To the end of time

Episode 647

What happens in billions of years? Did you ever think about it? Probably not. But some scientists did and set up a timeline for a probable future. It's about planets and suns shattering and vanish, about the Galaxy ripping apart, about star systems colliding, merging, disappearing. And about the end of everything, even time. No human will ever experience any of it. And, well, if any being does, they definitely won't remember this show or any of the scientists. But to get an aural impression on the events, join me tonight for the release of Future of the Universe with tracks by Aestheia, Orbital Hum, Xavion, Tuuligan, Cosmic Cadence, Wane of Summer, Roberto Sass, Ambient Indigo, Progeny -1, Ancient Astronaut and Time Away (Future of the Universe).



Aestheia - Unrecognizable Constellations (Future of the Universe)
Orbital Hum - Galactic Year (Future of the Universe)
Xavion - Blinding Sun (Future of the Universe)
Tuuligan - Milky Way Collides with Andromeda (Future of the Universe)
Cosmic Cadence - Slowing Stars (Future of the Universe)
Wane of Summer - Big Rip (Future of the Universe)
Roberto Sass - Super Galaxy (Future of the Universe)
Ambient Indigo - Orbital Decay (Future of the Universe)
Progeny -1 - Death of the Last Star (Future of the Universe)
Ancient Astronaut - Galaxy Ejection (Future of the Universe)
Time Away - Time Ceases to Exist (Future of the Universe)


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