Enjoy the flow

Episode 720

So this was a busy week at work and at home, time to relax. So I will be a couch potatoe for a while, well, kind of at least. But I know I won't last very long at doing few to nothing. How about you? How do you relax and chill after some busy days, weeks, or month? One of my favourite side-activities of course is to listen to the fitting music for this occasion. This also works when reading a book, as there is no distracting vocal in electronic candy. So, join me, will you? For some great music on this edition brought to us by Anna B May & Wane of Summer (Leaving Home), Stefan Erbe (Retrologica 2024), Jazzyspoon (IDMf Retrospective Vol. 2), Roberto Sass (Transit), Firnwald (Veelargo Remix) (Gadgetbag 1), Globular (Lifts The Curse Of The Grey Goo Assimilators), Martin Stürtzer (Phase Transform), Stan Dart (Collaboration), Morpion (IDMf Retrospective Vol. 2), Youth & Gaudi (LSD Special Selections Vol​.​ 11: CALAN HAF Vol. 2).



Anna B May & Wane of Summer - Leaving Home (Leaving Home)
Stefan Erbe - pulse of time (Retrologica 2024)
Jazzyspoon - Colder Winter (Aaron Goodwyn Remix) (IDMf Retrospective Vol. 2)
Roberto Sass - Transit (Transit)
Firnwald - A Feather In Every Message (Veelargo Remix) (Gadgetbag 1)
Globular - Dreaming Fragmented Rememories (Lifts The Curse Of The Grey Goo Assimilators)
Martin Stürtzer - Metropolitan Resonance (Phase Transform)
Stan Dart - The Thing Called Love (Instrumental) (Collaboration)
Morpion - The Alchemist's Dream (IDMf Retrospective Vol. 2)
Youth & Gaudi - Good Summer (The Egg Remix) (LSD Special Selections Vol​.​ 11: CALAN HAF Vol. 2)



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