Well-aged styles

Episode 643

Do you tweet? I just wonder what will happen to the blue bird social media channel now that the chief is in power. And I am reading about many people moving over to Mastodon (or Fediverse). Is that really an alternative? Well, I will surely try it out, in the end, I am a computer guy and like such stuff. Remembering back (yeah, I am old) I started with IRC to exchange with others. Back, when there was no world wide web (believe me, there was such a time, and there were no mobile phones either...). And it was much more difficult to create electronic music, too. Which nowadays has become so easy bringing out all the talent of people to create music on their own. Like the artists you will get to hear tonight, who are Wane of Summer and Time Away (Ring Gate), DreamerProject (Fading Light), Steve Orchard (Macabre), Anna B May (Rituals), Encounters (A Path Beyond), Eagle (Synth. Music) (Daft Muzak for radio stations Vol. 1), Reflex Condition (Autumn Volume 2), Stan Dart (MurInsel, Vol. 5), Michael Brückner & Cilia di Ponte (Twenty-Five Light Years), Menzman & Friends (Insights).



Wane of Summer - False Horizon (Ring Gate)
Time Away - Time Erosion (Ring Gate)
DreamerProject - Chilled Thursday (Fading Light)
Steve Orchard - The Divide (Macabre)
Anna B May - Rituals (Rituals)
Encounters - Tropical Falls (A Path Beyond)
Eagle (Synth. Music) - SummerBreeze (Daft Muzak for radio stations Vol. 1)
Reflex Condition - She Lives In Silence (Autumn Volume 2)
Stan Dart - Nightshift remixed (MurInsel, Vol. 5)
Michael Brückner & Cilia di Ponte - Are You Ready To Fly (Instrumental Version) (Twenty-Five Light Years)
Menzman & Friends - Berlin Thoughts (Insights)


December 17, Keller & Menze live in Moers



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