A folly voyage

Episode 186

Only one month to go before the Electronic Circus opens their curtains again for the show that never ends. One of the magnificent acts entering the stage in Gütersloh will be VoLt, who are Steve Smith and Michael Shipway. On tonights show, Michael is with me giving some insight in his musical life and work and of course we will have plenty music of him, VoLt and Lamp, his youngest collaboration with Garth Jones.

Muscial sunbeams

Episode 185

This seems one of the most low temperature summer of the last years, so let us at least get some warm music tracks by way of consolation. In the first two tracks we let Ivan Filin a.k.a. Simiram take us to The Lost, The Last. Then we take a short visit to Ishtar's Ombre before we head for Bing Satellites and their album Twilight Sessions Volume 10. Speaking of volume, Steve Roach and Dirk Serries, who found back together after 10 years, their Low Volume Music will quiet us down a bit, so we can enjoy a siesta. And from siesta to fiesta, we celebrate with Steve Barnes as Divine Matrix and his Atmospheric Variations. Several light years later, Miranda Shvangiradze wants to Talk to Me, and you will join in for some moments of luck. Right before we start for the finale with Steve Orchard's Undersail.

Love and deception

Episode 184

In May this year, Michael Wilkes a.k.a. Yog-Sothoth won the newcomer prize at the Schallwelle electronic music awards. Part of the prize was the production of a CD, and the corresponding album Prehistoric Dawn is just out. I happily received the album and tonight's episode will feature two tracks of it right at the begining.
Up to a few weeks ago, the group Sankt Otten from Osnabrück was completely unknown to me. They are well established, though, and are one of the acts playing at the 5th Electronic Circus festival on September 22nd this year. Also two tracks to be heard, from their last year's album Gottes Synthesizer and their current CD Sequenzer Liebe.
Recently, I had a track of Wellenfeld from the MellowJet sampler on the show, now their new album Endless Summer is out, providing the real summer feeling (what the weather is still lacking to do).
And I have the final call for the Swimmingpool festival this week. Only 14 days to go, on August 17th the festival will take place in Berlin. I feature two of the event's acts tonight with Stefan Erbe's Sounds of my Comfort'sone and BatteryDead's Sands of Deception. Cool location, great line-up, two days worth going to Berlin.
Australis closes this edition with a fine track from their current, and free to download sampler Interlude.

Spacey times

Episode 183

Finally, a tiny bit of summer has arrived at my living place. Mild evenings with a beautiful, blue sky, only a few coulds in sight. And, of course, some very body relaxing soundwaves washing round myself, filling my brain with peace and easyness. Another one-flow show presenting chill and ambient music. We start our journey with S7ven's Native Space, which slowly draws us into silence. Followed by a sonic impression of the Highlands by Phillip Wilkerson. Afterwards, another greart track from the fine tonAtom sampler decAde, Gravity by Drifting in Silence. I mentioned the swimmingpool festival in Berlin before, MorPheuSz is one of the acts playing live in the bathhouse and Garden Gnomes and Goblins Part 9 sounds like made for laying at the pool. From the pool to the stars we go with Onewayness and then back in time to the Archaikum (Archean) with Walter Roos. Phobos will close this episode, where we have Part 1 of his Live on Earth album.

Pool party

Episode 182

In four weeks the unique Swimmingpool-Festival takes place in Berlin. And, yes, the concerts of that festival are played in a real pool. The host and main act of both days are Picture Palace music with their leader Thorsten Quaeschning. Quite a number of EM artists to be heard that day like Bernd Kistenmacher,MorPheuSz, Nattefrost, Stefan Erbe, and Battery Dead. I'll be there, and if you can, you should go, too. And as a little teaser, tonight's show starts with PPm and a track from their latest album. But there is more. Like Kikai with a track from his live concert at Raumzeit Festival 2012 from last month. Followed by Shivakult with a wonderful track from the Mind Plug 2nd Anniversary sampler. Also, introducing the new album by Nisus named Electronic Medication with a track excerpt. New, as well, Subtle Shift by Within Reason, the alter ego project by Gregory Kyryluk (Alpha Wave Movement). And tonight's closer will be The X-Structure with their current album Wild Places.

Legs in motion

Episode 181

This is the first episode where I really shut up, a gapless mix of electronica to your listening pleasure. As long as the music licenses allow, this seems a good option to me, so you can enjoy the tracks with no further interrupt. Feedback of course very welcome, whether I should keep this concept as an option or not, either by mail or via comments on this post. On tonight's show, you will find chilling and dancable stuff, some more dubby, some more trance-like, but each of them very likeable to my ears and I hope to yours, too. See below for the timed playlist, which contains cool tracks by Beckenhower, First Earth, Infinityloop, Sternenspringer, The BYC, Totte, and Wellenfeld.

Digital sunshine

Episode 180

Back for more episodes after a longish vacation, thanks for visiting syndae again. And we start with a very nice show, if I might say, having several new releases on the playlist, especially focussing on two new and free samplers providing extraordinary tracks. I am still a bit in vacation mode, so the music fits my state of mind being a bit chilly yet driving. Join me for the marvellous sounds of Alpha Wave Movement, Erez Yaary, Glenn Main, Infinityloop, moonbooter, Weldroid, and Xenoton.

Ambient matters

Episode 179

Tonight we're going into deep, ambient worlds once again. It's about time, don't you think? There are quite some nice coming and recent releases to please one's ears making you dive into a deep ocean of sound tapestries and spaces. And, for the first time on syndae, I will introduce you to a kickstarter prject, which is driven by Ryan Lucht, this first track of this show. More great ambient and space music you will get from Akasha Project, Gregg Plummer, Hanetration, Shane Morris & Mystified, Steve Roach and The Grey Encounter


Episode 178

Do I repeat myself too often? Now, I cannot stop informing you about the wonderful Raumzeit festival on June 9th at the moment. But I promise, it's the last time for this year, as the festival is in just one week. And on tonight's show, the opener is the fourth EM artist who joined the festival. But, of course, there is more music to be heard, and they are magnificent releases not to be missed out. On wireless cast you'll get tracks by Kikai, Plasmat, Robert Schroeder, Stephen Palmer, and VoLt.

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