Stack by stack

Episode 641

So I am enjoying some time off from my daily routine. Only, my love for music always remains. And especially, when it comes to the kind of music that is rooted in the Golden Age of traditional electronic music. There are several artists from back then still active and creating great new tracks (or revisiting their back catalog). And there are quite a number of younger artists inheriting from the old style. It is always great to see how artists and their music evolve over time, so here we go with a smaller number of musicians tonight, partially providing extensively long tracks. From short to really long, enjoy the music by David Wright (Returning Tides, Vol 2), VoLt (Zeitenwende), Ami Hassinen & Michel Brückner (One Hundred Million Miles Under The Stars Revisited), Syndromeda (Order in the Chaos of Life), Ivan Black (Electronically Yours), Cousin Silas & Altocirrus (Time and Tide).



David Wright - Android Caravan (Returning Tides, Vol 2)
VoLt - Fractal Nutation (Zeitenwende)
Ami Hassinen & Michel Brückner - Waves Are Chasing The Wind ReVisited (One Hundred Million Miles Under The Stars Revisited)
Syndromeda - At the End Everything will be OK (Order in the Chaos of Life)
Ivan Black - A Tearing Sound Of Smiling (Electronically Yours)
Cousin Silas & Altocirrus - Slow Worm (Time and Tide)


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