It lights at night

Episode 716

It's usually the night life, when people stream into clubs and go for dancing or what they nowadays call so. Of course, it always depends on the music. I am no fan of dancing and don't do it at all. My wife can tell you stories. No idea, why it is that way. Maybe it was that dancing course I had to participate in at school time. It was terrible to say the least. Well, nevertheless, rhythm in music still gets me now and then. And when it makes me move or at least wobble my head, I know it got to me. So, tonight you will get some wobble moments, I hope. Electronic dancy stuff, for most of the time. Enjoy the beats by Gabriel Le Mar and Flux Natura (LSD Special Selections Vol​.​11: CALAN HAF Vol 2), Martin Stürtzer (Phase Transform), Elysian Underground, Andy Morello (Electrical Emotions), NYORAI (Shinkirō), Plateau Sigma (Feed It), Tonylight (Lumanoide), Particules (Escape Path).



Gabriel Le Mar - Remembering Of Oneness (LSD Special Selections Vol​.​11: CALAN HAF Vol 2)
Martin Stürtzer - Bright Singularity (Phase Transform)
Elysian Underground - Love Only (Love Only)
Andy Morello - Ghost (Electrical Emotions)
NYORAI - Ichinyo (Shinkirō)
Plateau Sigma - Feed It (Feed It)
Tonylight - KKUCI (Lumanoide)
Particules - Beyond (Escape Path)
Flux Natura - Same Heart (LSD Special Selections Vol​.​11: CALAN HAF Vol 2)


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