Right To Survive), Tales From the Sleeping Land (23 / 24).


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