Tune into the world

Episode 645

What's up guys? I hope you are all feeling good, and if not, tonight's edition might help with that. As always, this is an hour well wasted relishing chilling and relaxing sounds from many talented artists and countries. And this is what I like alot when presenting ambient and electronic music: it brings together all of you listeners to enjoy some time in sound and scapes. At least virtually that is. And it also gives you the chance to discover new and older music to enrich your life. So here I have another pack of joy spending and fun bringing tracks for you composed by moonbooter (Reminiscence), Kraftfuttermischwerk (Es macht auch wirklich keiner mit!), State Azure (Light Span), Eagle (Synth Music) ft. Silencia (Daft Muzak for radio stations (vol​.​1)), Patrick Kelly (Above the Clouds), Rupert Lally (Cruise Controlled), York (Destinations), David Wright (Returning Tides, Vol 2), WebCam (Journey to an interior).



moonbooter - motherland (Reminiscence)
moonbooter - the reticence of dreams (Reminiscence)
Kraftfuttermischwerk - Yellowstone Nationalpark (Es macht auch wirklich keiner mit!)
State Azure - Inner Vision (Light Span)
Eagle (Synth Music) ft. Silencia - Crosswinds (Daft Muzak for radio stations (vol​.​1))
Patrick Kelly - Under the Same Sky (Above the Clouds)
Rupert Lally - End Titles (Cruise Controlled)
York - Traveling Without Moving (Destinations)
David Wright - All Good Things (Returning Tides, Vol 2)
WebCam - Luminescent High (Journey to an interior)



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