Colour Friday

Episode 646

Black Week, Cyber Week, Black Friday. Are you getting swamped by all the "cheapest ever" offers as well? Luckily, this year there is nothing on sale that I need. Not that I would need anything specific. What about you? Are you looking out for some special deal? Let me know in the comments. So am I lucky to not want anything? I read several articles on "deals", which are nothing but labeling existing reductions as "Black Friday" offerings. I did not check if that's true. Would fit in these times though. And then there is a completely free offer to please your ears: another fine edition of syndae. Definitely not a black show with outstanding tracks by Chris Gate, @nico.walser.5 (Sleep tides), Michael Brückner & Cilia di Ponte (Twenty-Five Light Years), Klangwelt (Here and Why), Ivan Black (A Tear Soiled Your Cheek), Divine Matrix (Sequencer Drift), Fratoroler (Landscapes), mypan (Mixta caseo patina), Sonic Bodhi (Journey of Awakening).



Chris Gate - My Ambience (./.)
Giant Skeletons - And miles to go before I sleep (Sleep tides)
Michael Brückner & Cilia di Ponte - Twenty-Five Light Years (Twenty-Five Light Years)
Klangwelt - Noir (Here and Why)
Ivan Black - Cracking Through The Walls (A Tear Soiled Your Cheek)
Divine Matrix - Dyson Sphere (Sequencer Drift)
Fratoroler - Somewhere in your Mind (Landscapes)
mypan - Somnum (Mixta caseo patina)
Sonic Bodhi - Reformation (Remaking the World) (Journey of Awakening)


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